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@  cinderella@y... (01:52:53 AM) sleepy time
@  cinderella@y... (01:41:52 AM) @ Warhawk : zzzzz
@  Warhawk (12:18:25 AM)


@  yoonashidae2 (08:11:39 PM)

@Sh1kamaru hmm familiar name

@  yoonashidae2 (08:11:08 PM)

bruh what happened here haha

@  Sh1kamaru (03:42:27 AM) beep boop
@  calz0ne (03:06:15 PM) Hello, Just want to say that I have been summoned back to these hallowed grounds since the announcement of the girls' 15th anniversary. Grateful for this site and the people behind it. Let's have fun together this July & August! I hope you're all well. back to work and responsibilities i go~
@  kidrobot (08:14:49 AM) and i answered nicely, the volunteers dont do work for free. you cant report me for your misunderstandings. nice try though
@  ninemarch (08:02:01 AM) Really ruin my day, I didn't know some SONE also toxic like that, to think we here to support SNSD. u_u
@  ninemarch (08:01:12 AM) I really wonder if I should report the members or just let it be, I was asking why some video didn't have subs, I was asking nicely, since apparently I was forget it in different section, but like I said in the end I figure it out.
@  kidrobot (07:29:32 AM) @ninemarch youre toxic and delusional
@  ninemarch (07:14:55 PM) @kidrobot oh wow I didn't know Soshified now having toxic fans too.. chill I just asking and I finally figure it out. >.>
@  kidrobot (05:02:03 PM) @ninemarch because not everyone is doing work for free
@  ninemarch (07:16:57 AM) Nevermind I got it lmao its been long time xD
@  ninemarch (06:57:21 AM) I download Strong Heart and turn out it don't have subs, I thought all video here have pink subs..? is it just me?
@  ninemarch (06:56:43 AM) Hi anyone can tell me why some video don't have subs?
@  shayder23 (10:15:29 PM) Wait till July 5, this will explode again!
@  yoonashidae2 (04:27:28 AM)

damn snsd contents are coming back

@  Keitaro88 (06:14:11 PM) tf
@  yoonashidae2 (01:27:30 AM)

WHOA empty sbox