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#3980601 [10.06.11] SMTown Paris

Posted by Mawelli on 15 June 2011 - 05:31 AM

We had arrived the previous day and taken a taxi from the airport to arrive as quickly as possible to our Hotel and Le Zenith only to find out abou the fact that the soundcheck had been moved once again and was to be held on the day of the concert. We ended up going back to the hotel to help with the soshi bundles and eventually our room ended up as the storage room for the boxes of the SSF goodies for that first night. Since we stayed so late giving out the soshi stuff we tried to find McDonalds for food (which we didn’t) and so ended up missing the girls leave Le Zenith practice on that day. Luckily Seohyun had stayed longer than the rest of the girls for her duet song practices so we managed to catch her leaving.


So on the day of the first concert I woke up at 10 am to get ready for the distribution of the Soshi bundles. Showered and all, official pink Soshified shirt on, Jan and I went downstairs for breakfast to be told that breakfast had ended 7 minutes earlier. Great. We went back upstairs with empty stomachs to take a short nap before 11 am which was the time we had agreed with Micha to meetup in front of Etap Hotel to take the boxes full of goods to the distribution location; the shady spot under the highway next to the canal. We went down at 11 am and bumped into Matt. Us three then waited and the first to arrive was Chris, and soon Micha came with the car too. We quickly loaded the boxes into the car and it drove off to find the correct bridge we were going to be distributing under.

We got under the bridge and were waiting at the stairs next to the bridge for the car to arrive. At this time a bunch of fellow soshified people arrived who were going to help with distributing. (I’m extremely bad with names so pleeease forgive me >.<) After some waiting the car with the boxes arrived, apparently it had gotten stuck in traffic which would be no real suprise. An Irish Sone, Graham, saved my life by bringing packs of Lion chocolate bars and bottles of water. That chocolate bar was my first food since the previous days small sandwich that they gave out on the airplane. Life saver I thank you! ^^ I ate that and we carried the boxes down under the bridge. Graham was a huge help and he had helped us on the previous day and helped us a long time on the day of the concert too, only going to line up when we left for our soundcheck. Thank you!

We distributed to people who arrived at varrying times. Jan and Matt left off towards the park and closer to the subway entrance with their pink shirts on to guide everyone in the right direction, since we had moved the distribution location from a wonderful grassy spot close to the metro station to a highly suspicious dark spot under a bridge. At one point two security guards came to ask what was going on since it does seem suspicious to do dealings under a bridge. We told them we were just fandistributing and that it had been raining a moment earlier so we were under the bridge (or thats what Micha told us she said to them). They said it was okay to come out from hiding so we gave our stuff out behind the Zenith next to the bridge.

Since Molly had gone to pick up more stuff so I had been giving out the glowsticks to people at that time since 12. She arrived at around 1pm and we continued to give out the stuff as they slowly drifted to our spot. Some guy from the Zenith popped his head out the window and asked what we were doing but Micha as the professional she is handled it and we were left to be there with no problems.

It started to rain then and we had to move our stuff back under the bridge. Me and Molly then picked up the Soshified banner and decided to take it towards the Metro entrance so that people could see it and come ask for directions better. We carried the banner in the rain from both ends so it was open and people could see. We had a couple of people come and ask us for directions when we held it. We met up with Matt and Molly stayed with him to hold it up as me and Jan went to get some food from McD’s, first meal so far.

We took the food with us and ran back to the distribution spot. Jan stayed to eat as I had to run back to the hotel to take my camera there. I got back to the distribution spot, exhausted at 2:45PM. I was able to eat my cheeseburger, sip some of my coke and eat half of my fries before me and Jan ran to the front of the Zenith. I was going to eat the Big Mac later but unfortunately it was thrown away D:
When we got to the front of Zenith there were tons of people in line. We kept on asking the security where to go with soundcheck and nobody knew. One of them directed us to the general line and we ran around there asking the guards but none of them knew. Luckily on the goodies selling side a SMTown staff member was talking with the guards and I tugged on his shirt and asked the way to soundcheck. He knew (finally) and pointed us in the right direction. It was 3:05PM at that point and we were scared we were going to miss it. We met up with the rest of the soundcheck people; Molly, Vin, Nichole, Micha, Matt, Sara, Chris .

We waited in the area until we finally were allowed in to the front of Zenith. We were told that the soundcheck was 30 minutes and that we were going to get no goodies. People were seriously pissed but we still went in the soundcheck at 3:30.

I can’t remember who were on the stage that well, Eunhyuk was and Hyoyeon! She looked so beautiful and gorgeous seriously. She had a white long sleeved shirt with a huge red heart on the front and then form fitting jeans. She absolutely shined. I’m pretty sure my heart stopped at that moment and I was having a hard time walking to take a seat since I kept on staring at her perfection. JUST EVERYTHING OF PERFECT. I kept on bumping and almost tripping but eventually found my way to sit down.

The other people came out a bit later I think (Taemin might have been there already too, I just focused on Hyo so I forget) Yoona, Sooyoung, Yuri, Luna and Victoria, Minho and Donghae. I can’t remember the details of their practice too well cause, well, I was just staring at our girls and yeah...they all were perfect. Yoona was wearing a big relaxed t-shirt and pants, Yuri had (I’m so sorry for forgetting your clothing but I was more concerned with your hips than clothes) and Sooyoungs outfit was, like so wonderful. She had a black/brown (if I’m remembering correclty) sleeveless shirt and then a red short skirt on which showed her lovely, lovely, so lovely legs well. The best! Thank you Sooyoung for wearing that skirt!

