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[MESSAGE] Yuri's Message and Picture on SONE PLUS+ (Japan Fansite)

18 August 2013 - 11:47 PM

Hi everyone from SONE PLUS. It’s Yuri!


It’s hot every day. How is everyone spending their summer?




I recently went with the members to Las Vegas for a schedule!


Whenever I had some free time, I went to watch shows and I was able to make lots of fun memories.


Also when I think about showing our new performance to everyone soon, I get excited.  (^o^)


We completed working on a really cool song, so please look forward to it!!



Translation: kkabbekky@soshified.com 

source: SONE PLUS+ official Japan fansite, via redsunset@soshified.com

[MESSAGE] Fany's Message and Picture on SONE PLUS+ (Japan Fansite)

12 April 2013 - 11:31 PM

Hello SONEplus, this is Tiffany. A peace sign before going on stage!


I'm very happy I was able to eat a lot of my favorite hitsumabushi in Nagoya!
I'm sad there are only two stops left for this tour.. (><)
Let's also have fun together next week. <3


translation: kkabbekky@soshified.com

source: SONE PLUS+ official Japan mobile fansite

[MAGAZINE] SNSD - Vogue Japan

31 January 2013 - 01:39 AM


1. What is your impression about today’s clothes?
2. What activity left you the biggest impression this year?
3. What surprised you the most about global activities? What was fun?
4. The theme of the shooting was “Smile”, but what do you think about “Smiles”?
5. Whenever you are sad, what/who do you think about that makes you smile immediately?
6. When you are on stage and give smiles to everyone what are you aware of the most?
7. What makes you smile completely lately?
8. Within your own smile, what is your favorite smile?
9. To maintain a pretty smile, are there any things you pay attention to with your teeth and lips?
10. What do you want to do the most right now?
11. What do you want to challenge yourself with as an artist?
12. What do you think you’ll be doing ten years from now?


1. Till now it has the most flowery pattern, it’s very feminine and magnificent.
3. I’m surprised about meeting fans that come greet us at the airport.
4. It comes naturally
5. A single word/phrase from my family, members, friends gives me strength.
6. I pay attention to showing the best performance.
7. 1) My limitless imagination with Yoona that makes me laugh so much my stomach hurts 2) Fooling around during dance practice with members.
8. Smiling brightly while showing your teeth.
9. In order to have a good blood circulation and to have a good complexion, I take a half body bath or get a massage.
10. For my skin I want to take off my makeup immediately and relax.
11. I want to try a  movie with a dancing theme or a musical!
12. To fulfill targets that I didn’t fulfill yet till now and to keep on going till I reach the next target.


1. Because I usually have a lot of comfortable clothes, these kind of clothes are very fresh and fun to wear.
2. My first musical performance.
3. The fact that we get loved in Japan or Europe by exceeding race and language barriers.
4. I have the habit of laughing that make my eyes disappear.
5. Funny pictures of the members that are saved on my cellphone.
6. I think about the expectation and support towards myself and SNSD.
8. Every time I laugh I smile so that my eyes disappear. It’s the more lovely when you smile naturally.
10. When I return home I want to change into comfortable clothes and relax.
11. I want to grow more as snsd than before.  I also want to challenge myself in other areas but now I want to keep on doing things as SNSD.
12. I hope I’ll be a good artist, wife and mother?


1. Wearing my favorite dior makes me feel like a fairy.
2. When our first Japanese album became a million seller.
3. Thanks to it I'm very happy I can return home to LA every 3 months.
5. Whenever I imagine the future, my heart beats fast and I smile right away.
6. The feeling of transferring my happiness to the fans.
7. My birthday!
8. Smiling while showing lots of teeth and until my eyes disappear. When I do that I feel really happy.
10. That I can sing the song I want to sing right now live.
11. Movie, drama! A song is 5 min long, but because you can express your emotions for a long time while acting, I think it would be fun.
12. Without any change, I’ll still love music and will also be acting. And by that time I will probably have a lovely family? (laughs)


1. I feel like a lady.
2. My first time acting in a drama.
3. I still can’t believe we appeared on an American tv program.
4. I like it more when you don’t see your teeth when smiling than showing your teeth.
5. Because I’m a Christian, God? Or the smile of a child.
6. Energy. The energy I receive from the fans is big, and I want to send even more energy [to the fans].
8. A smile. Not a half smile.
9. I always carry lipstick. My favorite color is Bolero by NARS.
10. I want to get a massage.
11. Musical!
12. I'll have a family, with a husband and kids. But I think I’ll still be in SNSD.


