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[FAN ACCNT] Fan Account of SNSD Solo Concert Day 1 from TaengGallery

20 December 2009 - 06:21 AM

A fan account can't get any more accurate than this..

Oh and the event.. it was epic fail haha

I arrived a little bit late and entered as they were playing the opening clip.
It was a video with the girls appearing like angels along with their names.

The first song wasn't a remix of Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) but the original version that came out on the Genie Dance UCC!
The one where they rest a beat then say, "Sowoneul malhaebwa"! This was the original.
They sang the song wearing a white, furry jacket. The same outfit they wore to Entertainment Tonight!
They were lipsyncing~
The girls' hair styles included long-haired Yoong, long-haired Syoung, long-haired Fany, and curly-haired Taeng haha
The rest of the girls had their regular hairstyle.

The next song Show Me Show Me~~ a brand new song!
My guess would be that the title will be 'Show Me'
It was a song where 'Show me show me' kept repeating~
Listen to the Show me Show me~ It was an amazing song
The part where the girls had JeTi in the middle and circled around them while dancing was really memorable.
JeTi's english narration was also good too.
This one was also lipsyncing!

The next song was 'So Nyuh Shi Dae'! I was so surprised when the fireworks went off. Really surprise! haha
Passing on this one since it was the usual. This one was also lipsynced.

The video that came on after was a cowboy clip with guns going off. Bang! Bang! haha
And then all of a sudden the intro to a song starts and the girls appeared~
YoonA, Taeyeon, SooYoung, Hyoyeon came out wearing cowboy outfits.
And in the middle of the song Hyoyeon had a short cowboy performance in the middle of the stage.
They started dancing a different choreography in the middle and the beginning of the next song started.

------ Their outfits and hairstyles remained the same from the beginning of the concert til this point. Just that 4 of the girls threw on a cowboy vest.

Then the opening comments~
The music for the opening comments came out
saying 'Alright. Now its time to call out the girls of SNSD'
~ Attention! This is Sergeant Sica! A military type song came out and all the girls were marching and saluting haha
"Hello~ I'm Sergeant Sic! Jessica~"
and then the next one
Who's next? This is YoonA. Crocodile Yoong~ And YoonA appeared with a shy smile on her face.
Then the next one said "My name is SoonGyu, Sunny!" and Sunny appeared and said in a loud voice "Thank You!"
The next comment said "I'm responsible for the average height of SNSD" with the appearance of SooYoung.
SooYoung came out and danced a dance that brought out her long legs haha and as she walked back in, she said "Hello Everyone~" haha
"There is a elementary school kid even in SNSD. Kiddo HyoYeon"
Hyoyeon appeared and all the girls were dancing to a child's folk song haha
"Call me KkapYul~" as Yuri appeared dancing and saying, "Hi I'm Yuri. Nice to see you all~"
Then "The goddess of SNSD, Seohyun!" and Seohyun appeared along with a soothing music. She really did look like a goddes!
"Call me Jackson Hwang!" and Tiffany appeared as she was dancing, constantly making the "OW!" sound haha she was cute
And finally Byun~~~ Taeyeon! haha Just like how she appeared on Entertainment Tonight hahahaha
hahaha She was dancing all lewd and sexy haha Everyone went crazy!

After the introduction, the girls started talking!
'Are you guys enjoying yourselves? Let's all take a bow at once. One, Two, Three! Hello! W're SNSD!
Yuri- So many people came!
Taeng - I know right? I was so surprised!
Yuri&Sica - Wah~ Hello! Hello! Hi, everyone on that side of the stadium!
Taeng- I'm sweating already. I don't know whether its the heating system of the heat of the fans! But the overall atmosphere is nice right?
Sooyoung- I was so nervous before I came in.
Sica- Me too~
Sooyoung- I'm a bit nervous still, now that I met you guys. Should we tell them what song we're going to sing next?
Sica- The next song is a title called 'Fantastic'~ It's a version where all 9 of us will be singing. Should we begin?
Taeng- Are you ready?!
Fans&Members- Yeah!
Taeng- Are you ready?!
Fans&Members- YEAH!!

