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waahh...i think its been a while i saw u? haha
Nov 12 2011 08:46 PM
  • kamexturtle's Photo
    Ur not screwed. Is it that bad, did she move over e or something
    Nov 17 2011 08:54 AM
  • bluppy's Photo
    no..we kind of in different country right now..I kept on getting into a fight with her..U must be thinking this drama person is now having his own drama in his life..haha
    Nov 18 2011 03:08 AM
  • kamexturtle's Photo
    lol no i dont think that, will try not to get into to much fight, even tho i dont know what the problem is, cuz right now since u guys are so far away u shouldnt cause much problem
    Nov 18 2011 02:59 PM