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Hey guys ! , i am, IAmSoshiriffic, ahh repetitive sounding >< , but yeah ! , i first found out of SNSD in the 2nd half of 2009 (My Friend showed me their 'Gee' MV). After watching that i fell in love with them kekekeke x)(but i couldnt tell them apart DX). SO i tried to learn how to sing 'Gee' and i kept having trouble at first since i can barely pronounce anything even while reading the romanization ! Then weeks passed and soon i was able to sing to them ! and i was very happy ! ;D. Well as time flew by i listened to more and more of their songs, slowly becoming soshified ! haha ^^.

Now! forward to the start of 2010 ! now! I'm able to sing to most of their songs, (yeah still reading from lyrics syllable by syllable lol, but pronounciations are more easier for me !) i eventually started watching various variety shows such as Hello Baby, Invincible Youth, and We Got Married since at first i could not tell them apart T-T , but now i can ! ;D *dances in seat. I got more into them during Oh! promotions since yeah slowly getting soshified, but up till now, i can't get enough of them ! no matter how hard i try ! They are just so adorable and lovable !!! And because of my soshi obsession, I even began to self-teach myself Korean!! hahaha! ^^ yeahh, it's going to be a while before I'm speaking fluent Korean, but SNSD will be my motivation ! Well, that's all I'm going to type up for now haha, there will probably be more to type but that can wait ! , See Ya Around Sones !
Forever SNSD ! Fighting ! ^^

- Favorite Member : Seohyun (Seororo ! <3)
- Loves Romance Fan Fictions
- Is still in search of that FanFic that will make me cry
- Favorite member in a couple : Ice Princess Sica !

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December 17, 2014

     It's been years since I have logged into this account, waaaay too many years. I'm amazed at how fast time has gone by and though I may not be the big K-Pop fanatic as I was when I first began, I will never forget the experiences, the emotions, and the overall good time I had spazzing my face off and just getting the warm fuzzy feeling of seeing my bias (SEOHYUN) in a variety show or in a performance. Aside from my bias, just seeing SNSD members in shows and perfs and hearing news about them in general also gave me the fuzzies.  


     When I first made this account, on March 29, 2010, I was... 15? Yeah, 15 LOL, and now I am 20, i'm old as dust now  :banana: . LIkewise, the members have grown as well and some even have relationships now! The younger me would've gone ballistic! But I still went "WHAAAAT??" when i found out some had relationships heh ^^", but it's for their well being and personal life, as long as they're happy and fine, then that's no problem at all!!. 


     When I found out Jessica was no longer part of SNSD, it was a big shock. The first and last time I saw them live was in SM Town 2010 in Los Angeles. Before finding out, for the later years, I told myself and friends that my big closeout from K-Pop would be seeing SNSD live, in one of their world tour concerts. Sadly, no such concert came by, I was not interested enough to attend KCon where they were present, I just wanted a whole concert by them.


     At this point, I'm not sure if that concert will ever happen, but I will still support them as 9, and even though my old dusty self may not get too crazy, it still brings a smile on my face looking back on the years, re-watching variety shows with them in it, and some performances. It is a part of my life I will never forget. Also, I drop by the usual kpop news sites just scouring the news to see what's up, so I'm not all that gone from K-pop.


Who knows, if such a concert does roll by, you can bet I'll be in that crowd waving a glow stick  :cool:

Until then, I shall be waiting  :thumbup:

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