----- End of opening comments

Fantastic! It's the title song of Mabinogi haha It was a version where all 9 of them sang. Live too
This was the beginning of where the girls started running about everywhere.
Maknae and Hyoyeon came to my side and Wow!~ They were so pretty.
They looked like dolls with their tiny faces haha
And I saw the part where Maknae was mumbling because she forgot the lyrics haha
You couldn't really tell because they had the AR playing.

Then soon after a remix version of Etude came on with new beats! Live~
This time YoonA and Sooyoung came in front of me and WOW! SO PRETTY! just flowed out of my mouth haha
And FanyFanyFanyFany T-T also came to my side T-T.. shes so pretty.
The girls looked really free at this point haha Running back and forth, pointing at the fans haha
Hyoyeon, Yuri and YoonA were just fooling around like elementary school kids hah

And Ooh-Lala! This was also a live~
SoonGyu also came running in front of me and she really did look like a perfect size haha
They were constantly pointing at the fans in the standing section and running about.
Fooling around during the narration in the middle of the song haha

And then this time was Kissing You Remix version
during Fany's "Close my eyes and kiss your lips", Taengoo blew a really deep kiss haha
And the scene that came out on Entertainment Tonight! I thought Maknae ran over and hugged Taeng but she was hugging YoonA haha
The people in front of me were blowing kisses towards Taeng also and Yoong sent her own heart signs haha

----- So the stage ended here and another video came on

Clips of practice sessions and daily lives of the girls? And things about how the girls work to have become SNSD...
Video of Taengoo during her DJing on ChinChin. SoonGyu drinking hot chocolate while listening to music.
Clips of Sica practicing for her musical and of Tiffany out shopping
video of Hyoyeon decorating a Christmas tree and of Maknae playing piano
video of Sooyoung exercising at the gym and of Yuri cooking
and also videos of YoonA walking around on the streets while taking pictures.

----- Then the video ended

'One Year Later'! They popped out all of a sudden from the bottom haha From either ends of the stage.
Onew appeared from my side of the stage.
Sica was wearing a short white dress and Onew was wearing a white tux with white dress shoes!
Then there was a slight mistake during the song then a silence.. they must have been embarassed haha
They were walking towards each other to the middle of the stage and Onew was walking so straight trying not to veer off to the side.
That was cute haha. A bit shorter than I expected~
The ending of the song they sang together and shook hands. Exiting together.

Then Tiffany appears all of a sudden!
Sitting on the steps with an umbrella..
A thought came to me. This was 'Umbrella"!!! Ohahahaooha haha
She was singing a calm, ballad version while sitting on the steps.
But then she got up all of a sudden and the song changed to the normal version!!
Holding the umbrella!! Tearing off the outer jacket that she had on!!!
Short onepiece style, silver shining dress.. So short and revealing T-T
But she was so sexy! Her voice and everything.. the song was so nice
Her dancing was so sexy too! The backdancers were all wearing black~
When they were dancing with each other Woah! It's rainging~ Oooo Baby! It's raining~
As that part came on, she walked onto the middle of the stages. And then she sat down on the stage at the end of the song just like she does for Genie.
Her hairstyle was the long-haired Cleopatra hair~

Then the spotlights moved and Taengoo's solo!
*****cat Doll's Hush Hush!
A pink jacket with support at the shoulders? haha
She was wearing leather pants. And the shirt was a bit short and was revealing her stomach.
Her waist was so sexy. And the best part was..
Her dance with the backdancer.. the amount of skinship!! They were so close to each other and dancing while touching haha
I panicked watching this hahaha And the EXPLOSION of Taeng's vocal!
She was soooo good at singing. Oh and she came up on the extended stage too!
And her hairstyle was a tied up style of her curly hair~

The next performance was YoonA's 'Introduce me to a nice person' Solo stage!
She was wearing a white wedding dress! With long-hair~
Super Junior's Eunhyuk and ShinDong featured in the performance haha
And most of this performance took place on the extended stages haha
But the only thing was that she wasn't loud enough T-T
There was a dialogue in the middle of the song. I could hear Super Junior really well but Yoong was so quite T-T
They were pointing at the fans saying, "This guy? That guy?"
And at the end ShinDong ran on stage with a random child haha
Saying, "It's this guy!"
The kid had the same hairstyle as ShinDong, it was so cute! haha

Then Sunny's solo performance~ She sang a song with the same title as her name. 'Sunny'. A dance version of it~
She was wearing an outfit where the top was a white tanktop with a black midriff section and the striped black and white skirt.
The most surprising part was when she came onto the extended stage and with the help of a backdancer she did a backflip!
That went well and the hairstyle was same as the beginning haha

----- Then another video clip

When this video began, I thought I was watching Iris or something haha
YoonA was driving a red sportcar and Seohyun was in the middle of a Kendo match
Yuri was a boxer and Fany was a sniper haha I thought she was a killer at first and was surprise haha
These four came on the video and along with the subtitle 'Tough Angels'


All of a sudden girls wearing black outfits were singing Chocolate Love haha
You can just think of their outfit as similar to the white one from the beginning just without the fur haha
This time Fany and Taeng had tied up their hair~ The dance for Chocolate Love is so pretty haha

And surprisingly Destiny was the next song!
I was wondering whether or not they were going to perform that but I guess they did haha Everyone was surprised.
This song's choreography seemed to have a lot of waves haha
In the middle of the song, there was a part where Hyoyeon, Yuri and YoonA were dancing! Just like how the song is seductive
their dance seemed to seduce me haha

----- And another video!

Jessica's diary~ It was about the fans with the giant cameras haha
About how they always take pictures. Wondering where they upload the faces, voices and pictures of the girls.
Saying, "If you see me, say, 'Sica~ I'm here~'"
Seohyun played the role of the fan with the camera haha
And then Yuri's diary~ This was about the infamous Yuri fans vs Sunny fans battle haha
"Yuri-yah!!! Sunny-yah!!!! Yuri-yah!!!!!! Sunny-yah!!!!!"
They acted out each other's fan groups haha
They appeared in the video with short hair cuts and Yuri really did look handsome;
When they said that she looked like Kang Dongwon when she has short hair wasn't a lie.. haha
And about an incident where a fan came burst through the security officials screaming,
"Yuri-yah!!! Yuri-yah!!!!! I'm going to the army!!!! Yuri-yah!!!!"
The person who played the role of the security officer was Taengoo hahah
Saying things like "You are going to be loved at the army for your loud voice. Our fans are famous for their loudness"
And then YoonA's diary~ From when she was busy filming for the drama and the girls had to go to JeJuDo,
some older lady greeted them brightly saying, "Aigo! What brings you all the way to JeJuDo?"
Hyoyeon was standing by her side and said, "Yea! She's Saebyuk! She's Saebyuk!"
but the older lady replied, "Who's Saebyuk? I don't know who that is.. I just greeted you because you were pretty and I thought you guys were celebrities, I guess I was right.
If you are, then give me an autograph~"
The role of the older lady in the film was played by Sica hahaha
At this point in the video, I almost died from laughing when I saw Yoong and Hyoyeon doing their little neck dance hahaha
"Ahjumma, I'm SNSD's YoonA. I am a celebrity. I hope you'll recognize me the next time we meet~" was the ending of YoonA's diary.
And then Taeyeon's diary~
"We went to a special stage today~ None other than the most dependable group of Soshi fans, the army"
They screamed, "I love you Yuri, Seohyun and YoonA~ aigoo... they all like other members.. Where are my fans~~"
"I love Taengoo more than my mom~~"
And then she repeated what Psy had said before haha
'Soldiers have three things that they pledge their loyalty to when they get up in the mornings.
First is the country, the second is for the government and the third is SNSD~ hahaha'
In this part of the video, YoonA, Tiffany and Sooyoung played the roles of the soldiers haha
All three of them had a shaved hairstyle and wearing military outfits
Fany had a thick eyebrowse make up on and that was so cute haha
They were all calling out their own names haha
I was surprised at how loud their voices were hah

