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Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation, held their first solo Tokyo Dome concert, “GIRLS’ GENERATION ‘THE BEST LIVE’ at TOKYO DOME”, where about 50,000 fans were caught up in a whirlpool of frenzied excitement.

Great excitement of the long-cherished Tokyo Dome concert

Having debuted in Japan about four and a half years ago in August 2010, the girls, who swooped down upon the long-cherished Tokyo Dome, saw the audience being immersed in their group image color, Pearl Pink, from the penlights, exclaiming excitedly: “Amazing!”,”I want to take a picture!”, and “I’m so happy!” Inspired by the loud cheers from the audience when Tiffany called out to them saying, “I want to try hearing everyone’s voice directly without the ear monitor at Tokyo Dome… Will you cheer?”, the members all sang “Gee” acapella, and the call and response from the audience was like a kid in a candy store. From beginning to end, the members’ happy faces filled the performance, but while singing the last song, “Into the New World,” the girls were overcome with emotion and choked up while singing.

Even so, the girls wiped their tears, and during the encore, with a happy face, Seohyun read out a letter that everyone wrote: “Today is an unforgettable, important day for us as Girls’ Generation. No matter what happened to us, I am always moved by everyone’s support and belief in us. From our Japan debut to the tour, and until today, standing on a stage like Tokyo Dome, it’s all because of everyone’s support that we could run through it all. We will never forget these precious memories. Everyone, you are irreplaceable to us. I love you!” Sooyoung said, “I’m really happy that I am able to stand on such a wonderful stage at the end of the year. Thank you for an unforgettable 2014,” thus wrapping up the time of both the girls’ and SONEs’ long sought after dream.


A performance with 27 songs over 3 hours

Tying together with their first best album released this year in July, “THE BEST”, this one-night only concert was a compilation stage of all the activities Girls’ Generation has done up to now and is also their first Japan stage after becoming an 8-member team. For over roughly three hours, in a creative production that the audience could enjoy from any seat, the girls performed their hits songs including, “Genie”, “Gee”, and “MR. TAXI”, on the main stage, middle stage, back stage, runways, trolley car, and more. There were a total of seven costumes, where in any costume, the girls’ main charm of their beautiful legs were prominent and continued to charm the concert hall with their overwhelming dances and long, beautiful legs.


“We love you”; The girls’ feelings toward the fans

During the MC talks, the girls conveyed their happiness standing on stage in Tokyo Dome and their gratitude toward the fans many times over.
Sooyoung: “Standing on such a large stage like this, I remember our first showcase in Japan. Because we and everyone are together, Tokyo Dome is lit up so much more. Thank you so very much. I love you.”
Taeyeon: “I wanted to meet you all! I’m really happy that everyone was willing to wait for us. I’m always really thankful.”
Seohyun: “It’s a dream come true moment. I also had some anxious feelings, but when I see everyone, I become really happy. Continuing from now, I want Girls’ Generation to grow together with everyone. I’ll do my best!”
Yoona: “Remembering how everyone gave their love when I first came to Japan, even now it makes me excited. I think standing here on this large stage called Tokyo Dome is a present given to us from everyone. Thank you.”
Sunny: “Tokyo Dome is super duper wide! Is my voice reaching you? Let’s pump it up!”
Hyoyeon: “Receiving everyone’s spirit in turn gave me a lot of energy. Tokyo Dome and everyone are the best!”
Also, when Tiffany spoke, “The moment I came on stage, I was close to crying,” Yuri countered with this year’s buzzword, “Dame yo dame dame! (translator’s note: You can’t can’t can’t!)“; inviting laughter from the entire concert hall.


Released this year in July, Girls’ Generation first best album, “THE BEST”, reached number one in the album rankings for 2 consecutive weeks and continuing the one after another long sales, shipped a record of 350,000 albums, including repackaged album sales. Japan’s total soft sales of all albums is 4,200,000 albums. The number of total YouTube views is 1,100,000,000. The total number of fans attending the past 3 tours is 550,000 people. The first Korean group million seller, they continue to establish new records again and again.

Sources: modelpress, Welove
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