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TL;DR About Me


I am lem (I forgot to capitalize the 'L', like a true scrub). I started my journey in Soshified (SSF) roughly four years ago, and have disappeared for two of those years. Here's a quick SparkNotes version of my life: Around four years ago, I was in Junior High and got into K-Pop thanks to Youtube and Girls' Generations Run Devil Run. Four years later, or present date, I am a High School graduate (2014 graduate, STAY C14SSY) and will be attending Western Oregon University (WOU) for the next six years of my life. Majoring in Computer Science (In my biased, and humble opinion, C.S. being superior to I.T.), and minoring business. That is my short, TL;DR version of my life.


Additional Information


True, I have disappeared from K-Pop and have lost the spark from within it, but that still does not necessarily stop me from listening to music. I may not venture on the various fan websites anymore, and I may not be active when it comes to all things K-Pop, but I do listen to some new K-Pop songs. I tend to boast about my amazing capabilities on being dynamic when it comes to music genres, and if you were to see my monstrosity of a music library, 3711 songs (1050 being Korean-esque songs) with a total of 20.41 GB on it, it is intense. If for some reason you are still reading this, you are probably also interested in my biases and shipping, huh? Two years ago, I would have vocally announced my love for SuByung (Sunny x Hyomin) but no- who am I kidding, I support SuByung. SunSica being a narrow second. Also, Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) is the best. Anyways, in no particular order, my shippings:

  • Sailor Uranus/Haruka x Sailor Neptune/Michiru (Sailor Moon)
  • Sunny x Hyomin (Invincible Youth)
  • Lara Croft x Sam Nishimura (Tomb Raider)
  • Wang Yuanji x Wang Yi (Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends)
  • Fleur x Hermione (Harry Potter, endearingly the bane of my existence)
  • Gail x Holly (Rookie Blues)
  • Jack x Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect)
  • Lucy x Mina (Dracula)

Insert Profound Text Here


On a final note, to whoever thinks they are being clever or witty by quipping, "This is the reason why aliens don't visit us," and pointing at Dubstep or any Electronic Dance Music (EDM), I will point out right now that your mind is obtuse and inept. I am pretty darn sure that the reason why aliens won't visit us is mainly due to the fact that certain individuals in the human race are ignorant, racist, and narrow-minded. That's why they won't visit us.


Fact of the Year


Font and Typeface are two different things. They both correlate, but they are different. A common misconception is that font is the style of text. Such as Arial or Comic Sans MS. This is incorrect. The font is sort of like the system or machine that runs the style. The Typeface is the style and creative aspect of text itself. For example: 


A song and an MP3 are two different things. You'll say, "This song is great!" not "This MP3 is great!"


The Typeface, as demonstrated here is the song. The Font is the MP3.


Current Typeface Obsession: Courier New

Motto: Big money, big women, big fun.


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