The pictures that were released earlier were for this film~


Then the performance started again with 'Honey'~ sorta of a remix version?
This was live
They were all sitting on the steps wearing red dresses~ Complete Christmas feeling haha
Fany's hair looked like a sheep's and Taeng had her hair tied up while Yoong and Syoong had long hair
Everyone got nervous at Yuri's part and started fooling around hahaha
Heheheh~ I can't remember anything from that perf. Good job today though!

Then right after, 'Merry Go Around' T-T
Getting to hear my favorite song live T-T
I was so happy haha
I always get butterflies whenever I listen to that song

Then right away they sang 'Dear Mom'
Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sunny and YoonA sang while standing on the left side of the stairs
and the rest of the girls sang sitting down haha
But Yuri was shined so brightly with the spotlights that whenever she was shown on the big screen, I couldn't stop laughing haha
And in the middle of the song, they showed pictures of moms
Tiffany must have gotten emotional while singing and couldn't finish the song.
Sica was also getting teary-eyed... Everyone was yelling out, "Don't cry! Don't cry!" ^^;
They weren't crying a lot but just a little teary-eyed~

Then next! This time!! None other than Beethoven Virus OST
'Love comes on a Melody'~
I never thought they would sing this song T-T I love this one too haha
Taeyeon, Fany, Sica, Seohyun and Sunny sang with standing mics~
The beginning of the clips for this song began with children in a white house~
The rest of the girls appeared in the middle of the song on kickboards and threw flower petals at the audience
But YoonA and Sooyoung's boards crashed in the middle haha
Then they started fooling around again by kicking over all the kickboards and making it seem like a giant accident haha

Then 'My Child'!
This time the same white background that was on for 'Love comes on a Melody' popped out haha
Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and YoonA~ Hyoyeon was sleeping with her head on a book and Sooyoung was up against the wall haha
And the background was all fairy land background~
The screen showed a clip of the fairy land and the children together haha
A perfect fairy tale~
The ending was of an amusement park parade!

----- Another video~

SNSD's KkongGee PatGee!

Evil Stepmother: Jessica
KkongGee: Sunny
PatGee: Hyoyeon
Special Appearance: Sooyougn
Frog: Taeyeon
Shim BongSa: Seohyun

The evil stepmother Jessica was always making KkongGee Sunny work.
She's yelling at her again today for not cleaning the house. 'What is that on the floor! Just die! So dirty~'
The evil stepmother slapped KkongGee and PatGee also punched KkongGee in the face
Then all of a sudden the evil stepmother also slaps PatGee haha
Then Shim BongSa opens his eyes!
KkongGee and PatGee sticks a mole under their eye and vows a revenge haha
They practice insanely for a dance competition
And the evil stepmother is dancing with a frog too
The day of the competition!
Evil stepmother and the frog tries to scare them with their dance but they were crushed by KkongGee and PatGee's hiphop dance routine
Then the judge played by Sooyoung walked out and announced KkongGee and PatGee as winners hahaha

Something like that...


Then Sica's solo performance~ She sang Barbie Girl haha
She was all dressed up for the concept too
Pink dress and sitting on a throne
Then Key appears in the middle of the song for featuring~~
They were holding hands and walking to the center of the stage
until they put arms over each others' shoulders and ended the performance
Sica really looked like a doll.

