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In Topic: [DONATE] 7th Anniversary Charity

25 August 2014 - 09:22 AM

Username: llc1281
Country: USA
Amount: $25.00
Method (PP/CC): PP


Happy 7th anniversary Soshi & Sones  :) 

In Topic: [2013.10.18] When SNSD turn an anti-fan into a lover

04 December 2013 - 07:15 PM

this just bring tears to my eyes. just simple wording and tears come forth.

that's the beauty of SNSD. peeps love them for their lovely personalities.

glad to see this person change their thoughts toward the girls. hoping more peeps can do the same and stop the judging.

thanks for sharing :'D

In Topic: [28.07.2013] How I met Tiffany in L.A

04 December 2013 - 06:03 PM

thanks for sharing your experience. i also watch your video when it was uploaded at the time and couldn't stop watching it. gawd y'all were so darn lucky to be in her presence talking to her, smiling with her, getting hugs all round and getting photograph with her. so awesome of her refusing the handshake and giving warm hugs instead, and then asking to take group pic. ONLY FANY~AH, ONLY SNSD. my heart pick the right group to love and support.

in the group pic i can her cousins walking towards y'all in the background. her family is gorgeous.

so dedicated of you going out of your way to buy and wear nothing but pink for this Pink loving angel darling. i would've done the same darn thing too.

Soshi always keeping their promises to Sones especially Fany. this gonna be the 2nd time in a Sone-cam i witness Fany~ah keeping her promise to come back and give her autograph.

i remember an old '09 Sone-cam when they ask her for an autograph and she was in a rush and said she will come back after she go put away whatever it was she's carrying. that video was like 6 secs long and then the 2nd video was like 45 secs long where she was signing all those Sones merchandise and saying that she'll be back. everytime i'm on youtube and i see those videos pop up on the right side of my screen, i'd just click on them and watch them all over again. i just can't seem to control myself where this angel is concern. hope you cherish this moment forever.

In Topic: [SOSHI] Soshified & Charities

02 December 2013 - 10:37 AM

bloody awesome work everyone. let's hope for the continuation of SSF, SNSD and Sones for many many many more years. 

i remember the charity for Japan. that was the year i became a Sone and never look back. 2011 still one of the most awesome-st year i've ever experience.

sigh the memories i had watching these 9 lovelies do their thing through computer screen, SSF doing wonderful things like they've done previous years and Sones

continue to do what they do best where these 9 beauties are concern. i truly love this fandom.

SSF, SNSD and Sones have come a long way indeed. God bless all!

In Topic: [DONATE] WishesForPH: Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund

16 November 2013 - 04:05 AM

Display Name: llc1281
Country: USA
Amount: $100.00 
Method: PP


just doing my part as a Wish.  ^_^

SSF you the best  :heart:  :respect: