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[OTHERS] Tell Me Your Wish event, by SNSD.

30 January 2011 - 08:20 PM

This was an event, held during SNSD's Tell Me Your Wish promotion days.
9 lucky sones were nominated and SNSD has granted their wish. Enjoy :P

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Original link: CLICK
Credits to: SM Entertainment, girlsgeneration.smtown.com, gotmilk?@soshified.com, soCOOL@soshified.com
Translated by: gotmilk?@soshified.com / soCOOL@soshified.com

[FAN ACCNT] Fan account after going to the sacred place, EYEBIS.txt

22 June 2010 - 11:44 PM

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I feel sorry for you guys since I can't exactly write down what her mother has told me due to my lack of writing skills~

1. When I first met her mother, her beauty was like.....
While listening to her story I thought she maintained her beauty because of her kind heart. I guess Taeyeon got her vigor from her dad, and received her beauty and caring, thoughtful personality from her mother?

2. When I was going there, I drew a pen-drawn picture of our girls (Of course with Taeyeon in the center) and took it with me. When Taeyeon's mother first saw it, she didn't look for her daughter (Of course this is because she obviously could point out Taengoo as soon as she saw the picture) but pointed out, starting from the left, saying this is so and so. Her voice was very kind. She pointed out Seohyun and said she looked very cute hahaha... Thank you Taeyeon's mother for recognizing each of our girls. *Cries*

3. I hesitantly told her that it was my first time at this age to like someone and stuff. Taeyeon and Girls' Generation seemed like such amazing people. She replied with a smile and said that the girls are also amazed and question why people like them... and she also said that the girls still cannot comprehend their popularity... so when Taeyeon's mother tells her about certain fans who visited her shop, Taeyeon gets amazed and likes to hear about them...

I cautiously told her that the girls seem like they don't know just how much their existence is loved, and it might be because not so positive stories or views might affect them even more... and her mother told me that Taeyeon once said to her that people seem to hate them. Her dad was surprised and lectured her nicely by saying, "What are you talking about? You don't even know how many people are cheering for you, and you are definitely not thinking of those people who are cheering for you from behind. If they hear you talking like this, they will be sad."

But the mother said that Taeyeon brings up first about her fans' stories~

4. This is the main point
The thing that made me really surprised was that while having a discussion with her mom, she got a call from the girls...
When she answered the call in a friendly way, I obviously thought it was Taeyeon, but when she said, "Alright Yuri, I saw you on the TV Saturday~ Tell Seohyun and Taeyeon that I said hi! Eat well and stay healthy!", I immediately realized she was talking to another member...

I couldn't immediately ask her about the call and when I stared at her like this O_O full of curiosity, she said that the girls call her sometimes (Of course she talks with Taeyeon on the phone almost every day). I almost cried when I heard that the members call her pleasantly by mom or mother.

I told her that the girls are coming out on Music Bank after a long interval, and the mother, who already looked through their schedule, said she already knew about it... She said that she cannot wait to see them since it's a performance with all of the nine members present after a long interval!!

She also told me that our WooChaeLee (Shortened for Woori Chaego Leader, or Our Best Leader in English), got many calls from the other members while they were on their vacation period.
Taeyeon's mother told her in a joking way, "Why would you want to see each other when you will be living together after the vacation?", and Taeyeon replied while laughing, "I know right?"

Taeyeon also asked her mother how to cook something yesterday... and a few minutes later, she called back saying that she messed it up so they went out and ate. Such a cutie pie hahahahha

5. I felt sorry for Taeyeon's mom since I acted like a fisherman who went out to catch a fish, and in this case, the girls' information. But I was way too curious, so I asked her about our girls *sniff sniff* going to Japan.........She replied saying that our girls' hearts are fluttering since it is a new challenge for them, but Taeyeon's mother is worried as well... Her mother said that she's not sure about how long they will be staying there.

When I told her, pretending that I knew a lot, that "The girls are loved way more here than in Japan, so the company wouldn't leave them in Japan too long??", her mother smiled in an odd way... and when I exaggerated on what she was going to do with activities back and forth between the two countries if they receive a lot of love from the Japanese fans, she laughed as well.....

Oh, and when I asked her if Taeyeon was good at Japanese, she told me that it's been a while since she carefully studied in her spare time~
I wonder if we can see Taengoo make us laugh in Japanese!! Hahaha

6. When I said goodbye to her and was about to come out from the shop, these two ladies who looked like they were Chinese hesitantly came in....
It was amazing for me to read off from the fan account that someone saw a woman that wore a chador, but when I saw them in real life, it was really amazing.
Taengoo is being loved worldwide indeed...

It's really important, but one fact that I noticed was that when Taeyeon's mother told about the members from beginning to end, she always said "girls...our girls...".
It was really great to hear about it.

The conclusion is that I nodded my head for a few hours from the fact that since Taeyeon is a kid who learned from this kind of a mother, Taeyeon is a good-natured kid.

Translated by: soCOOL@soshified.com
credits to: Bibithem(비비땜) from Taeyeon Gallery of DCInside, Engel@soshified.com, typicalharu@soshified.com
Original link to the Fan Account: CLICK

[COMIC] A Genuine Cartoon of an Anti-Soonkyu becoming a Fan

20 May 2010 - 05:50 PM

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By the way, seems like the group "SudongbangPM" is just a fictional group lmfao....
On the original cartoon, some inappropriate words were included so I had to change a little bit...Please understand :D
Indeed, this was such a special opportunity to change her identity as SONE...
From all the fan accounts that I've read so far, I really think that our girls' really love SONES no matter what.. >_<

++ Oh, and I just noticed..there are some typos that I couldn't get a chance to correct them..Sorry T_T

Translated by: soCOOL@soshified.com
Credits to: bestiz.net/ cousin of an SNSD's staff member
Original Cartoon: http://bestjd.bestiz...18758&category=

[ARTICLE] Taeyeon / Girl, Dreaming of Freedom

14 May 2010 - 09:06 PM

Taeyeon, who has lately been gracing our televisions with Girls’ Generation performances, is currently preparing for a new musical. Her character, widely known as the main character in the movie, drama, and novel , is Amanae Kaoru. Living with congenital abnormalities, she is a character who sings with the hope of a life full of passion for music. I spent time listening to Taeyeon, who has dreamed about this new type of performance and taken a step back from fancy lighting and music.

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Taeyeon, Kim Taeyeon, and Kaoru

The last time the public had a chance to hear only Taeyeon’s voice in a song was a drama OST from two years ago. The drama was a popular piece of work, and the song emphasized the beautiful color of her voice and its lovely sensibility. In order to share a song for 9 people, usually they only receive a few parts each. Since casting idol stars has become a trend in musicals, lots of people might have expected the day where Taeyeon and musicals are united, and that prediction has come to fruition.

Taeyeon seemed like she had already thought about this path. “I was particularly interested in musicals since the debut. I couldn’t see musicals often because of SNSD promotions, but I got to properly watch a musical when Ock Joo Hyun unnie was in , which was held in National Theater during 2008. I was dying to do a musical. Since then, my mind was made up toward musicals.” With those thoughts in mind, she must have been secretly inspired by Jessica, who is a vocalist with Taeyeon in the team and was the first to advance into musicals. The response from her was very positive. “I received many invitations, but I had to forego some of them because of the album and personal activities such as radio. So I made sure to tell my company that if I get a chance to work with a great piece of work, I would definitely want to try it out. Fortunately, since I had a great chance during the break after the album promotion, I guess they recognized my intention.”

Actually, Taeyeon had a special connection with . “The first time I heard it was on its OST. During my trainee days, I got to know a singer named YUI, who was the main character and musician in the movie . After listening to YUI’s song ‘Goodbye Days’, I fell in love with it and started to practice every morning in the practice room. But after learning more about it, I found there was a movie, drama, and the original novel. So I watched them all. (Chuckle) I only thought about wanting to participate in it after hearing that it would be made into a musical.”

When asked why the musical attracted her, Taeyeon gave a funny response. “I really love the fact that there is no camera. [The camera] was like a type of occupational disease, where my actions and my words always came back, so I was always nervous about it or wounded by it. I felt a freedom after watching a musical performance. On that stage, I can do various types of dance and music, and the possibility that I can show my natural image felt like freedom. It seemed like a perfect stage that contained dancing, acting and singing. So my heart was overflowing with joy. Watching as an audience made me feel that way, and I feel that way while practicing in reality as well. Inside SNSD’s practice room, we have to practice mainly on choreography, and when we prepare an album, we practice in order to precisely match even the angles of our hands and feet. Nine of us have to look smooth. But the musical’s choreography has a smooth line, and looks independent. They both have their special charms, but the fact that I can move my body in a way that suits my body shape, and put my own feelings to it, is what I appreciate most about the musical.”