Then Sooyoung's solo! She sang 'Santa Baby'
She sang on the center of the stage next to an equipment that looked like a gift
She was wearing a female santa outfit haha Really sexy!
Woahh! She was amazing haha

Then Seohyun's solo~
She started by playing the piano and dancing
then sang '16 Going on 17'
The outfit was a long white dress and she really looked like a doll also
The stage looked like a stage for a musical and she looked like a ballerina
In the end, she did the splits and the backdancer carried her out in that exact pose
The was she was shaking her legs while being carried out was cute haha

Then the girls appeared wearing a raincoat and started singing 'Singing In the Rain'~
Umbrellas fly towards them on the screen and magically appear in their hands haha
All the girls were perfect except for Fany haha
We figured it out because she made it so awkward haha
Sica and Sooyoung were holding purple umbrellas.
Sunny has a pink one
Seohyun and Fany has blue umbrellas and YoonA had yellow while Taeng was holding an orange one
Hyoyeon was wearing a green raincoat and Yuri was wearing a red one haha

The next performance the animation of 'The Little Match Girl'
Then Taeyeon, Sica, Seohyun and Sunny sings 'Over the Rainbow' with the clip haha
As they are singing, the rest of the girls enter with white dresses
They were attached to wires and threw flower petals at the audience while flying through the air haha
Yuri and Sooyoung couldn't stop fooling around while flying around.. haha
They posed as Superman and everything hah

Then the guest appearance of f(x)~~ chu~♡
Victoria must have felt good and showed two flips
They danced so hard haha

Then finally Yuri's solo!
She was dancing to '1,2 Step'
Wearing a black hoodie with golden necklaces and a white tanktop underneath
She took off the jacket in the middle of the dance routine and I swear that part was when the fans cheered the loudest in the whole concert hahaha
The best of the best! The fans in section C and D must have fainted!! haha

Yuri's solo dance was... wow.. haha
I can dare say that Yuri's solo was the best

And Amber featured as a rapper haha
When Amber screamed out "Scream!!" that was so cute~
She seemed really excited haha

And last but not least, Hyoyeon's solo!!!
She was dancing to a remix version of Genie... she's just amazing at dancing. She danced hard enough to make it seem as if she'll break her bones haha
She was wearing a hiphop style hat, baseball jacket and a shiny-decorated jeans and danced on the steps of the stage.
She was dancing the robot and her Popping was just jjang.
No one can follow Hyoyeon at dancing.. I was just in awe throughout the whole perf haha

Then the girls in charge of the dancing in SNSD came out and had a dance battle~ I wasn't sure what the song was haha

The song started with 'One! Two! Three! Four!' that part was memorable.
YoonA was the first one to appear wearing a red jumpsuit? The ones people wear while working haha She was dancing with that outfit on
By this time she had removed her long hair extensions and had tied the front of her short hair haha
And Sooyoung and Yuri appeared! Sooyoung was also dressed like YoonA

Yuri had the jumpsuit tied around her waist, wearing just a tanktop
Hyoyeon came on the stage last and was wearing her jumpsuit the way Yuri was wearing her's.

----- Then another video

Taeyeon Jessica Tiffany Sunny Yuri Hyoyeon Seohyun Sooyoung YoonA

A song with this lyric as well as lyrics praising the girls was playing haha
I thought it was a song made by the fans but I was wrong haha
A video of the girls was playing along with the song. Clips of them putting on make up and clothes
Then a clip of the on a fashion show runway wearing black outfits.
The pictures for this clip was released prior along with the diary pictures and were thought to be teasers for their 2nd album but they were used at the concert haha


And the sudden surprise of 'Into the New World'
I was thinking that they were going to keep 'Into the New World' as their last song but they proved me wrong haha
Their outfits were baseball jackets with white sleeves and a pink midsection. But the jacket was really really short in the midriff area hahaha
They were wearing white teeshirts on the inside~ On the left side of the jacket was a capital G embroidered haha
Fany's hairstyle for this performance was two ponytails on either side and Taeng had a wavy hair style haha
Sica also had two ponytails but I guess something was wrong with the sound system
because Taeyeon's voiced in the beginning sounded like she had just inhale helium haha
I thought it was an event but that wasn't it haha
The highlight part was 'I'll give it to you~~~' then song sending chills down my spine haha

