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In Topic: Twitter Trends (1)

14 March 2010 - 07:18 AM

We are angry, hurt, sad, worried, pissed. We are going to show the WORLD that SONEs are here for SNSD always. People can try, but they will never get to the girls because SONEs are this strong, this good, to protect the kids.

SONEs JJANG! This is why I'm a Sone. Because we stay strong no matter what. THIS IS WHY IM A PROUD SONE. Because of the GIRLS and because of the SONES itself. (:


In Topic: [TAEYEON] A&F Hoodie

30 September 2009 - 05:35 AM

Yeahh ! I'm happy that the girls wore what SSF gave!
They really appreciates it and I'm so happy bout this. Haha
Taeyeon looks hot wearing that hot hoodie with hot pants o.o
Thanks for sharing btw, :D

In Topic: [SUNNY] TeNo YuKoN Zodiac Bracelet

30 September 2009 - 05:31 AM

Hmm, the one that Sunny wears is exactly that bracelet. But for Yuri n Hyo it looks like it.. But I dunno. I guess just like what camiiseta said, maybe its just hair ties or sumtin.
But thanks a lot anyway for sharing (:
Love this HB ep so muchhh xD