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In Topic: [COMIC] Girl Band School pt. 1

16 August 2009 - 12:28 PM

Oh my gosh! This made my day. I'm laughing nonstop right now. Sunmi unnie's obsession with Taeng unnie is sooo love! She wants her to hit her butt one more time. And Sohee and Sica at the end! rofl The leaders group is the best though. I wanna see more interaction between CL and Sun&Taeng and the leaders' leader Gyuri. Thanks a bunch! Best comic ever!!!!

In Topic: [UFO] Latest UFOs mostly Jessica

21 December 2008 - 09:48 PM

Sica unnie uses video calls so she reallly changed her SCH-W270 anycall to a haptic ,i think ^^
The 1st ufo, "laugh like me" hahaha is that in the "Only You" lyrics? still cute anyway!
I love the last ufo the most!
Gah, Taengoo = a bad leader. Don't you know Soo Young is too thin and she needs to eat ?
Thanks part09box!

In Topic: [UFO] UFO Replies from Hyoyeon 11/12-13

12 November 2008 - 09:14 PM

OMG this totally made my day!!!!
So happy!
Unnie sounds timid though, i was little surprised :p
I thought unnie's replies would be hot , bold, and energetic like her dance moves ^^
Unnie, reply more, ok?
If i remember correctly, Tae unnie is the only one who has not replied to UFO messages.
Any one wants to confirm for me?
Thanks so much.
Thanks LNYKT & CATHODE **hug**

In Topic: [UFO] UFO message from Taeyeon June 10th

09 June 2008 - 06:22 PM

You are so great mama!
And of course so cute!
But, aigoo this dongseng is longing for a Flower-Deer message T__T
Hahha just joking.
Love you so, Tae unnie.
SNSD fighting!

Thanks for translating :p

In Topic: [MESSAGE] SNSD Cyworld message

29 February 2008 - 07:35 PM

Thank you very much Ak6c and Ferdiana!
I really appreciate your effort in translating these! **hug X 1 trillion times**

Ok, now comment ^^

HYO YEON unnie
1) wonder what does TY unnie wants to change
2) Ice Princess is ice princess, cold and fierce like that haha
3) I don'g get what Sunny unnie says
I think it should be "HY, Fany was at my cyworld earlier" or like that haha
4) Poor magnae being stuck between the 2 dancing queens!
5) can't stop laughing at Yuri unnie message hahahahaha~~~~~
6) you are curious, Tiff unnie ^^
7) my Yoona unnie' message is just simply love [haha such bias]
7) i don't get what you says either Soo Young unnie T__T


1) Tae Yeon is such a disgraceful Mr. Has wife Fany but still talking sweet with Sica T__T
2) all those messages below TY unnie, wonder whose are they ^^
3) HEe Chul oppa and Jess unnie are close!
4) oh gosh, Tiff unnie is not that all nice!
" i don't remember anything about you, even TaeYeon" ----> poor Ice Princess lol
5) ack ack everywhere the Big Eater power hahaha
6)Everywhere the food search Yuri lol
7) Lee Hyo Ri unni!

SEO HYUN unnie

1) game-addict Sunny!
2) Magna the news announcer of Thankful unnie Im Yoona.
Anyway, continue lol
3) again, Ice Princess is commenting other's action lol
4) give magnae a break, Tiff unnie hahaha
5) What products is SY unnie talking about?
6) 2 Dancing queens are fighting again!
7) TY unnie talks random or it's just me that kidda curious about what Pulung Plantet she is talking about haha


1) random of Mr. Tiff lol
2) what a warm message of SUng Min ooppa for SY unnie! Hope SY unnie will come back. Sunny can do an Ageyo show of her own ^^
3) haha Yoona unnie! May i apply your line from now on to those who ask me why I'm "like that" lol
And, i would not be mad if you decide to betray SY unnie because she is just violent! haha j/k please don't!
4) Random Yuri unnie!
5) cute message of magnae!
6) haha cute message of Tiff unnie!
7) haha financial power! thanks HY unnie for sharing the secret of SY unnie! hoho
and I love the nick In Charge of Morning Kim Hyo Yeon <3
8) who is park ji hun? ^^

