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In Topic: Happy Third Anniversary To Girls' Generation/소녀시대

08 August 2010 - 08:25 PM

wow.. it's been three years since your debut already!

comparing Into The New World, Girls' Generation, Gee, Genie, Oh and Run Devil Run, i could see how much you girls matured and improved in these three years.
still, your songs never fail to amaze every time:D and i think that many SONEs feel the same way too!
take Gee for example. its the only song that held its #1 spot on KBS Music Bank for 9 consecutive weeks, and on M.Net's M!Countdown's for 8 weeks.
i bet everyone remembers the "Gee Wave" that swept throughout the whole world. that song totally REWROTE history. AND WHO SANG IT? SNSD:D
this is the reason why SNSD deserve their title as the top K-Pop girl group^^
of course, life has been filled with up and downs for the 9 of you, from your packed schedules to crazy anti-fans.
but never once did you girls complain, and on every reality show, you girls are always seen with bright smiles on your faces even though you really feel like sleeping:P
although you girls are already at the top of the K-Pop world, you never stop learning, and continue to work hard despite your fame and recognition around the world.
that's what i love about you all (:
SNSD fighting! i wish you girls all the best in your tours and concerts, and have fun in japan:D REALLY REALLY looking forward to your debut single!

now time for a little fangirling! hahaha:D

Kim TaeYeon:
ah, byuntaeng the kid leader! your dorky attitude never fails to crack me up everytime^^ i like how you're always caring about your members (: but you act really childish at the same time! LOL. your voice is really awesome! love it TO THE MAX:D stay faithful to Tiffany okay! TAENY FTW~!

Jessica Jung:
the ice princess with the "sica effect"! everytime that happens, i'll start laughing:P its seriously funny to see how the mood changes with one word from you! and its amazing how much you hate cucumbers and start screaming when you see them^^ you're supposed to be sergeant sica, not the "dolphin scream-er"^^ you look fab with your blonde hair:D love it!

Sunny Lee:
Sunny Bunny! you're undoubtedly the aegyo queen in SNSD! your puppy dog eyes are so cuuteeee:D "I'm going to be an 'adult idol' from now on! Open your chest!" i laughed so hard when you said this:P but sunny ah, stay cute and funny okay? i love you this way most (: and stop being such a gaming addict:/ hahaha! kidding kidding^^

Tiffany Hwang:
our one and only mushroom! your eyesmile really brightens up my day:D and i really really REALLY love your voice! there was so much emotion in the words when you sang "By Myself", and although i didn't know the meaning, i cried listening to it. you're the most hardworking member, yet you're also the one that most of the antis direct their hate to. despite all this, you're always seen with a bright smile. that's what i love about you, Tiffany Hwang (:

Kim HyoYeon:
SNSD's dancing queen! your dance moves are the best^^ no competition yeah! everytime there's an MV with you solo dancing, i'll go "WOAAHHH." haha:D

Kwon Yuri:
brighter than pearls! you win the "hottest body award" hands down^^ you're always so hyper and dorky:P can't imagine that you're such a big Mickey Mouse fan o_o and you're an awesome dancer too! second to Hyo:P i love how you and yoona call yourself "YoonYul" on hello baby^^ scratch that, i'm supposed to be a YulSic shipper! Kwon Seobang ah, stay loyal to your Sica baby:D YULSIC IS REAL ♥

Choi SooYoung:
shikshin! stop eatinggg:P hahaha! you and Sica should go for an eating competition sometimes:P i'd totally kill for your leg line:P *jealous*

Im YoonA:
Him YoonA! you're the face of SNSD^^ only you can pull off the alligator smile and end up looking pretty:D so mean of you and Sica to scam your other members:P especially Tiffany! she tried both your kimbap and Sica's sandwiches! continue to excel in acting:D and fight with Yonghwa for Seohyun okayyyy:D

Seo Juhyun:
the innocent maknae! you're so pure that it hurts (: you look really pretty in all the MVs^^ hmm, should you be with YongHwa or YoonA? i can't decide:P

In Topic: Twitter Trends (1)

23 July 2010 - 07:55 AM

taeyeon came to singapore?! omgomgomg i didn't know!
but i think she should let her enjoy her family time:/
it's hard for her to have a break with her tight schedules.
fans should think about that first before STALKING her.
but still, taeyeon's really well-loved her in singapore:D
so they got excited cos it's the first time one of SNSD came here^^
hopefully they'll choose to come to singapore for their concert!
but it's kinda small._.


23 July 2010 - 07:41 AM

fany's so active on ssf:D that's so sweeeet~
hopefully i'll be able to see one of the snsd members on sbox!