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Happy First Anniversary To Girls' Generation/소녀시대Leave your Messages~

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Soy Soy
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Posted 21 July 2008 - 01:16 PM

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Will be back to edit this later. But I needed to start the thread, since their first anniversary party is on August 2nd this year, and not on their official debut date of August 5th. It\'s been a long year, girls.

SNSD is nothing without the nine amazing girls that brighten up our lives, from Kim Taeyeon to Seo Ju Hyun.

(Pictures of the \"Right Now, It\'s SNSD\" thing they do before every performance)

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Awards over this past year of their debut

01. Song of the Month for the month of August 2007 from Cyworld
02. 14th Annual Korean Performing Arts Ceremony: Best New Female Group
03. #1 on M!Countdown for on October 11th, 2007
04. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award for November 25th, 2007
05. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award for on December 2nd, 2007
06. #1 on M!Countdown for on December 6th, 2007
07. 2007 M.NET Golden Disk Awards: Anycall Popularity Award on December 13th, 2007
08. 2007 M.NET Golden Disk Awards: Anycall Newbie Award on December 13th, 2007

09. 17th Seoul Gayo Awards: High1 Music Award on January 31st, 2008
10. 17th Seoul Gayo Awards: Best New Artist Award on January 31st, 2008
11. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award for on February 3rd, 2008
12. #1 on M!Countdown for on February 14th, 2008
13. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award for on February 17th, 2008
14. #1 on M!Countdown for on February 28th, 2008
15. #1 on Music Bank for on February 29th, 2008
16. Song of the Month for the month of February 2008 from Cyworld
17. #1 on M!Countdown for on April 10th, 2008

CD Sales

소녀시대 (Girls\' Generation) : 1st Album \'Girls\' Generation\'
[2007.11] 49,438 ; 49,438 (#2)
[2007.12] 07,366 ; 56,804 (#13)
[2008.01] 07,858 ; 64,662 (#5)
[2008.02] 09,585 ; 74,247 (#3)
[2008.03] 28,847 ; 104,092 (#1)
[2008.04] 07,001 ; 111,093 (#15)
[2008.05] 06,778 ; 117,871 (#13)
[2008.06] 03,272 ; 121,143 (#20)

소녀시대 (Girls\' Generation) : 1st Single \'다시 만난 세계\'
[2007.08] 10,823 ; 10,823 (#5)
[2007.09] 04,177 ; 15,000 (#15)
[2007.10] 04,819 ; 19,819 (#23)
[2007.11] 01,623 ; 21,442 (#32)
[2007.12] 01,376 ; 22,818 (#38)
[2008.01] 02,198 ; 25,016 (#19)
[2008.02] 03,131 ; 28,147 (#14)
[2008.03] 02,000 ; 30,147 (#25)
[2008.04] --,--- ; --,--- (Off)
[2008.05] --,890 ; 32,259 (#48)
[2008.06] --,602 ; 32,861 (#50)

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Wenting Wenting
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 02:43 AM

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Wenting Wenting
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 02:44 AM

saving for pheebo
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grandma deer grandma deer
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 02:45 AM

kyaaaaaaaaa where do I even begin T___T
First of all Happy 1st year anniversary girls! You've all worked so hard and been through so
much to get to where you're at right now. SNSD has done nothing but
impressed everyone time and time again. Gahhh I don't even know how I fell in love
with these girls! But I know that I've grown to love them SO much over the past year.
Not only do I love SNSD, I also respect the girls heaps. There determination, passion
towards whatever they do is amazing. Not to mention their down to earth and genuine
personalities is :wub:. You girls are great at making me smile even if its the slightest
thing. SNSD can make me spazz over little things like there's no tomorrow T___T.
Thank you, girls for always being yourself and showing us the genuine side of you<33
As cheesy as it may sound, SNSD will always have a special place in my hear. 9 normal
teenage girls....has given me so many great memories. It's only been a year but I know
there will be many many more memories to cherish.
There will be many more great things but also many more bumps along the way. Remember the
fans are always here fully supporting you girls. You'll always have the love and support from
each and every one of us!
Have a great one girls !

We will become stronger thinking of you! I wish you will become stronger thinking of us.
We will protect you... Until the end

We will be Sne together with SNSD.

Sne forever

Girls' Generation forever

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GorJess GorJess
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 02:48 AM

♥Happy 1st Year Anniversary♥

Woot SNSD is now officially a year old! First off, I want to congratulate you girls for all of your achievements throughout the year. Yes, there were many bumps and bruises along the way, but that still didn't stop you from reaching this point in your careers. What I love most about you girls is your determination to succeed and willingness to work hard. Looking back at the debut performance, I've noticed how much SNSD has improved and on so many levels..I'm proud of you. SNSD consist of 9 beautiful girls..with 9 love able personalities..with 9 unique charms..and of course 9 extremely talented beings. Nothing beats seeing ALL 9 together as ONE. S♥NE's will never stop loving SNSD and will forever be ONE with SNSD. Happy 1 year anniversary and many more years to come. SNSD JJANG!!

Right now, it's Girls' Generation! From now on, Girls' Generation! Forever, Girls Generation!

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ava & banner by Wenfany

kayaro kayaro
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 02:49 AM

wae o wae
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ava and sig by wen =]

wobwab wobwab
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 02:56 AM

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My world is not the same when SoShi enters in.
Please go on being SoShi that we love. We are always supporting you and loving you.

To me, SoShi = 9 down-to-earth girls who are super cute, cheerful, strong, very pretty, incredibly dorky, funnier than a comedy group, who are like our sisters and our friends, with 9 beloved personalities.

