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In Topic: 2009 Happy Birthday Soy and Tiffany

14 April 2009 - 08:59 AM


I can never write out an amazing birthday greeting that's filled with big, bombastic words or written with rofl-quality jokes in every line, so I'll just stick to what I simply have to say.

Happy birthday, Soy!

As what nearly everyone else has said, thank you very much creating SSF and giving us this place to spazz about the nine wonderful girls that we love so much. You're finally 18 now - thought you were 16... - and I'm not sure what opens up when you're 18 over in your country but nonetheless, I'm gonna guess that you're thrilled to finally be 18 =)
So I believe a word of 'Congratulations' would be in order? Haha, happy birthday =)

Happy birthday, Tiffany!

I don't really know you and, well actually, I doubt we've ever spoken to each other before but uh... I'm one of the new mods around here and I'd love to get to know you better soon. Anyway, I wish you a happy birthday, may your wish come true if it haven't, and I hope you enjoy this day and come back to SSF soon!

- Derick