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[12.09.11] SNSD concert in Singapore

09 December 2011 - 09:14 AM

If you are going for tommorow's concert don't ruin it for yourself, experience it :D

So hey guys, anyway this is my first concert, and I had an awesome time so I thought I'd share it with you guys:D

Pre-concert merchandise
So there I was at Singapore Indoor Stadium at 11.30am. What for, you may ask? Well they were selling the official merchandise, so being a typical kiasu(scared to lose out) Singaporean, I went there at 11.30 when they start selling at 12pm. Took me a good hour to queue all the way, and managed to get my lightsticks and banner :D

So anyway, around 7.30pm I was already inside the Stadium, and I didn't want a mosh pit ticket(coz I'm short :X), so I had a seat on the left side(stage POV), first row. Now why would you want a seat at the side instead of the front? Let me tell you. Sitting directly in front allows you to see everything heads up, but no contact with the girls. Me, I was within 2 metres with ALL NINE of them at least once, and Taengoo and Seobaby smiled at me, and Yoong winked at me *spazzes*.

I shall now run through highlights of the concert, might not be in order though.

The concert kicked off with our infamous "Genie", and as usual, the girls had a splendid performance, and with the fans chanting along with lightsticks and banners galore, it was truly a sight to see. Soon after were hit favorites you-aholic and Mr.Taxi. It was getting really heated up, and I was already feeling strains in my voice. But the best was still yet to come.

The introduction was filled with typical SNSD dorkiness and of course, what's Sunny without some C.C.B eh?

I really enjoyed the solos. Hyoyeon's was an incredible show of both her singing, and her dancing. Fans went wild around me, and I couldn't blame them. Sica had a piano perf, and it was beautiful. And of course, the epic Taeny "Lady Marmalade"

Next up was the great escape, which progressed into a speed change and topped off with an epic Bad Girl. So was Run Devil Run and Hoot. However the best is still most definitely the unique change in the track list, the adding of The Boys - english version. The whole stadium erupted into cheers, and you could hear everyone yelling "GG" and "TRX" and "Bring the boys out!". It was truly the right choice there.

Next up on the list was the ever lovable "Cold Noodles", followed by HaHaHa, and one of my all-time favourites, Gee! Seriously even the guards were looking in surprise of the noise we all made yelling "Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee!". Definitely one of my best moments.

And then, what concert is the same without our favourite ballads? Complete and Forever shoke the crowd, and our lightsticks were all swinging in unison while screaming our fanchant. It was a total SNSD-and-SONE-as-one moment.

Gone they went and came back for their encore after our determined chant of Encore and "Lets go Soshi lets go". My ever favourite song "Into The New World", and the world place was filled with us fans singing the lyrics. It was a great moment for me. Next was Himnae and It's Fantastic. I was actually quite disappointed with us then. You see we were supposed to do the Kallang Wave(where the rows stand up and down from side to side) during both of these songs, but unfortunately, it wasn't really successful in Himnae, and nonexistent in It's Fantastic. Hopefully it would be better tommorow(or later for that matter).

All in all, I loved the concert, I screamed myself hoarse, and as I type this I have an aching back and neck. But all of these would be inconsequential compared to the fun and joy I experienced meeting my idols face to face. The props were also very sophisticated and the dances well rehearsed, as expected of our angels. I hope this would encourage all those sitting on the fence to go for one concert, and experience it yourself. Pics will come later, though I'm not sure they are okay for showing, considering it was from an angle. Will edit later.

Wishing you a fun-filled concert next time

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