1. It feels like I’m standing happily on the runway.
2. Asia tour.
3. The fact that there are fans in America and Paris that know us and cheer for us.
4. I like smiles where you don’t see teeth.
5. I always smile whenever I’m with the members.
6. If I can show an excited and cool image then I can also pass it to the audience.
7. Recently while joking around with Hyoyeon, we have big laughters.
8. All laughs are good.
9. Because I have a dry skin, I moisturize it. I also take care that when I smile the corners of my mouth go up prettily.
10. Return home and relax. I want to eat a delicious meal.
11. I would definitely like to try acting in a movie someday.
12. Because I will be 33 years old then I guess I will be married? (laughs) And challenge myself in acting?


2. Promotions with Taetiseo (a unit with SNSD Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun)
3. Wherever we go in the world, we meet people who knows SNSD and who come and greet us.
5. Fooling around with the members and exchanging jokes.
6. I imagine myself smiling.
7. Imagining having fun with the fans for next year's tour makes me happy already!
8. A big smile.
9. I apply plenty of lip treatment before I go to bed.
10. Drive.
11. Movie!!
12. I think I’ll forever be doing music.


1. It was fun. Especially when discovering Hyoyeon’s new charm.
3. Singing together in Korean with a lot of French people during a performance in Paris.
5. My family, members and friends who worry about me the most during times of hardships.
6. That I’m having fun to the maximum.
7. When we were dancing with Hyoyeon at the head during dance practice.
8. A natural smile when I’m having loads of fun.
9. Sufficient fluid intake, moisturizer, sleep, skin whitening pack, and exercise! But the most important is to make an effort into improving yourself internally. So that you can always have a smile on your face.
10. Concert! I receive a lot of power from concerts.
11. Music composition, musical, movie, and also drama.
12. Even more so than now, I wouldn’t stop challenging myself with diverse music.


1. I wore a wonderful Valentino dress. It’s my usual and favorite brand.
2. All activities leave me an impression.
3. I’m happy I can eat delicious food in whatever country and I can meet the fans.
5. My younger sister!
6. The songs.
9. I apply a lot of lip balm frequently.
10. I want to relax.
11. Movie. I want to try to appear in a funny romantic comedy.
12. I hope to find happiness....


1. Usually I don’t have the opportunity to wear such gorgeous clothes so I’m happy.
2. The release of our second Japanese album!
3. Even when crossing national borders the fact that we can sing SNSD songs together makes me happy!!
4. The emphasis on evolving beauty. (laughs)
5. Freedom and music. When I breathe in the beautiful atmosphere and listen to the music, my mood clears up.
6. Even when I’m aware of certain people, I enjoy the music and when I express my passion my energy gets transmitted naturally.
7. So much I can’t remember it all. (laughs) I laugh every day.  
9. I brush my teeth 3 times a day and I frequently put lipcream on!
10. I want to go to a ski slope and snowboard.
11. Acting in a movie or a drama. Also writing.
12. I want to be a person that shines even more on stage than now. (laughs)

Main interview

The first time Vogue Japan had a shooting with SNSD was in April 2011. Appearing in that year’s issue in July, SNSD's approached us with warm smiles, even though the shooting took place in the poolside in chilly Seoul.

And after almost 1 year and a half we meet again in Tokyo. The members standing in front of the camera shine differently than previous time; I could feel the confidence and composure.
During this year they achieved first spot in the Oricon Weekly Chart for the first time and they received the million seller certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). It is also most likely they still have a feeling of having accomplishments left [to achieve].

To continue that million seller achievement done with “Girls’ Generation”, they released a second album “Girls’ Generation II: Girls & Peace”.  Suitable global creators were also involved for the girls who are not only active in Asia. Miles Walker, the Grammy Awards winner, who produced Usher and Beyonce’s hit songs, is in charge of mixing the singles “Paparazzi” and “Flower Power.”