SUNNY unnie
1) haha being violent again, you SY unnie!
2) hahaha can' stop laughing at TAe unnie message. Gosh, Tae unnie is growing on me again for so long :p
3) Oh my gosh, it's uncle LSM! he is said to be a wicked person but he is nice here **hug**
4) magnae the game mate!
5) oppa Sung Min is definitely a caring person!
5) what was Tiff unnie saying? **scratching head**
6) random Yuri!
7) haha poor Fany. but what do you have to study unnie!
8) haha Yoona unnie is so nice.
but i guess because she is scared of Sunny unnie otherwise she would force her to buy it lol
9) oh my gosh, Ice Princess is using Ageyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TAE YEON unnie!

1) foxy Choi Soo Young! haha
2) haha i know it's just the matter of time. "Taeny or Taengsic? decide on one!
3) same backgroun? uhhhmmmm....
4) Please stop disturbing my unnie's sleeping, TY unnie! And, YOona randomness, hooray!
5) oh wow, congrats unnie! Your idol man is here!
6) hic you really want everyone to know about Taeny marriage, don't you Tiff unnie! lol
7) the food must have been all gone otherwise Yuri unnie is not asking people to play with her!
8) oh wow, Sunny unnie replies the 2cm message!
9) sweet magae!

TIFF unnie

1) HY unnie must mean dancing lesson. Yes, stop making mistakes FAny! lol
2) you are switching role with tiff unnie huh TY unnie? why wife? T__T
3) The message start with "unnie" must be of SEo Hyun unnie.
4) lol at Jess unnie's message! Look like Tiff unnie is using Ageyo to ask for some favor and she can't stand it haahaha
5) Our ageyo characters overlap! ack ack this line is killing me, God hahahahahahahahah!!!!!
6) another randomness of Yuri unnie :p
7) haha Soo Young unnie's message must be written after the SGB SNSD special ^^
8) i guess Magnae ran to the YoonSooTae bedroom and keen on sleeping over haha!
9) oppa JJM! huhu i can't believe it! Why don't you visit Yoona unnie's page?
For those who don't know, oppa JJM is my obsession ^^
10) BoA unnie! Wow, Tiff unnie is loved by everyone muahhhh

YOONA unnie <3 [sorry for being a bias ^^]

1) sweet Daddy and Daughter :D
2) oh my gosh, I'm dying off laughter!
"JooHyun, i think a shcedule just came up. Tell the unnies I'm going to be coming home late" --> i thought it was for real, but it seems like i'm wrong. Yoona was making excuse to stay out and not have to wash the dishes, based on the reply of magnae. you are wicked too, unnie i have to say **rolling on the floor laughing**
3) haha mother TY notices that her 2 big eater daughters are competing lol!!!!
4) another one!
the reason Yoona unnie left the message "what if i was born that way?" on SY unnie page was because SY unnie complained that why is her face growing whereas Yoona unnie's is not. ahaha the nick Traitor, too lolololo
5) i'm wrong again! Yoona unnie was playing when she said that if Sunny unnie does not want to buy rice cakes for her then don't, it's all ok, because actually she knew Sunny unnie woul definitely buy them, for she was holding Sunny unnie's hostage
6) oh wow oppa Mithra Choi Jin! <3<3<3
7) seems like you are sharing your feelings with Yoona unnie, Jess unnie <3
8) haha because HY and Yuri unnies are rivals, HY unnie asks Yoona unnie to practice new dance routines with her instead of Yuri, a dancing queen also lol
9) ack ack the most irritating person ever!
"You are too pretty" but calls herself "Prettiest Kwon Yuri" T__T*
* = broke into tears...because of laughing so hard**
10) why are you talking so formally, Tiff unnie?! ^^