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07 March 2009 - 11:56 PM

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[PICS] Girls at Lotte World

24 February 2009 - 11:18 PM

This question was asked to Jessica during the Arena Magazine interview (full translations will come... sometime). Just thought I'd share this one question for now.


Q: After debuting, I heard that you got your picture taken frequently by the public whenever you go out on your own without your manager. Did you ever feel in danger while going out on your own?

Jessica: There was a time when I went out with 3 other members to Lotte World without telling our manager about it. We had our face covered heavily with our hats and scarves. No one recognized us actually. But when we got onto the ride, 'Atlantis', there was a problem. To ride it, they told us that we had to take off our hats and scarves. We thought it'd be okay and took them off but then everyone around us recognized us and started taking tons of pictures. But we weren't too scared about it because the ride (Atlantis) was much scarier.

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From Red Hoodie on left, clockwise: Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Jessica

cr: milkye
translations: ak6c @ soshified.com


[RADIO] Taeyeon's ChinChin Diary

21 February 2009 - 08:27 PM

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Taeyeon's Diary. 2009.02.21 Saturday

Because of an early schedule, I was very rushed since this morning.
Despite being early in the morning, there were lots of cars outside still.
Seoul, a city full of cars and high buildings everywhere...

Even though it's very busy and chaotic,
people still do everything they have to do, from crying to laughing.

While riding in the car, we were almost at the broadcasting station and were driving around the building...
Looking closely at the very top of the building, I noticed two bird's nests built there.
Looking at the bird's nest, I started thinking about a lot of things.

If one twig falls from that bird's nests, will the entire nest collapse?
If it does collapse, what will happen to the baby birds?
The mother bird will probably be really shocked?
Sigh... it's built too risky.

To make that bird's nest, I wonder how many times the mother bird had to fly
all the way to the top, back and forth carrying a twig...
I wonder if it dropped any twigs while building the nest...
Different thoughts like this entered my head.

Because it was scared of humans and wanted to stay away from any harm,
she probably built her nest all the way at the top.

Even though you see bird's nests everywhere,
a lot of thoughts went through my head after seeing it today especially.
For some reason, it kind of reminded me of myself...
I would like to go somewhere high up like that too and be in my own personal space.

Don't disturb (that bird's nest)...


tr: ak6c@soshified

[OTHERS] Goo Joon Pyo and Yoona dating?!

12 February 2009 - 12:57 AM

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translations: ak6c@soshified
cr: milkye

the person who caught this... amajing lol


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[MESSAGE] From Yoona to a YAMD Staff

02 February 2009 - 11:11 PM

If you recall the news clips where they were on scene for the ending party of YAMD,
Yoona was going around the tables handing out thank-you cards to various staffs. This is one of them.

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To: _ _ _ Oppa "YAMD"

Oppa, you always smiled cheerfully while standing next to the camera ^^
You asked me numerous times to sit on the director's seat but I never did... keke
I always felt thankful whenever you said those words~
Thanks for everything and have a happy new year~

Yoona 2009. Jan


Cr: Milkye & ak6c@soshified.com (translations)