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SNSD 2nd Asia Tour Concert 24th July

27 July 2011 - 02:03 AM

24th July 2011- Day of the concert!!
It was the second and last concert for SNSD's 2nd Asia Tour in Seoul. As I was with a tour group, we reached the Seoul Olympics Gymnastics Stadium quite late, at around 1130am. The concert starts at 4pm KST, but why did I say we were late? It's because there was a FREAKING long line of people queuing for the concert merchandise. The booths selling the SNSD sets had no queue though, so I went to check it out. Turns out Taeyeon and Tiffany's set was sold out already! Boohoo! I was surprised that Yoona's set still had stock, but oh well. I bought Yoona's, Sunny's, Yuri's and Seohyun's, and the group calendar. Boy, was the calendar heavy. I still haven't opened it up, but the calendar runs from July 2011 till March 2012, which is a weird timeline, in my opinion. I also bought the concert T-shirt which the girls wore during the concert, but theirs was different because it was modified a bit.

There were SNSD standees around the area which we could take photos with. There was even a free polaroid service! Vita500 had a booth where you could play a memory game, the one where they show you all the pics and then you have to memorise who is at which position and then they'll flip the cards and you pick out which member you wanna match. Even if you get them wrong, you still win a free special edition poster of SNSD :) Besides that, you could take a picture and they'll paste your pic on a Vita500 bottle, all for free! How awesome is that?! :D

After 3 hours in the sun and getting sunburnt (-.-), it was our turn to buy the merchandise. They gave us a pink form to fill up. Heard the big towel was sold out, but it was okay since I wasn't planning to get that. I decided to get the brochure, light stick, Yoona, Fany and Taeng's tumblers, and a photo set. We were then ushered to another queuing area with barriers, in front of the concert merchandise booth. While queuing, the photo set got sold out! >:( oh well.. At least the tumblers didn't. None of the members' tumblers got sold out, which was a relief. After the merchandise was in my hands, I left the booth and saw the queue, which honestly looked much longer than in the morning :/

3:30pm- Time to enter the venue!
Before we entered, the girls were doing the sound check, so we could here the songs playing. So those who can't get a ticket can just stand outside and hear everything too, right? :)

The queue to enter was so long that we decided to wait first. The event helpers tore off our admission ticket and we entered the arena. I was really surprised there was no bag check. Aren't they afraid that someone may bring something bad? Also, I thought no cameras were allowed so I even brought my shirt to hide the camera. What a waste of my effort. Oh well.

As I joined a tour made specially for this concert, the tickets they got us was PREMIUM tickets. At first, I didn't have much expectations regarding the quality of our seats. But I was wrong. Our seats was at section 8, and if you've seen the seating plan, section 8 is a really really good spot. It's just behind the standing pit and it is beside the VIP area, which is section 9. I took a few pics of the stage and surroundings, much to the ire of the security person. She kept telling us not to take pics, but because people couldn't stop, she started getting annoyed, which is quite scary. I sure didn't wanna get kicked out so I stopped taking photos. I got an aisle seat, by the way, which was awesome!

Okay, so I heard f(x)'s Amber and Sulli were at the 23rd's concert. Naturally, I hoped the three remaining members would come. While waiting for the concert to start, I noticed SM Ent staff sitting across the aisle from me (aka they were sitting at section 9). I was curious at first, but i thought they were just here to watch the concert. A while later, I noticed this girl walking down the stairs. She had a cap on and her hair was really straight. Honestly, I was captivated by her hair. It was really nice and long and straight. A woman in a pink dress followed her. I didn't pay much attention to them after that, but then suddenly people starting making noises and looking at our area. People in the moshpit were also turning back to look at our area. So then I thought there must be someone famous here! I looked to where people were looking and I saw the straight-hair girl. I couldn't see her eyes but her side profile looked so familiar and instantly, I knew it was KRYSTAL. OMG, KRYSTAL WAS JUST THERE, LIKE ONLY A METRE OR TWO AWAY FROM ME. Gosh, I was spazzing so much. To her left and right was her dad and mom (in pink dress) respectively. I wanted her autograph but it was getting a bit crowded down there. My friend asked me to ask the SM Ent staff to help us, so I asked the guy sitting across me. He (obviously) said no. Bummer. Nevermind, at least I got to see Krystal. She even turned back once or twice and I could see her whole face :D Later did I find out that the guy I asked to get her autograph was either her manager or f(x)'s manager =.=" Krystal had this placard with Jessica's name. I'm not sure if she made it herself or someone gave it to her, but when I saw her enter, she wasn't carrying anything except a sling bag.

