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In Topic: [MESSAGE][From. TAEYEON] ~_~

07 May 2012 - 03:59 AM

oh my goodness, i think tiffany looks freaking gorgeous here! Taengoo being as dorky as usual though ahhaha, and maknae trying to match with her umma and appa ahhahaha

In Topic: [INTERVIEW] First Japan Tour Pamphlet

27 June 2011 - 08:01 AM

The thought of seohyun eating hamburgers......is absolutely cute to the max!!!~ I think her hamburgers would look like those on advertisements, all warm and nice! She'd make a good burger model! Ha, soshi's epicness still shines~ Poor yuri, she must be so tired! Reminds me of when she fell asleep while making kimchi. Sica still spacing out as usual~ Fany and her pink haha! And taeyeon's small obsession with the penlight....oh taeyeon, its okay, i have a liking for things that emit light as well~ Sooyoung and her boat LOL! Hyo is really random and funny heheh, and sunny, poor sunny, whatever she wants to say always snatched. Yoona and her choding-ness~ awwwww love you to bits soshi <3

In Topic: [PICTURES] Soshi Travel Kit

24 March 2011 - 06:31 AM

Omg I really like what you guys have done and I am really thankful that you have done it! It is really thoughtful and i am super amazed with everything that you have gotten and prepared. Best has to be the book though, thats just Oh so sweeeet!! Hopefully soshi will feel our love for them~ though its quite obvious we love that to bits hehe. Soshified and project teams and donors and everyone, jjang!

In Topic: [FAN ACCT] Meeting Tiffany in a nail shop

11 February 2011 - 10:21 PM

Awwww, this is so nice of tiffany! Always so helpful and polite!! My my what I would give to meet her in person!! But then again, the thought of that scares me. First, i might just faint on the spot. Secondly, provided I dont faint, WHAT WOULD I SAY TO HER!! I might just end up being a silent observer who is spazzing in the corner. But i can't possibly let such a good chance go to waste! AHHH SNSD makes me crazyyyyy!!

In Topic: [PICS] Forever9: 3rd Anniversary Gifts

17 July 2010 - 10:56 PM

Soshified IS the best fansite ever!! enough said, the girls will definitely lovewhat you guys got for them, i wish i could contribute but at the moment, i am not able to do so....oh well, when im older ill definitely help you guys! right now, its girls generation, in future its also girls generation and FOREVER GIRLS GENERATION!!