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#4608209 [12.09.11] SNSD Concert in Singapore 1st Night

Posted by heartsSNSDforever on 09 December 2011 - 10:47 AM

Ohmygosh. I'm super tired right now after returning from the concert with a super hoarse voice but still in the spazzy mood.
I went to Singapore Indoor Stadium at about 7pm after meeting my friend at the mrt station and before entering the hall, I was loitering around and I saw a boy dancing to The Boys in the street and everyone was cheering for him!
And it was really awesome :D. Then a girl joined in and trust me, their performance was amazing. :D

Anw to the concert.

I was seating at T15 Row 18 while my friend was seating at T14 Row 18 and we're only separated by 1 seat and stairs so I asked the person who was seating beside me if he would mind to changed seats with my which he didn't and was instead super generous and just agreed. Thank you if you are reading this cause I saw that you had the SSF Bundle! and was a TaeGanger from your light stick :D.

Before the concert started, there was a tent in the middle of the front stage which look super weird, which was infact a surprise! :D
The mosh pit was quite squeeze-y but I could see many wearing the SPAO Hat and holding foam hearts.
Ps. The concert had advertisement at the wide screen and it showed the videos on Kallang Wave, SECRET GARDEN KISS SCENE, F&N and Samsung Commercial and there was a crowd of people at Pen C that would go Woo~ every time the commercial turned on XD.
The terrance seat looked really empty prior the concert and there was barely any light stick.

Things however changed when the lights started dimming. It was basically a pinkish ocean. The SSF Light stick were glittery pink while the official light stick was a light pink colour. And the mix of both of the color was awesome.

Starting 1st was GENIE!
The tent which I mentioned earlier now look really different with the lights shining on it. Then on, all the SONEs were waving their light sticks as the top of the tent rised and the walls lowered down into a stairs for our girls :D It was a really awesome entrance.
Genie was really really awesome and shockingly, the fan chants was quite clear :D.

PS. I'm really sleepy right now so I'll write about the few performance that really impressed me regardless of the order. REALLY SORRY!

The Boys really had a super HUGE impact on me. You guys know how awesome it was? At the start of the song, screams were like super loud but surprising stopped when Jessica's part was coming. THAT'S RIGHT! 'GG' was SUPER DUBER UBER Loud and Clear, followed by T.R.X. and the following fan chants.

Just when I thought it wouldn't get any louder, GEE CAME ON AND GUESS WHAT? THE FAN CHANT were soooo LOUD that the security at my area got shocked at our volume XD. It was sooo awesome. Jessica was holding her mic towards the mosh pit to hear them sing the 'my angels and sunshine' part :D!

Jessica's solo was really really really impressive. She started out by playing the piano and singing but the super duber highlight of the solo was her DRESS! it was really long and gorgeous but because it was long, the dress kind of dragged some confetti along XD

Hyoyeon was the first to have her solo by performing Don't Stop The Music by Rihanna. She did extremely well and her dancing was really something that you wouldn't want to miss out!

OFC you couldn't leave out the super AWESOME Lady Marmalade by TAENY! :D Taeyeon was super gorgeous and so was Tiffany and their vocals was really :OOOOOOO. I can really die w/o regrets after hearing this song!

Hahaha, NaengMyun, Hoot and Mr Taxi was equally awesome but what was awesome was the encore.

When the concert kind of ended all the SONEs was shouting So Nyuh Shi Dae! continued by ENCORE! and finally Let's Go Soshi Let's Go!

Which SOSHI came out and guess what? THEY PERFORMED INTO THE NEW WORLD! The performance was priceless and equally as awesome as their debut.

HIMNAE is one of my favorite song so when it started during the encore, I was really really really happy and was all spazzy XD.

For the blocks T14-T08, Sooyoung , Hyoyeon and Sunny came really often into our side and I was really happy that Sunny was looking at my row @ my block and pretty sure she had eye contact with me (Might be my own delusional thinking XD. I would like to assume it that way) so I was like SUNNY JJANG! XD
Hyoyeon was super sweet and kept doing hearts at our block which we really really went all spazzy about!
Ocassionally, Yoona and Sica would come by and wave at us.
Tiffany was also really cute when she pouted and said she didn't want to end the show :D
There was also some Taeny moments when Tiffany was talking on stage! and HyoSun was also high that Hyoyeon started to wave and Sunny did it with her XD.
When asked how Hyoyeon feels, she did her sexy wave dance! And Yuri was all like spazzy in KOREAN! XD

There was also a part when Sooyoung and Tiffany shook and held hands in the main stage which was super CUTE!!
YoonHyun and Yulti also happens occasionally XD
Ps. I think there was a part where Yuri danced wrongly and Jessica was smiling at her! YULSIC ROYAL FAMILY! :DDDD

The Child was awesome with the boats moving about and them in the boat singing. AWESOMNESS!

Now that I remember Sunny, She did her FAMOUS C.C.P XD Which however we reacted super positive to! XD

Taeyeon's DEVIL CRY was super awesome and the flames from the stage effect was really adding to the awesomeness of her vocals!

The Bow they did at the end of the concert was really really really sincere and Taeyeon was still bowing when all the members already got up! They kept thanking the SONEs when infact it should be us to thank them! :D
Tiffany also said she will come back if she have a chance :DDDDDD

The intervals videos was very interesting. There was one about a sad story to set the mood for a ballad, a spy-like one for Run Devil Run, a SHINEE featuring one which was really funny!
Key was the lead character and I think he won a ticket to GG Concert so he starting hallucinating that GG are surrounding him like for example when Sunny wipe his mouth and Taeyeon feeding him it was just 2 girls staring at him, When Tiffany drive past and wave to him but infact was an Ahjussi scolding him for crossing the road blindly.

Now for the complain part. You can ignore this if you want to!

It was a really unforgettable experience. You would never regret going to one of their concert. The effort they put in is so overwhelming that you would have a mix of feelings of touched and spazzy.

Thanks for reading and I know I am really really bad at describing so I apologize. XD

Songs Performed by SOSHI on the 1st Night
3.Mr taxi Korean version
4.I'm In Love With The Hero
5.Let It Rain Korean Version
6.Kissing You
8.Snowy Wish
9.Dont Stop The Music - Hyoyeon [solo]
10.Almost - Jessica [solo]
11.Three - Sunny [solo]
12.Lady Marmalade - Tiffany Taeyeon [solo]
13.The Great Escape
14.Bad Girl
15.Run Devil Run
16.Beautiful Stranger
17.The Boys Eng ver
19.If - Yuri [solo]
20.Sway - Sooyoung [solo]
21.Stuff Like That - Seohyun [solo]
22.4Minutes - Yoona [solo
23.Danny Boy
25.My Child
30.Into The New World [encore]
31.Way To Go [encore]
32.Its Fantastic [encore]

Song List CR to Kim Taeyeon Fan Page on FB
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