Even though it was only a short time watching her, it was memorable seeing her get along with the Seoul Musical members like an old colleague. Is it because she already had a long waiting period of 8 years, including 5 years and 3 months of training and 3 years after debuting? It seems like she was a person that knew when to stand out in a group and when not to, rather than just an idol star. “I hope you guys can watch me without any thought about the idol star from Girls’ Generation. In the musical, I’m just the youngest member who is still getting used to the atmosphere, not a celebrity.” Not as the twenty-two year old idol star ‘Taeyeon’, but as a normal street musician Kaoru, who can’t see the sun for her own reasons. That was the wish of Kim Taeyeon, who is about to have her musical debut.

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Naturally and Freely

Taeyeon’s attachment to the musical , which is based on Denkawa Aya’s original novel and movie with three main songs, ‘Goodbye Days’, ‘It’s Happy Line’, and ‘Skyline’, is extraordinary. “I love the feeling of the original work and the songs. Above all things, Kaoru is a charming character. She’s anxious that uncomfortable things like paralysis can occur because of her illness, but she doesn’t get sad or frustrated because of that. She has a strong will to sing forever through the pain and to share her love with others around her.” It became very dynamic and bright after being dramatized into a musical.
Even with her extraordinary attachment, it must have been hard to decide to be in a musical with tight schedules due to official and repackage albums coming out in 2010, but she gave a resolute smile after accepting the fact that this situation was unexpected. “I didn’t know it would be this hard, because when I chose to participate in this musical, we had not confirmed our repackage album promotions. However, even with the schedules, I didn’t want to let go of this chance. I have no regrets as I decided to do this with determination.”

There was a guitar with ‘Taeyeon’ written on it on one side of the practice room. “As the guitar is something that connects Kaoru with the world, I’m practicing hard to actually perform on stage. I can play all the songs that I need to play and sing on stage. I’m currently trying to smooth out the rhythm and beat. I have great concentration when I’m practicing. What’s funny is that I tend to forget lyrics often, which is probably due to my anxiety. However, I memorized how to play the guitar, and the script all the way. I’m surprised at myself as well, haha.” As she is going out to the public as Taeyeon and not as Girls’ Generation, it’s expected of her to be very nervous. “To be honest, I can’t sleep because I’m so nervous. When Yoona was filming dramas, she was muttering to herself and practicing really hard. So I recorded Koji’s parts on a digital recorder, and I try to memorize my lines while listening to it. I’m practicing diligently, but I think I need some time.”
As this is her first time acting, there’s pressure in acting out a different character than herself, but as she continues, she’s found similarities between Karou and herself, and with that she said she slowly erases the pressure and puts in her own colors. “She doesn’t make any commotion just because she is in pain, and she is not a sad child like a person who is about to die. It just felt like a teenage girl. Talking with her friends, fighting with her dad, and being nervous when seeing boys, they were all similar to me.” We asked her, who wants to fill up the pressure and awkwardness with her own natural side, what her most comfortable and agreeable scene was, and replied with the dating scene with only Koji. “In my opinion, it is the scene where it shows the most similarity with me. With the actor who plays Koji, I still feel a little shy and awkward, and maybe that’s why I feel nervous. As I had the feeling without thinking that it was just acting, I thought ‘ah, so that’s how it feels’, and my mind was very comfortable during this scene.”

Taeyeon said she enjoyed watching , <200 Pound Beauty>, and recently . “I think it helps watching other actors’ performance,” and excitedly told her feelings about the musicals. “In <200 Pound Beauty>, I was surprised by Bada unnie. Her expressions and gestures change amazingly. It made me think a lot about sudden changes, concentration, and controlling your body. Recently, I watched Hong Rocky and Lee Jihoon oppas’ , and as it was the one I saw most recently, it helped the most in acting and the movements. I also try to watch Joohyun unnie’s performances.” Watching her talk about other works from the new point of view of someone that will be performing onstage, it seems like it’ll be a start to something new rather than just a short break from performances as a singer.

When asked how she felt when she didn’t like a performance, she replied, “I think and think about what I did wrong all day,” showing her understanding of her responsibilities and choices. Also, she knew how to naturally show the true Kim Taeyeon through her own will and how to enjoy and overcome the pressure. Now, she is catching her breath for a stage where she has to take the lead alone rather than nine members together. This is the moment when we can anticipate her new freedom onstage after a deep breath.

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Translated by: soCOOL@soshified.com / typicalharu@soshified.com
Credits to: invisibelle@soshified.com, themusical.co.kr

Original article Link: http://www.themusica...rt=12&num=16918