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In Topic: [OTHERS] What It Means To Be a SONE

18 October 2011 - 01:39 AM

This post got me teary-eyed. I can relate with this one. Cause my Mom always tell me that SNSD can't help me to be successful. Seriously? But being a SoWeon is my life. Girls' Generation is my inspiration.

It's an honor for me to be part of this fandom.
It's an honor for me to know SO NYEO SHI DAE.
It's an honor for me, that my life existence belongs to SNSD.

"If you will be SNSD next life, so will I be a SONE."

Jigeumeun, Apeurodo, Yeongweohi... So Nyeo Shi Dae~

Right now, Tomorrow, Forever... Girls' Generation~

Proud S♥NE. :)