And the next song. This is also a newly released?
The title would probably be 'Let's Smile' or maybe 'Be Happy' Ahah! I might be 'Be Happy' haha
Something this, something that, laugh laugh~ Don't say anything, just laugh~
A song similar to the HaHaHa song haha This song was really bright too~ a song perfect for a follow up on a title song~
The girls were once again busy running around on the stage~ Taeyeon ran over to my side and wow... she had a tiny and was really pretty
And this song had a small part where Yuri was rapping hahaha

Then as soon as that song was over, Himnae!
The girls' had rosy cheeks from running around by this and and I couldn't stop laughing haha
But they never got tired and kept running hha
At the part where Fany and Sica were singing together, the girls gathered at the back of the stage while holding hands and suddenly ran forward onto the extended stage! They seemed so happy haha
They were constantly trying to get the fans to fire up~

Then right after, 'Gee' started haha
Being a solo concert, I thought I was seeing the soldiers singing 'Gee Gee Gee Gee!' those rough voices! haha
"Listen Soneeees~" Fany's lively voice haha
"My Angel~ And my Sone~"
They started singing the first verse facing the front on the extended stage and sang the second verse while facing the 2~5 sections

In the middle of the second verse they sang while facing the 12~15 sections haha
Everyone was jumping from excitement

Then they sang 'Touch The Sky' from the 'To find my son OST'
Screaming out "Are you having fun? Let's sing together~" in the middle of the song
A few of them were getting teary-eyed again
At the end, Taeyeon said, "Everyone~ Are you having fun? There are so many fans here today, Thanks for coming~ Thank You~"
After that comment the girls walked towards the back of the stage haha
Some of the telling the other ones to hurry up haha
They were trying to create an atmosphere of a fake ending by saying things like, "Be careful on your way home~"
But the Sones are too smart to be tricked by this kind of comments haha

As everyone started screaming "Encore" from the top of their lungs, a video of the girls wearing the white outfits from the beginning of the concert came on as an ending video. Along with the girls' names
But we just kept screaming "Encore"~~ haha

As we were screaming, all of a sudden!
Dun Dun Dun~~ and 'Naengmyun' started playing!
I was looking to see if Park Myungsoo came but he wasn't there haha

I was trying to imagine what it would be like just with the girls but they completely exceeded my expectation haha
Yuri, Sunny, Taeyeon and Seohyun were roaming about on the second floor lifts

And the rest of the girls were running around the stage as if they owned it
Listening to 'Naengmyun' in the winter gave a completely different feeling haha
The funny part was when Sooyoung was singing Myungsoo's part

And she suddenly hugs Fany and sang "Heya! Heya! Fire! Fire! You believe oppa right?~" haha
And Fany singing "Yeaya! Yeaya! Warning! Warning! No! No!" her gestures were so cute, I couldn't stop smiling
The outfits of the girls were white short sleeved shirts with jeans.

The white shirt was the SPAO ones where they had their own characters drawn on them haha

Then a different HaHaHa Song!
I didn't even imagine that they were going to sing this song haha
The girls were throwing paper airplanes haha
YoonA and Fany were dancing just as the lyrics said and I started laughing again after seeing that haha
They were so cute
Their fan service was getting better and better haha
Spraying water and throwing flower petals haha

And I saw Fany messing up with spraying the water and accidentally dumping it on a person haha
The other girls were so good at it

At this point the girls were really excited and running around everyone!!
And in the middle Sica just openly states, "I forgot the lyrics!" haha
The girls were wearing Ugg boots
Seohyun was wearing a dark green, Sunny and Sooyoung were wearing purple, YoonA was wearing blue, Yuri was wearing a grey one
Sica and Fany were wearing pink ones and Taeyeon was wearing a sky blue one and I can't seem to remember what color Hyoyeon had on...
Fany was in the middle holding light sticks that the fans handed to her and was running around holding them haha

It seemed as if Fany and Yuri were the best at fan service! Oh and YoonA too!