Krystal left way before the concert ended, presumably to escape from the media and crowd later. She walked up my side again, and this time, I peered right up into her face, but she kept her eyes to the ground. So there we go, Krystal walked past me twice. What a great day :D

Due to my shock and me being in awe, being in their concert for the first time, everything seemed like a blur to me. I remember bits and pieces, but not the order in which they performed songs. The girls started with Genie in the centre stage. When the tent lifted, the girls were sitting on the steps. I remember them looking so much like dolls, and I was in awe. My eyes were totally fixated on them. When Sooyoung got onto the wire which made her fly up, I waved so very desperately at her (apparently I was the only one waving) and SHE WAVED BACK TO ME WITH A SMILE. OMG OMG OMG. That was the only wave I got from the girls that day.

There were quite a bit of member interactions, like Sunny and Hyoyeon, Yoona and Seohyun, Tiffany and Yoona :) Taeng also smacked Sunny's butt once. Oh, ByunTaeng!

The solos were the best parts. Hyoyeon started off with "Please don't stop the music" which was really awesome cos she sang live. The most memorable solos for me were Sica's, Sunny's and Sooyoung's. Sica's Almost was really good, she looked gorgeous in that dress of hers. Sunny's was sooo freaking sexy. She wore this transparent shirt and a black bra inside, showing off her cleavage. Oh my. Everyone was cheering and screaming for her. Let's get this straight. I'm a girl, but her boobs are really big :/ Sooyoung's perf with her male partner got my jaw dropping. It was so sexy and provocative! I think Sooyoung's mother was at the VIP area too (I think I saw her because my friend pointed her out). I wonder what her mom thought XD

There was this song (which I can't remember which because I was spazzing) where four girls got onto mobile platforms and moved within the seats. It was really chaos as everyone rushed to see them as close as possible. I tried to get Sooyoung to wave to me again, but gold never strikes twice.

Yoona never once came to our side to sing, which was a total bummer because I really liked her :( She didn't seem very hyper during the concert, which my friend speculated that perhaps she's on her period >.< Yuri, Seohyun and Taeyeon did come to our side though. Yuri and Seohyun loved to make heart signs at the audience <3 Seohyun's actions were memorable to me because she always bowed after doing something. What a polite girl she is, seriously. Her parents ought to be honoured for raising her so well. She did make a heart sign in my direction, which i and a few others returned as well :) Taeyeon never really waved back to us, which disappointed me because she's my second fav. I learnt that she is getting ready to sing, so she doesn't really wave. But one wave wouldn't hurt right, Taeng? <3 i still love you anyhow! I also saw Jessica blow a kiss to her family, which was really cute.

The Complete event was really touching. Sunny started crying first, which made me tear too. Our girls ought to know how much we love them and I'm glad they do now. We'll always be there for them, even though they're in Japan most of the time. I think the first day's event was even more touching. I would have cried too. if I were them. We all miss them in Korea, don't we? :') Yoona didn't really cry though, she's probably holding it in.

During the ending, Tiffany and Jessica thanked international fans. Sooyoung asked "Who's from Singapore?" which made us go really crazy! They even talked about a new album in September (?). My Korean isn't that fantastic so I couldn't understand them :( But I know they are talking about a new album, so let's just wait for that!

I really enjoyed the concert. The girls were very professional and did not look tired at all. Most of the songs sounded live to me, which is good. I honestly don't know which songs they lipsynched. The only worry I have is that Jessica seems to be straining her voice a lot. I hope she doesn't do that anymore because she could hurt herself. Do take care, girls! Thank you for the awesome concert! <3 I will see you again in SG's concert!!!