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[DVD] 2011 Girls' Generation Tour

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Posted 21 July 2014 - 12:22 AM

This concert DVD turned me from a fan to a sone but it's not perfect

Where do i start ... I think I'll start with the Cons to end on a good note

The song selection for the non SNSD songs is very hit or miss .... Danny Boy , Sway ,If and Almost blended into the rest of the playlist perfectly and almost sounded like SNSD own songs but Lady Marmalade and Three stuck out like a sore thumb

If SNSD was about this wholesome and pure image .... why have songs about very adult subject matter ... i'm not a prude and they were sung well ... It just took me out of the immersion of the whole SNSD experience .. those 2 song would have been better on the Girls & Peace tour DVD where the playlist was more mature/sexy in theme  

The worse song/spot was the whole Don't Stop The Music / Hyoyeon dance number .... I understand wanting to show off Hyoyeon's dance skills ... but couldn't they do it to one of there own songs .. it was just awful

Now the Pros

I stated that this DVD turned me into a sone and here is why ... I didn't get the difference between " fan " and "sone " for the first 4 or 5 months of being a member of Soshi .. with fans saying the girls are more human then most artist , they are down to earth , they are humble and on and on ... i was seriously mocking the sones at the time ... i just didn't get it

This DVD changed my way of thinking ... The Music ( Well good ) is not what makes this DVD great ... This DVD is all about the Relationship between the fans and SNSD ( When Jessica broke down in tears and the end of complete and all the girls stayed teary eye for the next 2 songs after that was honestly the best SNSD moment for me )  

So i can go into Audio , Video and all that jazz ... but really that stuff doesn't matter with this DVD

This tour DVD is like a documentary of the relationship between Sones and SNSD and it's great

If your looking for the best of SNSD musically get the Girls and Peace DVD tour .... there is alot of non SNSD songs on here that sometimes seem outta place with the theme they were going for at the time

If your willing to overlook the flaws in the playlist ... then you will find no greater example of the Sone / SNSD Relationship  


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