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[PICS] Sunny and Jessica's One Fine Day~!!

05 June 2009 - 04:49 PM

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Translator's Note:
Sorry if the font for the captions aren't read-able, i used a font that best matched the font used. And I used a totally different font for the speech bubbles so it could be read better. Hope you enjoyed this!


xyiseul @ soshified.com/forums
special thanks to Hyunjin808
Picture Credits; sosiz.net

[PICS] Gubne Chicken CF BTS

23 April 2009 - 03:05 PM

just thought this would be an interesting and fun share; a little info on what to expect out of the cf.
& the girls are definitley promoting victoria's secret's PINK apparel lol.

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[IPLE] Music Core's New MCs Tiffany & Yuri~!! (FROM. Homepage STAFF DIARY)

04 April 2009 - 11:41 AM

It's SNSD's Management~^^

Today was Tiffany & Yuri's first broadcast on MBC Show! Music Core MCing~
Did all the fans watch?

Tiffany & Yuri who seemed like models more than models on the runway!!
The Special Stage they had together with Nassun with "Come To Play",
Yuri who showed her womanly beauty with K.Will's 'Tears Are Dropping' stage,
And Tiffany's very very cute 'If you run out of your house, you're going to suffer' clip~~!

Because it was their first time meeting their fans as Music Core's MCs
They wanted to show more of them and it was a stage prepared and practiced for a long time, how was it?

Because it was the first and were slightly nervous,
through the fans cheers and love, the first broadcast was successfully finished~^^

Especially the fans who came to the studio to cheer~!!
We couldn't tell you personally, but we have a very thankful heart for the fans who always come out to the scene~ ㅠ_ㅠ

From now on, please take good watch of Tiffany & Yuri who will develop as MCs~
And please cheer lots for SNSD's promotions~^^

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And the last words like we always do it~^^
Right now it's Girls' Generation! From now on it's Girls' Generation! Forever it's Girls' Generation!

P.S. Thank you so much for the thankful gifts from the heart from the fans for Tiffany & Yuri today. ^^
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translations: xyiseul@soshified.com/forums

[RADIO] Taeyeon's Chin Chin Diary

04 April 2009 - 10:18 AM

Taeyeon's diary, this is me, Taeyeon's, day~
2009, April 4th Saturday.
These days I'm so arid.
Maybe it's because of the weather.. I get a crispy-like feeling
When it's dry weather of course the skin, my throat becomes dry and my hair becomes so dry as well
Truthfully instead of blaming the weather.. I want to blame it on myself more.. I regularly severely don't drink much water
Severely, very severely~ I don't think I even drink the amount of water that fills up a paper cup
And when I sing I probably only wet my lips..?
And when I eat, I don't drink even more..
Although I realize this dryness myself, what is the reason I do not drink enough water?
Because I'm lazy..? Because I'm full..?
Even though I can't understand it myself, these days I'm trying to at least force myself to drink
As these days become dry, I should supply myself with plenty water
Ah~ So dry~

credits: sosiz
translations: xyiseul@soshified.com/forums

[OTHERS] Elle Girl Style Book

28 March 2009 - 02:49 PM

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1 My favorite celebrity Olivia Hussey. With an extraordinary beauty and amazing acting the DVD I watch numerous times is something I want to keep forever.
2 Marc by Marc Jacobs' big frame sunglasses that gives off a classic yet trendy feel.
3 For me who doesn't enjoy make up, a must have item, lip balm.
4 Baby pink color vintage sunglasses.
5 For me who listens to music everywhere, a special iPod my mom got me.
6 Leica Digital Camera I carry around in my bag all the time.
7 With its pretty case and fresh fragrance I went head over heels for, Daisy.
8 Chanel bag with an enormous size and lovable color.
9 Her amazing voice is charming, Olivia's CD, good to listen to before you sleep.
10 Slim and gives off a feminine feel, Jill Staurt watch.

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1 When wearing cream colored tights, brown colored strap shoes that'll match well.
2 Beyonce's live concert DVD I watched many times.
3 A lovable dog (TN: looks like a cat to me...) motive Swarovski decoration.
4 I normally enjoy headbands of various colors.
5 Vintage-like crystal brotch that will complete for a femine look.
6 A Swarovski angel ornament that makes you feel great just by looking at it.
7 A Juicy Couture necklace that'll look great with a simple one piece dress.
8 A headband with a Ribbon flower decoration, the point accessory for a romatic look.
9 A Tiffany & Co. Grand Piano pendant necklace fans got for Seohyun, who enjoys playing the piano.

credits to xyiseul @ soshified.com/forums