On the other hand, it was also an active year with live performances in Europe and America.  Starting from Asia, including Japan, they also performed in the SMTOWN LIVE concerts in LA, NY, Paris, and more, together with artists like DBSK and Super Junior, who belong to the same company as them. Furthermore, SNSD’s live appearance on the popular American talk shows “The Late Night Show with David Letterman” and “Live! With Kelly” became a hot topic.

Adopted by a great number of American media, they were also largely introduced in the high class literary magazine “The New Yorker”, a same publisher as Vogue. The most interesting above all is the usage of the word ‘eye smile’ when explaining SNSD’s charms.  In other words, when they are on stage, they smile at thousands of people, but for the fans they fall into an optical illusion where they think SNSD only looks and smiles at them. This is SNSD’s magic.  From the point of view of mainstream Americans with a uniform ‘Hollywood smile’, a wide while showing their teeth, wouldn’t SNSD’s kindness emitting smile be displayed as fresh?  

That’s why Vogue Japan requested to photograph SNSD’s smiles this time.  For the first cut they had sweet smiles, and the second was cool. We also questioned them about ideal smiles.  

We heard in advance from staff that the members had a tightly worked out schedule from early in morning on the same day, so when the girls appeared at the studio in Aoyama, Tokyo late at night we worried a bit if their energy would last till the end of our photoshoot.  

But when they all lined up in front of the camera, Tiffany first asked in Japanese, “Can you turn on some music that will bring us in the mood?”  The studio got engulfed by an explosive beat and while Hyoyeon was making the members laugh by dancing, Yoona imitated models walking on the runway, making everybody laugh non-stop.  It’s the privilege of former youth, but by doing that our mood also went up and while laughing naturally the photoshoot ended without any problems.

Afterwards when asking about smiles, the most often reply was, “When we enjoy ourselves, the person watching will also feel it as well.”  The members emphasized in one voice, “It’s the same with performances on stage” (Yoona) and “I believe you can naturally transmit your passion.” (Yuri)

Only their answers about their ideal smiles were different.  While Hyoyeon said, “Laugh while showing your teeth,” Sooyoung said, “Don’t show your teeth.”  Sunny answered, “Laugh so your eyes disappear,” and Tiffany added, “Make your eyes disappear and show your teeth a lot.”  Seohyun said, “Whatever the smile what’s in one’s heart is more important,” and Taeyeon declared, “Anyway, a big smile.”  

When looking at the smiles of great individuals of SNSD, we also start smiling.  That is SNSD’s magic; you can’t take your eyes off of them.



translation by kkabbekky@soshified.com, arghninja@soshified.com

thanks to whimtwit@twitter

[MESSAGE] Yoona's Message and Picture on Japanese Fansite

27 December 2012 - 06:38 AM

Hello everybody on Sone Japan mobile fansite. This is Yoona!

Everyone how was your christmas?
I spent a fun white christmas together with the members in Sapporo. (* ^_^*)

Posted Image

During the night it started to snow and it was sooo pretty.~
Without much thought we all ran outside...(laughs)

This year is ending soon, so I wish everyone on Sone Japan mobile fansite a happy new year ^^

translation: kkabbekky@soshified.com
source: Japan mobile fansite [@sylee214 for picture]
special thanks to taccoyaki

[MAGAZINE] SNSD - AnAn magazine

22 December 2012 - 02:48 AM

Posted Image

Individual interviews


Wanting to relax but can’t part with Japanese beauty goods.

Yuri, whose beauty exudes from the inside. Her beauty secret is yoga that she continued for 5 years.
“I wanted some time to clear my mind and heart, so I started together with Tiffany. But Tiffany gave up after two weeks (laughs). The pose that gives me the best feeling is called Shavasana (Corpse pose). Facing upward, you draw out the strength from your whole body, while being in a meditating state. It has the result of sufficient relaxing sleep for one night!”
Furthermore she recently is crazy about vegetable juice.
“I put boiled vegetables in the mixer and drink it. More than boiled and raw vegetables, the vitamins and the absorption coefficient of nutrients are 90% better. When I add strawberries or banana, it becomes easier to drink.”
The thing she can’t part with in the airplane when going abroad are Japanese beauty goods.
“When changing into a jersey and missing my makeup, in Japan I always buy a large amount of hot eyemasks and put it on! It’s really an excellent thing.”


