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In Topic: [06.11.11] SMTown 2nd Concert and Press Conference

11 June 2011 - 07:43 PM

im happy for you to experience that hahahaha

and OMG what make me even more jealous coz it's YULTI GYAAAAAAAAAAAAA *dies*
aish otp with hearts just <33333333

In Topic: [OTHER] Various Japanese Celebrity Blogs - SNSD

14 September 2010 - 09:33 AM

LOOOL JETI now official the "SAMA" one in snsd huh?! HAHAAHAH
That girl so cute XD XD XD

Love how she kept saying "Tiffany-sama.....Tiffany-sama.....Tiffany-sama" LOL

lol she's asking if it's gross cause obsessing over fany keke
dont worry we all obsessed over Fany-Sama ^_^

In Topic: [OTHER] Osawa Akane's Blog - Our latest chats

27 June 2010 - 12:57 PM

lol ooooh she's from that project group Tomboy
wow another fangirl hahaha
i bet she's Taeyeon fangirl, since she said "LUCKY" after getting her poster lol

In Topic: [OTHER] Chorlotte's Kazuno's Blog - Skateboarding

27 June 2010 - 09:41 AM

LOL wow
heard this name before
but never really watch their mv or heard their songs
nice we got a fanboy

i think i need to google him hahaha
want to know what he look like

In Topic: [OTHER] Katsuta Rino's Blog - PINO Diary

17 June 2010 - 05:21 PM

Mmhh... xDDD I'll try to say it in a PG version of the report I read: this girl went to an AKB concert and said that the wota were very... exicted... not in a good way.
Consider also that akb girls are usually VERY young and you got the picture :/

MMh you know Korean and Japanese audience are quite different. Japanese girls group are almost always followed by extremelly dedicated and in some cases creepy male fanclubs and this sometimes makes impossible for them to have a real girls fanbase
I have the feeling that Korean fandoms in more equilibrated in terms of gender in they fanclubs.
A lot of boys follow boybands and a lot of girls follow girlsbands
This is rare for female idols groups in Japan. A lot of girls are ashamed to say they like groups like Momusu and akb because there's no strong female presence in those fanclubs ^^
That's why I'm SO happy females idols in Japan are expressing their love for SNSD and that I hope more girls will gento into them ^^
They may actually be the idols group that can create a bridge between male and female fans in the girls group scene ^^

oh man @_@ i dont want to imagine it lol XD

yeah i also hope snsd can be create the bridge between male and female fans
atleast with many fangirls around the boys will think twice before doing smth inappropriate

in korea esp the latest DC perf i saw LOTS Girls Sones and im happy seeing that also at their concerts

this is why i dont want snsd to become like j-idols girlgroup when they're in japan
i want them to be considered as SERIOUS artist eventho later on they will go to some variety shows
but when it comes to music i hope ppl see their talents and skill