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#6197215 [DONATE] 6th Anniversary Gifts & Charity

Posted by Takim309 on 05 July 2013 - 01:18 AM

Username: TakimRaven21

Country: Singapore
Amount:$20($10 to Room to Read donated earlier on 03/07/2013 and $10 to the Girls)
Method (PP/CC):PayPal


Thanks for Doing this for the needy and for the Girls. Hope those kids can finally get some proper reading materials.

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#5444382 [MESSAGE] Happy 5th Anniversary To Girls' Generation/소녀시대

Posted by Takim309 on 23 July 2012 - 09:28 AM

Almost 5 years ago... You 9 girls started out on a Journey, A Journey for the Fulfillments of your dreams.
At the beginning of that Journey 9 girls started out scared and nervous but Determined to show the world that you are ready.
and so... on that fateful day of August... You 9 girls sang and danced with all your heart, pouring each line with your feelings.
you sacrificed your childhood something that never could be regained. but you girls rallied with each other putting aside differences and egos
and step into the K-Pop world holding on to each other and supporting each other to overcome each obstacle along the way.

Almost 5 years on, you 9 girls have taken that step gaining confidence and along the way, have became a family with 9 sisters that knew each other both in heart and in soul
9 sisters that have accepted each others individual personalities, 9 sisters who have, along the years gained awards and set records throughout those 5 years.
9 sisters that have become the Global Leaders of K-Pop. 9 Sisters that have fans all over the world known as SONES.

As you girls approach your 5th anniversary. Celebrate, Love, Reminiscine and shamelessly shed tears over the memories that you have gained over the years.
As you approach that 5th year... We Sones have seen the Effort that you put behind each and every performance
and with each and every appearance be it Backstage, Variety shows or even the Fansigning events you girls have shown and inspired us
to accept a person's identity, to put effort in anything that we do and to pursue our dreams and desires no matter the cost.

Thank You For Giving us SONEs Laughter and the tears that we shed with you along the way...
Thank You For Being The Energy That help us through our lives
And Thank you So VERY MUCH For Being SO NYUH SHI DAE, our Girls' Generation.

And in return. We SONES will love and care for you with All our Hearts.
You Girls Are Our Beloved Angels
Right Now It's SO NYUH SHI DAE!
From Now on It's SO NYUH SHI DAE!
and Forever Always It's SO NYUH SHI DAE!

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