Fashionable and UV care (life)!
Now I’m dreaming of driving in my beloved car.

When going abroad, the member who is rumored to have the most luggage is Tiffany.
“I can’t relax if my hotel room is not reproduced like my own room. In the bathroom, I set up my makeup in a row and stuff my clothes in the closet. And because I want to change my shoes and bags every day my suitcase is filled to the brim. Packing is hard, but I can’t stop being fashionable. (laughs)”
The same importance as being fashionable is skin.
“UV care is important with winter treatment. You’d think the sunlight is weak and the UV rays are only few in winter, but actually it’s a lot. Because of measurements against dryness, sunscreen throughout the year is a must!”
Recently she got her long-awaited driver’s license! She took the members for a ride and drove to the Han river.
“My beloved car is a pink small (motor) car with hello kitty cushions placed inside. Glancing at the members getting excited listening to music, I focus on driving with my undivided attention.”


Simple is best is my motto. The energetic source and smiling face of the members.

Sunny is an open-hearted girl, who doesn’t worry about small things. When traveling she also prefers simplicity.
“For a one night and two days trip I don't bring a suitcase. My luggage is very minimal. Whenever I look at Tiffany's suitcase, I wonder what is in there? On the contrary, it's very mysterious (laughs).”
During The Boys promotions she tried short blonde hair, it was a major change to a sharp matured woman.
“It was the first time after being born that I had short hair. I actually wanted to cut it really short,
but after talking with the staff we settled on this length. I'm pleased with it, but there are also members that think it's better to go back to long hair, so I'm thinking what to do next.”
In Girls' Generation she is always full of energy. What is the source of that energy?
“Even when I feel down, whenever I look at the members smile, I naturally become happy.
Being together with the members is my source of energy.”


Keeping all the busy members together, the slightly strict older sister.

Taeyeon who is slightly older even among the 6 girls born in the same year in this group of 9.
"I feel that even though everyone is close in age and we have conflicts at times, everyone is pure and considerate of each other, so as the days continue to add up, our bonds continue to strengthen. Though I might be the oldest, instead of being the one to stand in front, I'm the type to look before taking each step. But when it comes down to the critical moment, I will clearly say what needs to be said. If I compare it to a family, I think I'm a bit of a father figure."
With stable singing skills and a voice that is full of feelings, she also has solo activities (OST songs) in Korea.
"When singing, you need performing skills and a bit of imagination. You have to treasure the emotions, and to not deviate from the colour of the song while pouring your heart into it."
To Taeyeon, what is her most treasured song?
"'Into the New World' probably. It was our first song we received after our long training period and if this song never existed, I don't think I would be here right now."


Hot chocolate is my stress relieving item.

Famous as a fashionista, Jessica has a strong interest in Japanese fashion!
“Japanese style has an impression of taking unique items and putting it together well. It’s not a feeling that it’s aiming for something weird, rather it’s like showing off something cute. I also study fashion while looking through Japanese magazines. On the contrary, in Korea, [fashion] all together feels more simple. I’m not saying which is better, but I do love both [styles]. Recently, we have more oversea schedules and maybe it is due to riding airplanes for a long time, but anyhow, I think I have more comfortable casual styles.”
How does Jessica relieve stress?
“I eat sweets. I especially love chocolate! Every time I come to Japan, I pass by a store that has a rich hot chocolate drink, but previously, when I went with the other members, it seems the chocolate was too rich and some of the members didn’t like it (laughs).”


Secret of maintaining the perfect style is doing pilates two times a week!

Sooyoung the member that is proud of her tall figure. Please tell us your secret to maintain that excellent style!
“Because I have a body that doesn't gain weight fast, I didn't feel the need to exercise.
On the contrary I lose weight too much which is why my clothes don't fit well or my dancing doesn't look pretty...which is why I thought I needed more muscles. Because I heard that pilates is hard, I was scared at first, but when I continued doing it, it felt like I received a muscle massage. I'm really pleased with it!”
Sooyoung who is famous of being proficient in Japanese and even MCed a concert in Japanese.
“A Japanese word I use a lot is 'nervous' (laughs). Also, I use a lot of gratitude words like 'thank you'. I also watch Japanese dramas without subtitles. My favorite dramas are 'Bara no nai hanaya’ (Flower Shop Without a Rose) and ‘Nobuta wo Produce’ (Producing Nobuta). The trick of studying is memorizing! When memorizing a sentence structure, with changing just the words, I can use it many times.”