I have to mention the 3 members whose personalities really caught me by surprise. Huge surprises indeed.
The leader who looks the youngest and smallest and super dorky yet has a great presence as a lead singer and a leader, Taeyeon.
The sweetest girl beyond my imagination who is my favorite and always be my favorite, Jessica.
The very pretty girl who is so cheerfully active that she seems madder than Mad Hatter, but at the same time the most caring person in the group (in my opinion), Yuri.

Anyway, in my eyes, the most fascinating thing about SoShi is how you interact with each other.
Best chemistry. It's Fantastic!
How come everybody doesn't all fall in love with SoShi..? - is still a mystery to me.

Please go on being SoShi that we love. We are always supporting you and loving you. ♡
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are 9 shades of love that brighten up my days. I love 소녀시대

ivonchu ivonchu
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 03:29 AM

lmfao! reserved Despite it beinng less than an hour till midnight in Korea it's already 12AM over here! So I shall post this now...

Happy Birthday SNSD!

Itâ??s finally ONE year and I hope youâ??re proud of yourselves.
Despite that I've only been a fan for a few months I can't help but feel I've been a fan since the start.
You've probably faced more drama than one would expect you girls to ever face in their first year.
But I can definitely say I'm proud to call you my idols.
You girls definitely showed all those who doubted you wrong, you fell and knew how to get back up.
You never ceased to impress us fans and many more.
So itâ??s been a year full of ups and downs and without a doubt there will be more to come.
Nonetheless, itâ??s been a great one year for SoShi fans and I hope itâ??s been for you girls.
So the best of luck as you make it past another year and hopefully for many years to come.
Stay healthy, be strong and keep smiling!
Weâ??ll be with you till the end! So Nyuh Shi Dae HWAITING!
Right Now itâ??s SNSD. Tomorrow itâ??ll be SNSD. Itâ??ll forever be SNSD!

Proud to be Sne
Forever Sne

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PrinceYekting PrinceYekting
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 03:42 AM

here, I would like to and congrats our girls for being with us for a WHOLE YEAR!!! WOW... SoShi HWAITING!!!
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kirra12 kirra12
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 03:55 AM

Save!! T>T
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aldrin_only aldrin_only
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 04:10 AM

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Jaster_Rogue Jaster_Rogue
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 05:22 AM

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Sometimes it is better to just hear the melody,
than to understand the lyrics
Proud to be an S♥One

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eveelyn eveelyn
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 06:23 AM


what a year it has been.
9 girls, grabbing the attention of so many even before their debut.
there'll be much more years to come!
i hope snsd will do even better and grow to become beautiful ladies in the future.


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yoonalove yoonalove
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 06:26 AM


Happy Anniversary,SNSD!
It has been a great moment for knowing SNSD.They are strong and powerful too.
They also did an amazing performance for us.They realize us the meaning of friendship.
They stand together.Time began to flies fast.Right now,they are working hard as they could.
Forever SNSD!Forever S♥ne!
We SNSD so much!
They make our life meaningful.

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credits: heather.
from taeyeon to seohyun
we're a family

Anonymous Anonymous
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 06:46 AM

Ooh I wasn't expecting this thread yet.

But I'm glad to say i've been with SNSD since the beginning.
And I hope there are many anniversaries to come where I can celebrate with Soshi and Soshified.
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Though I love these 4, Sica, is so sexy.

xliSh xliSh
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 07:49 AM

lol -save-
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lilac* lilac*
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 08:02 AM

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Girls' Generation.
nine girls; one generation.
you make my life complete.

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miltz; miltz;
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 08:05 AM


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★ Happy First Anniversary! ★

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fuuko-chan fuuko-chan
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 08:07 AM



To our beloved 소녀시대,

It's already been a year ever since your debut. I could still remember clearly how I was very excited about the 9-girl group rumored to be Super Girls. I was anticipating your debut. (: And even though I wasn't that much of a fan when during those times, I'm glad I took the time to know you girls better. It was never a waste of time to know you girls, it was all worth it. I knew about your adorable and lovable personalities. How Taeyeon's dorky yet caring and motherly; how Jessica sleeps as if there's no more tomorrow for sleeping, how Sunny is an aegyo queen no matter what; how Tiffany's very ddil at times yet it's a trait that we fans love about her; how Hyoyeon is very thoughtful when it comes to the girls, cooking and taking care of them; how Yuri's always so bubbly and energetic; how Sooyoung's such a Shikshin yet she doesn't gain any pounds, and her loudness just makes everyone of us love her more; and how Yoona can be very delicate yet bold at the same time; and how can we ever forget about maknae? Our Seohyun who is just too pure and lovable with her Keroro and Johnny Depp admiration. <3

You girls aren't just a bunch of pretty girls who sings on stage, you are all beautiful, talented, warm-hearted and special. And I am proud to be your supporter and fan. I'm proud to have known these lovely girls who brighten up our days without even trying. And I'm proud to say that I will love 소녀시대 now, tomorrow, until forever. 소녀시대 fighting! 소녀시대 saranghae~ <3333

Your loving fan,
Justine (fuuko-chan), Philippines

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Je♥Ti Je♥Ti
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Posted 01 August 2008 - 08:07 AM

aish!.. i'm on second page already!T_T

i'm back with my own personalized poster?.. hehe

but my message to our girls first:

SNSD!! Congratulations! Happy 1st Anniversary!
Eventhough I can only support you girls and watch from afar..
I'm always here to support you with all my strength until
you reach 2 years, 5 years, 10 years? 20 years?.. until the end.. i'LL support you girls..
I've seen your hardships and success and
i wish you girls to be more succesful throughout the years!(:
Right Now it's SNSD, Forever SNSD!

Sne Forever!

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