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Lol this was alike two and a half years ago, but you(SH&HG) were my second fanfic lol and now after reading so many fanfics your story is still one of the very best,even though I'm not a taeny shipper. sorry for being a silent reader back then.
Mar 02 2013 04:12 PM
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    Lol I also remember that when I was reading and it was a steamy scene I would be like ... cause I was still new to this pairing members together thing.
    Well I just wanted to say you are awesome.
    Mar 02 2013 04:17 PM


only started reading your Drabbles/ One-shots today (: i should really get started on SHHG but i have no time ):
please keep up with your one-shots, they're frikken amazing :D
Oct 22 2011 10:45 PM


Oh my goodness I had no idea you friended me lol. I'm so surprised because I'm actually one of your readers (silent I admit >__<) but I love your story! I had no idea you were my friend on here til I checked my profile (which I don't do often as you can tell lol) so I'm honored :). Hope all is well with you and thanks for adding me as your friend
Oct 17 2011 08:40 AM


*I've read every last comment you left on SHHG <3 Thank you for being a loyal reader! (:
Sep 08 2011 11:10 AM


Hi dear! Only saw your comment on my profile 9 days after you've commented. (kinda says how many days I haven't been on ssf) I haven't be writing lately. I'm busy with studies and my school club. I barely have time for homework, much less writing.I definitely will try to update asap.
P.S. I don't know you personally, but of course I know you! I've read...
Sep 08 2011 11:09 AM


Hi! You don't know me but I'm one of your avid readers. I just want you to know I'm waiting for an update to SHHG. I know its really hard to update when you're so busy. I loved your one shot. I hopy you can make a contribution to TaeNy 827th page celebration cause you're a favorite of mine. Thanks.
Aug 30 2011 06:36 PM


will you update SHHG soon if i promise to be a dedicated sone for my whole life? hahahaha. please update as soon as you got your inspiration! would love to read how taeny continue their lives tackling tiffany's past. =D
Jul 22 2011 03:20 AM


hey dear! omg. I miss you so much. I'll admit that I'm kinda stuck for SHHG, don't really know how to move the plot and I'm just at this total writer's block. :( 3/4 of my summer vacation is over. helppppppp!
Jul 11 2011 08:13 AM


Remember me? Because I sure do remember you and SHHG! A .pdf would be lovely btw and I'm sure all your readers would appreciate it :)
Jul 11 2011 07:49 AM


Bionic hi !!! i started to read your stories and let me tell that i fell in love with theeeeem!!! =D they are soo, sooooo SOOOO COOOOL haha XD i just have a question because i am lost at this point!! what happened after 26th chapter in Stone Hearts & Hand Grenade?? is there something more? whats next?? O_O the best of my wishes have an excellent day!
Jul 03 2011 08:32 PM