“Using my time wisely”, that’s my rule.

Although the youngest, Seohyun is famous for being reliable. Does she have a rule for herself?
“In the past I always endeavored to ‘try to use my time well’. If you’re a student then it’d be good to spend time according to school, however now I need to manage myself. If I don’t decide what I’ll do at what time, then I’ll be washed away with busyness. I make an effort to not be lazy, but it’s very hard. (laughs)”
As they promote in different countries, it seems like Seohyun was surprised at how the passion of the cheering fans was not any different.
“Especially during concerts, even if the language is different, the sense of communication through music is the same no matter what country. Why the fans’ energy is the same is very mysterious.”
Then, what is her impression of Japanese fans?
“During last year’s Japan tour, there were fans who came to all 14 shows! I was very surprised! I’m very thankful.”


I want to try the role of a rich young lady or appearing in a love comedy.

With a mysterious aura surrounding the charming cool beauty, Yoona has a surprising side.
“Actually, I love pulling pranks! Up to now, I can’t count all the pranks I pulled on the members. Every member is a victim. (laughs) Recently...I really pull so many pranks that I forget what I’ve done. The details of the pranks are trivial, but I’m also good at imitations! I have a huge repertoire and I can imitate the other members too~.”
Appearing in dramas like “Love Rain”, Yoona also is active as an actress. What role does she want to play in the future?
“Until now since I’ve played many characters that are quiet and do their best to live in underprivileged environments... Next, I wonder if a role from a rich family would be good? During a drama, I want to try wearing a lot of cute and pretty clothing as well. This time in “Love Rain”, I loved playing the cheerful and lively character Hana, but next I want to try challenge myself in a love comedy!”


I’ve loved dance from an early age! I may indeed have talent (laughs).

“From an early age, I just really loved dance. At first I started it as a hobby, but it seems I was born with talent. (laughs)”
Hyoyeon, who demonstrates magnificent dances in Girls’ Generation. Please tell us how you practice dance!
“In the past I would watch TV and practice mimicking the dances of popular artists at the time. Recently, I’m studying the dances of the artist, Chris Brown. Everything about his stage from the energy felt to his performance and voice, is perfect!”
This year it’s been 5 years since debuting as Girls’ Generation. Looking back it’s really been a flash.
“Throughout the time of 5 years, I think our bonds have become stronger. We have come to know the different sides of each other and we have deepened our understanding of one another. Generally, if we’ve been together for 5 years, I think it wouldn’t be that strange if we get into fights over trivial matters, however, we have gotten along better.”

Main Interview

With refined performances and beautiful slender legs like a barbie doll, Girls' Generation created an instant sensation in Japan. This year it's their 6th year since their debut in Korea and they are active in places all over the world, as well as reaching a debut in America! A close-up of Girls' Generation, who are building a new generation while emitting a bright aura.

If you look back on the days from your debut until now, [what do you see]?

Seohyun: While running around the world happily, 5 years has passed already. I don't have any feeling that it has been that long.

Sooyoung: To the people around us it seems like we had a hard time, but we definitely don't feel like that. Maybe all of us are really tough (laughs).

Jessica: The fact that I was able to keep on going these 5 years is because of the members. Our strong bond is our weapon.

For the first half of this year you mostly worked abroad, so do you feel a difference in fans of different countries?

Tiffany: In Korea, singing the chorus together is the basis and because the majority are male fans a lower tone resounds. Because Western fans dance and sing together with us, it feels like the concert hall turns into a club! Let's party!

Hyoyeon: Japanese fans are focused on our performance throughout the song and when the song is finished the cheers are so loud that the concert hall is shaking.

Seohyun: I’m happy that the fans respect us as an artist.

In busy times, how do you refresh yourself?

Seohyun: There are lots of members that love to use aromas. I sleep with aroma oil applied on my temples.

