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#3694273 [TIFFANY] Tiffany on Soshified Shoutbox 2011-04-15

Posted by unholy.D on 15 April 2011 - 03:34 AM

Fany :(06:38:27 PM)hiii soshified(: loooooonnggg time<3

Fany :(06:38:48 PM)i missed you alllllll :(

Fany :(06:39:47 PM)wanted to say thankyou on behalf the girls the games are absolutely adorable!! & we were growing our boyfriend until our 숙소이모 thought it was trash :( we were so devestated !!!!!!

Fany : (06:40:50 PM)ive been checkin in secretly(; didnt wanna cause too much trouble ._. i love the whole fashion page

Fany :(06:41:48 PM)WE ALL MISS YOU TOO :(

Fany :(06:42:02 PM)LETS ALL PRAY FOR JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fany :(06:43:08 PM)mister taxi is aweeeeeessssoooommmeee~!!!! soones are gonna LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE it !!!

Fany :(06:43:25 PM)i cant wait for it to be out too


Fany :(06:45:33 PM)feel better everyone :( atleast the weathers getting warmer! i loove it :D

Fany :(06:45:59 PM)just TY (:

Fany :(06:46:12 PM)ill tell her you guys say hii~ :D

Fany :(06:46:21 PM)TY is taeyeon fyi ahahahahaha

Fany :(06:47:06 PM)TY & i & SUNNY are usually bums we alwayss stay home -_-

Fany :(06:49:55 PM)ill tell jess you guys say happybirhtday*(:

Fany :(06:50:55 PM)*HUGS*

Fany :(06:51:27 PM)i am not dieting! i eat like 5 times a day!!!! -_-

Fany :(06:52:17 PM)hahahhaaha see i told you i cause trouble ;P

Fany :(06:52:32 PM)i am becoming shikshin#3….

Fany :(06:52:51 PM)yoona&ieat like every 2 hours when were working -_-…. my managers get tired of buying food soo frequently hahahahahahah

Fany : (06:54:24 PM) jess isnt here ;; sorry hahahah

Fany : (06:55:39 PM) TY is in her room~~

Fany : (06:56:48 PM) hahahah Noooo SILLYS! i am not in TYS room

Fany : (06:57:43 PM) im running outta batteries ill be back sooooooon soo dont worry(: love you all~

Fany : (06:58:56 PM) [ if anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all. mark9:35 ] REMEMBER TO ALL PRAY FOR JAPAN ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fany : (06:59:44 PM) oh right i have black hair again :P

Fany : (07:00:02 PM) supposed to be a secret!

Fany : (07:01:01 PM) tiffany is crazy for phillipines too (; BYE EVERYONE HUGSSSSSSS* &SQUEEEEEEZE;till your eyes feel like popping out :D!!!!!! MUAH

Woohhoo all her replies
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