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In Topic: [ARTICLE] SNSD's 10 Secrets

08 October 2010 - 07:00 PM

Since there are only 5 rooms they were divided as follows: “Yoona (20) & Yuri (20)”, “Jessica (21) & Sooyoung (21)”, “Hyoyeon (21) & Seohyun (19)”, “Sunny (21) and Taeyeon (21)” and “Tiffany (21)”. (Korean Music Staff)

Yuri's age and Sooyoung's age is swiched :laugh:

2. The order of morning showers…

Although you could say, the late riser is regularly Jessica. She’s always the girl in charge of cleaning up (Haha)” (Korean female reporter)

hahaha,,no wonder Jessica always in charge for cleaning up because she always wake up late

4. A routine that strengthens their bond!

One of SNSD’s charms is that they dance powerfully and perfectly together. In order to increase their bond, it’s routine that they hold each others’ hands and talk for 5 minutes every day.

ahh that's why their bond is amajjing!Soshi 9 ever!!!

6. Spending time with members on the holidays

One time, the girls went to an amusement park with no make-up on and fans took tons of pictures of Sunny, Hyoyeon, Jessica and Tiffany. Their company got angry and told them, “Next time you go out on a trip, wear make-up!” (Haha)”

There are also days when the members bond and go to bars together. Tiffany disclosed this on a Korean TV program, “The members who are the worst drunks are Sooyoung and Jessica. Sooyoung becomes hot-tempered and Jessica becomes a “telephone demon” (Haha)”

:lolol: i know about Sooyoung in Winwin but i don't know about Jessica,,,gyaa Soosica's drunk habit

8. Jessica’s “troubling” habit

We even considered filing a police report, but once we searched the house again, we found her with a toothbrush in one hand sleeping in the bathtub. (Haha)”

WOOW she's true sleepyhead!! :lolol:

On their days off, she can sleep for more than 16 hours.

o mai GOD it almost a day!!!if with the others than the member, maybe they would think that she's died :lolol:

9. ”Leader” Taeyeon’s troubles

“When Taeyeon sleeps, she solves math problems. Even though she’s alone she greets someone. In the middle of the night she would also start using her phone, it was scary.”

these things are in Star Golden Bell,,btw Sooyoung has bad sleeping habits too :laugh:

At the end of last year, Taeyeon appeared on the variety program “Strong Heart” and confessed, “I’m retiring from being leader. I’m a timid person, so I can’t lead.”
At night, during our “discussions” the fellow members criticized me, so I locked myself in my room.
“Because of that, our group decided we wouldn’t have a leader, so right now we don’t have a leader.”

i think Taeyeon still being the leader Leader Taeyeon because Taeyeon is the best leader!!go Taengoo!!!

10. Pranks are Yuri’s hobbies

Kkab Yuri!!I like Yuri so much if she start to make a joke or pranks other member,,she's hilarious funny!! kekeke!

i know most of the facts,,
i hope with these facts,,SNSD will be more loved by the fans in Japan
thanks for translate and sharing it with us

In Topic: [09.04.10] Soo Young at the SMTown concert LA

05 September 2010 - 07:26 PM

thank you so much for your story and the video
youre so jjang :thumbup:
wah you're so lucky you can see the concert
ahh~~ i wish i was there so i can scream so loud for them,espescialy for Sooyoung
thanks for sharing your experience

In Topic: Happy Third Anniversary To Girls' Generation/소녀시대

04 August 2010 - 06:38 PM

It'been 3 years since all of you 9 turn Into The New World
Bring Girl's Generation syndrome to all over the world
Give Kissing You to all people who love you so much
and makes all of our hearts Gee so much
i hope that all of you always Himnae all the time
Keep your best always in the future
and i hope SNSD can perform in Indonesia

from your new fan
proud to be S♥NE
Happy 3rd anniversary

소녀시대 fighting!!!