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Where can I watched subbed videos?
Can I upload Soshi Subs videos on other sites? No, by uploading to other sites you are making Soshi Subs more vulnerable to being caught for copyright infringement. If caught, this will lead to Soshi Subs stopping translations altogether.
Can I distribute Soshi Subs videos? No distribution of Soshi Subs videos. Same reason as above.
How do I join video parts using HJ Split?
  • Download HJ split (Google it)
  • Download all parts of the video and place them in the same directory/folder.
  • Click on Hjsplit.exe, hit "Join" and then "Input File"
  • Search for the directory/folder that the parts are in and click on the one with the file extension .001
  • Once you found the file click "Open" and then click "Start"
  • After it finishes joining there will be a full video file in the directory/folder the parts were in.
What program should I use to watch SSF subbed videos?
Why is there no sound when playing the videos? The reason that you are not able to hear anything is probably due to the fact that you are missing an audio codec. Download AC3Filter.
How come I can hear sounds but not see anyting when playing the videos? The reason you are not able to see anything is probably due to the fact that you are missing a video codec. Download FFDShow MPEG-4.
How do I play a .tp file?
  • If you are using a DirectShow video player such as Windows Media Player, Zoom Player and Media Player Classic, Download Haali Media Splitter.
  • When installing make sure to read carefully and enable mpeg-ts. .ts and .tp files are the same so you can rename a .tp to .ts and vice versa.
  • If you are having problems watching videos that you have downloaded on VLC player or Gom Player, I suggest downloading a codec pack that has all the codecs you need to watch a video smoothly, such as Combined Community Codec Pack[CCCP]. (All Codecs suggested are FREE, so do not pay for them.)
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