The song came to an end and the girls said things like, "It's a sea of pink~ Are you having fun? How did you guys get here~"
Then Taeyeon's statement was the best
"Everyone~ You're hot right? You're hot right?! Our feet are sweating~ haha"

When she said, "You're hot right?" twice, I thought they were going to sing 'Let's Dance' haha
but saying, "Our feet are sweating" hahaha
Fany threw her arms over Taeyeon's shoulder and said while smiling, "Why did you tell them that~"

And Taeyeon started bowing in apologies and Fany started bowing alongside her haha
When Sooyoung said, "Why did they give us Ugg boots~ They could have sent us on stage barefoot" was epic haha
Then Taeyeon went on to say, "I'm so happy about the unexpected number of fans and the really loud cheers. Thanks for all your love and support" haha
"If there is a beginning, there must be an end right? This is reallly the last song~"
but Sooyoung went ahead and spoiled it by saying, "We might come out again if you call us~" haha
Taeyeon went ahead with the real finishing comment of, "Since we had you all excited and jumping, now we'll try to calm you guys down."
"Should we all create an emotional atmosphere then? We'll be singing 'Complete'~"
I was thinking, 'The really emotional part is going to start now' haha

The anticipated 'Complete'!
They were all singing calmly then all of a sudden the girls gathered in a circle in the middle and it seemed as if they were praying.
Then when the music started up again, Sunny was crying and the other girls were trying to cheer her up..
Then getting emotional again at the climax of the song T-T
All of the girls were teary-eyed...
At the end they all went back to the main stage and lined up to bow to the audience.
When they started walking back in, Yuri started to cry and Sooyoung led her off the stage while trying to calm her down

But we started screaming "Encore" again after listening to what Sooyoung had said~
Then all of a sudden "Baby~ Baby~ Baby~" started blasting in the stadium haha
The real last song, 'Baby Baby'~ Baby Baby!
The girls seemed really free on this song too. Running about everywhere on the stage haha
Taeyeon and Sunny were running around together and Taeng kissed Sunny on the cheeks as if she was trying to cheer her up haha
Fany and Sica got emotional again and their faces turned red..
And Taeyeon was running around in the middle of the stage by herself and let off one of her Taeng adlibs in the middle of the extended stage~
At the end the girls called the staff and the dancers up on the stage to say goodbye together
but Yuri and Fany were still off at the other end of the stage and Taeyeon was calling out to them to hurry up! haha
And seeing Fany and Yuri running across listening to Taeng haha
And running around to either ends of the stage shaking people's hands
Yuri and Sica would not let go of each other's hands haha
And YoonA was running with a light up hairband, from who knows where she got it haha
On the left end of the extended stage, the girls were taking pictures with the staff members
and when Fany saw this she ran over next to Taeyeon but the flash went off before she got there
Fany's angry face was so cute haha
Then they really gathered at the main stage to say their real goodbyes~ Thanks~ thank you~ haha
Sica with her arm over Yuri's shoulder made me think of Sergeant Sic once again haha
Thanks to all the fans from far overseas~ Thank you Thank you~ over and over again
Then running around on the stage once more haha
All of the girls were gathered on the main stage except Yuri and Sica.
So the girls were yelling out, "Tardy! Tardy!" and urging them to hurry up haha
They said their last goodbye, with a loud "Thank You~" haha

"One, two, three~ Thank You!"
"Bye bye~ Bye bye~"
"Be careful on your way home"
"We're really done! Annyeong~"
"It's really cold outside, everyone is going to catch a cold"
"You'll be back next time right? Promise~"
"I won't mess up on the choreography tomorrow so come again tomorrow!"
"Did you have fun?! aigoo~ haha"
The girls were really concerned about the fans

And finally they said along with the fans.
Right now is SNSD
From here on out is SNSD
Forever SNSD! and the concert ended~

Sica's last comment about how everyone has to be careful on their way home haha

When the girls were getting off the stage, Yuri had a regretful expression.
She couldn't decide whether to get off the stage of not haha
Until another member dragged her away haha

It was an amazing concert~


Translated by: k_Taevid @ Soshified

[MESSAGE] SNSD's Paper Airplane Letter Translations~

19 December 2009 - 09:58 AM


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It's the first time I've sang this much.. ^^
But instead of my throat hurting from singing, my condition is just getting better! (Really!)
First off.. Tomorrow. I wish that our concert tomorrow will be successful!
Expect a lot from us Sones!
So tired... I'm going to hurry up and go shower T-T
My pinky toe hurts so much..
-Taengoo, exhausted after rehersals.