Yoona: I also apply plenty of aromatic body mist when I go to bed. If I do so, I can sleep soundly.

Taeyeon: I'll say to myself 'There, there, you are a good kid Taeyeon,' and I cure myself. (laughs)

Sunny: It's only for something emotionally, but it makes me happy. Also, there are a lot of times we go eat something delicious.

Jessica: Our regular place is a patbingsoo store that has red bean on top of shaved snow. It’s slightly sweet and it heals us.

Sooyoung: Lately, it's a trend among us to drive together to the Han river. While listening to music, we drive and relieve our stress.

Yuri: We went for a ride with Tiffany driving, but she is still a beginner so I was honestly scared.(laughs)

Tiffany: Hey! (gets angry)

Girls’ Generation’s 2nd Japanese album, “GIRLS’ GENERATION II -Girls & Peace-” was released on November 28th.

Taeyeon: From cool club sounds to sweet numbers, it’s an album filled with uptempo songs that will get you thinking of Girls’ Generation singing and dancing!

Tiffany: Recently I re-listened to our first album, “GIRLS’ GENERATION”. Honestly I thought, “We can’t make an album better than this”, however this album can top that. I recommend all the songs!

It’s amazing that all the songs are recommendations! What’s your favorite song?

Everyone: Hmm~ I can’t choose~!

Somehow pick one!

Taeyeon: If I have to choose, then it's 'Stay girls'. A girl who perseveres into becoming a wonderful matured woman is the main character of the beautiful lyrics. When hearing the refreshing melody, my mood becomes brighter.

Yoona: 'Stay girls' is the favorite song of all the members. I also listen to it while walking.

Seohyun: 'Oh', our Korean song that was remade with Japanese lyrics is also recommended.
I think we upgraded our expressions and it is also cuter than the Korean version.

Jessica: I like 'Not Alone' because I can imagine myself singing it while a spotlight is shining on me on stage. Although 'Reflection' is refined, the beat has a retro feeling to it and is very addicting.

Tiffany: I like 'Reflection' too~! I always liked songs with a beat more, but this song's musical interval fits me so I can sing it the best.

It (the album) has all Japanese musical compositions. Did it go well with the Japanese?

Sooyoung: We have gotten used to it, but as expected since it's not in our mother tongue, the lyrics are translated so we could sing it while understanding the world view.

Sunny: There is a hiragana letter that whenever it comes out it's hard for me and makes me nervous. It's 'つ(tsu)'. I want to overcome my fear of 'tsu' soon. (laughs)

Hyoyeon: When rapping the 'ん(n)' is also very tough.

Jessica: I'm not very good in memorizing lyrics in Korean, English or Japanese to begin with. (bitter laugh) Anyway, I’ll earnestly memorize and sing it!

This is just one of Jessica’s hard working points. With the album clearly worn on your belt, the arena tour will start next year from February.

Sooyoung: We have an artist’s luck to start the new year with concerts.

Sunny: Because the amount of our Japanese songs increased, we could show a live performance with only original Japanese songs.

Yuri: We are steadily in progress of preparations. Personally in order not to run out of breath, I'll run or do weightlift training and try to build up stamina.

What do you look forward to during the Japanese tour?

Sunny: Unagi (eel). After eating hitsumabushi in Nagoya, we all got addicted to unagi. During this year's tour we had unagi for 3 days in a row.

Yuri: Yes right. Because I ate too much unagi one time, I couldn't stop glowing during the concert and I was very energetic, so it was tough (laughs). But surely during next tour I definitely want to eat only unagi.

Tiffany: Also Hiroshima Okonomiyaki! I also want to go to the onsen to get smooth skin.

Yoona: But what I'm looking forward to the most is the cosplay by fans! When I see them imitating our clothes and hairstyles, I get really happy! All the members always look forward to what cosplay they will come in next.

Yuri: Everyone~! We can definitely see it from the stage! Please keep on doing lots of cosplay~!

Taeyeon: When having a talk like this I want to meet everyone fast. I'm anxiously awaiting next year!

Credit scan: jessicachina.net/drjc
Translated by kkabbekky, arghninja, redsunset, SeraphKY@soshified.com/forums
special thanks to haljung and whimtwit