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In Topic: [MESSAGE] Happy 5th Anniversary To Girls' Generation/소녀시대

04 August 2012 - 06:32 AM

Girls' Generation 5th Anniversary!

What can I say?Time really pass by very fast.It's already been 5 years you debuted,and 5 years of success.

I still remember watching your variety shows when I was still in primary school,and how I would laugh like a mad person.One of the reason why I started liking this group is because I really felt that your variety shows were very interesting and funny.

Of course,not forgetting your songs that I really enjoy listening to.It did take me quite some time to really appreciate korean songs at first,but I grew to love it after some time.

Another thing that amazes me is your teamwork.On and off cameras,you do seem to mantain a good relationship with each other.You can say that I'm bias,you can say that I'm ignorant,but I have to say that some things just cannot be acted out.

I'll start of with each member.

Taeyeon-Forever Sones' kid leader.Though you became mature and lost your baby fats in your cheeks,in my eyes,you still look like a little kid,in a good way. XD

Jessica-Though I never really liked you a lot until about 2010,I still admire you a lot.Underneath that cold mask of yours,you're actually quite a funny person.

Sunny-I have to admit,I didn't like your hairstyle ever since you cut your hair short.However,I still remember the cute actions you did in the past.Grow back your hair soon okay? :P

Tiffany-What should I say?I have already written what I wanted to say in your birthday letter.I'll just write a bit more than.Your personality is still what I admire most about you.I probably admire you the most on the group,not that I don't admire the rest,but I still admire you the most.You're beautiful inside,out,stay that way okay?

Hyoyeon-I can only say-Your dancing is marvelous!I just find it said that SM hardly gives you the chance to showcase your talent,that is,until dancing with the stars.Amazing,that's all I can say.

Yuri-OMG Yuri Unnie!You became my third all of a sudden this two months.I have no idea why though.I miss the times when you would do those dorky,funny dances.I hope to see you showcase those 'moves' again!

Sooyoung-You look amazing in Paparazzi.Honestly.One thing I love about you is your funny imitations of random things or people.You haven't been doing that since 2010?Maybe it's because you have to mantain the mature image.Either way,you're still the same Sooyoung I admire,and I'll accept you the way you are right now.

Last but not least,Seohyun-Soshi's innocent maknae.You changed a lot.I have to say.You became less innocent and more confident.Remember the times when you used to say how awkward you look when you wink?Look at you right now,you wink even more times than Taeyeon.It's a good thing,but I still prefer the innocent image you had in the past.

There,I'm done with the individual short messages.Now for the whole group:

Thank you so much for making me smile and laugh unknowingly.I really love you girls a lot and I hope that you will be able to continue to stay as a team until you disband.But I do hope that it'll not come soon.I don't wish to see Girls' Generation end just yet.

Even after you disband,I believe it'll not be easy to forget you because you made a huge impact in the Entertainment industry,not only in Korea,but also in other parts of the world.

Even after you disband,I believe that you'll still mantain contact with each other.You're always be Girls' Generation in my eyes and heart.

Right now it's Girls' Generation,
Tomorrow it's Girls' Generation,
Forever it's Girls' Generation!

지금은 소녀시대,
앞으로도 소녀시대,
영원히 소녀시대!


I love Girls' Generation!!!!!!