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Girls' Generation 1st Concert! Into The New World!
I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as the efforts we put int practicing.
The memories that we share together!
Keep them without forgetting!
SNSD = Sone !! Pink Balloon! Love you~


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We are~ SNSD!
Our first concert that I've been dreaming of is finally starting tomorrow!
My heart was beating just from the thoughts of seeing the sea of pink...
What if I get a heartattack tomorrow from this.. haha
I made so many mistakes during practice because I was so nervous.. Even if I make mistakes, you guys have to just ignore it!
Kyah~ It's tomorrow!
Lovely Sones~ I'll see you soon!
To me Sones are.. the most.. the best.. people!


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"Soong, Yoong, Hyo, Hyun, Taeng, Yul, Sic, Tif, Sun!
Today is supposed to be blizzard warning.. How are the fans from far away supposed to go home T-T
Be careful on your way home! Thanks for coming!
Sones, Love you always~
This is now.. SNSD!"


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SNSD Yuri~
We are practicing for the one dream that all 9 of us shared.
Just thinking of how this giant stadium will be filled with a pink sea..
My heart is already thumping and beating.. nervous and hopeful, I'm getting emotional~
Actually.. we've been practicing a lot for the past few days and my throat and feet are hurting...
but when I think of the special time that we will have with our Sones, I'm fine! Gotta be brave!
I.. can't wait!
Sone.. those who love SNSD.. Thank you and Love you~


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Hi. Guess who I am~
Im Seargent Sic... Sica~!!
The time now is 2.33AM...!!
Tomorrow gonna be our 1st Asia solo concert
no! Its today~
Aigoo~ I'm so nervous
We've done many prepartion even though we didn't have much time
Let's have fun!
(Just in case) we make mistakes.. just ignore it!


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I will sing of your love and justice.
To you O Lord, I will sing praise!
Psalm 101:1

To think we've come this far
Thank you Lord, members, Sones, everyone that I love


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Right now, It is December 19th, 4AM..
just finished the rehearsal..wow >_<
this is soo tiring T_T.. calf..my calf..
hehehe >_<
(Today is our first rehearsal! Oh yeaa~>_<..I want to write more on this, but I'm too tired ..bye bye!! Muhehehe >.

[FAN ACCNT] Yuri at Sica's Birthday Party

21 April 2009 - 12:08 PM

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As soon as Sica appears, Yuri runs over and hugs her.
Yuri sings and sprays fake snow on her and Sica starts to run away with Yuri chasing her..
it was like a scene from Love Story
Yuri makes a cake mustache on Sica's face.
As each member toasts, Yuri says "Thank you Sica's parents.."
As soon as Yuri finishes speaking, they bring their faces close to each other...!
The two is together the whole time as the other members are speaking. No sign of even letting each other go.
When Sica was cutting the cake with Sooyoung, Yuri's face was... you had to be there..
When Sooyoung and Sica were going on and on about marrying and kissing, Yuri's face was... yeah..
During the last photosession, Yuri comes to the middle and stands along side Sica.


Translation: k_Taevid @ soshified.com

[OTHERS] Jung Ryeowon's Cyworld Message about Yoona & Tiffany

28 March 2009 - 06:51 AM

Soy found this i guess on her usual stalker routine :p haha jk

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*I believe the japanese characters that Kim Jihong wrote says "Kawaii" but correct me if im wrong :p
**So-yeon is an actress/artist.. just a footnote for those who confuse So-yeon for Seohyun xD

Translated by : k_Taevid @ Soshified.com