They practicesd parts individually and paired up. There was some HyoHyuk practicing and then HyoRi <3 together too. At some point when HyoRi were doing the moves and concentrating hard SooNa were behind them and doing wacky dances and just fooling around. They kept on doing weird stuff and were laughing very much. Lovely interaction.
All the girls practiced at one point and we were just all...like...wow. There are really no words to describe the feeling. And then the train part where they hold each others hips from the back, Hyoyeon just layed down on Yuri’s back and instead of shaking her hips moved her whole body left to right, making Yuri move along with her. Srsly Kim Choding and Im Choding in the back was just laughing really hard.

The whole group performed the dance battle and in the end Eunyuk, Luna and Hyo performed the whole dance battle again. Seriously, when you see the girls dance live, and once you see Hyoyeons perfection and fierceness live on stage, that’s when you’ve seen dancing. It was just mind blowing.
Unfortunately the soundcheck ended too quickly. We were led to the front hall of Zenith out of the performance hall but we stood there waiting for the rain to die down (?) or then they were figuring out where to throw us. Eventually they just lead us out to the same place we had been waiting earlier. We were standing there under the small shelter from rain and were pretty pissed off about not getting goodies and the soundcheck so Micha gathere a list of names and emails which would be then given to Live Nation.

We stood out in the rain and finally were let to line up to get in, but they also let the rest of the people rush in and we had a bunch of wild people run and even get inside before us. But we had seats so no real rush to get in. When we got in we all rushed to the food stand first, right passed the goodies. We were sooo hungry and bought a baguette and coke before the goodies. I got a SMTown small towel, tumblr and Hyoyeon fan. Molly, Jan, Matt and I had seats in the E section and we had to go our seperate ways from our fellow SSF people since they were in the O section.

We were sitting in between cassies and elfs but our seats were really good. They were right at the edge next to the center entrance to the hall and fourth row so we had a perfect view of the whole stage and we were close to see what was going on even in the big back stage. We waited for an hour or so and finally at 7 pm the perfs started.

F(x) was first to go and after their perf she said “I’ll be performing with my sister Jessica”. Obviously we went wild knowing it was going to be Tik Tok. Sica had really form fitting red jeans and the tummeh is...well. Sexeh Sica tummeh. That is all.

Seohyun was the next to perform from soshi her duet with Kyuhyun. She had a white dress and looked perfect. Her singing was perfect and her voice just melted my heart immediately. The walked from the big stage to the extended Y sectiona nd Seohyun came to our side, the left side. We were screaming really loud. Our maknae has grown to be so beautiful. She is the angel of our century. Really with that white dress... SEOHYUN IS THE ANGEL OF THIS CENTURY!

The girls performed RDR first and we could see that it was them before they began their perf and us four were screaming before the lights came on and showed our girls. Perfect execution of RDR. Next they introduced them and I can’t remember the details of what they said really. Sica spoke english as did Fany. The rest said something in French and Korean. I just remember the loudest screams that Hyoyeon got. Hyohunnies everywhere <333 and Sunny and Sooyoung got loud screams. When they scream for Hyo she wasn’t able to say anything and stumbled on her words. Sunny’s eyes went really open when they screamed for her. It was so wonderful to see and hear.

They performed My Child next, at the marching part they marched in one line to the extended stage, Tae in the lead and cutely pointing the direction where to go >.< so adorable! And they waved at everyone.

HaHaHa was the next song to be performed by them and they ran around the stages waving at people. The Soshied foam hearts really grabbed attention. And...I died cause...well..HYOYEON POINTED AT ME! A magical moment. Hyoyeon was on the left side extended stage part and she was waving at people in the pit. I was waving my Hyo fan and heart around and suddenly Hyoyeon looked up and her face brightened up. She straightened herself up, smiled really wide and pointed at me! AT ME! She saw had seen my fan and she pointed at me and then waved brightly. Oh God....it was just. I prolly missed half of the rest of HaHaHa performance cause I was just spazzing and shouting to Molly and Jan ”She saw me! She saw me! She saw me!”

Then the next epic moment was during Himnae, they’re next song. At the end at ”Yes its yoooou~” SEOHYUN POINTED AT US! Ahhh all of sitting there were just spazzing like crazy after that. Luckily the cassies in front of us had sat down so the girls could see our row of 4 pink shirts and support package so thanks to them I think Seo could see us. >.< Maknae our angel, thank you Seohyun...thank you <3

Kissing You came next and the crow was able to sing along to the main parts of Kissing you Baby and loving you baby. Genie was performed after other artists performed in between. Most people didn’t know the fanchants but could repeat the last word of the sentence. Regardless the peformance was good as always and seeing Genie live is...sexy. Those legs are hypnotic.

They came back out later performing Hoot and then at the end of that perf ran up to the extended stage and performed Oh! We shouted the fanchants faithfully but I think there were too little SONEs in the pit for the girls to hear them properly. The final performance was Gee and everyone knew this song in the venue so it got the best cheers and fanchants. I think people who didn’t necessarily even like SNSD that much liked this song, as people were dancing and singing to it, even the cassies who sat in front of us and usually were sitting down during our girls performances.

All of the artists came out and said their thank yous without major spectacle and sang Sorry Sorry and then left. During the concert there had been 2 media people who had asked to take pictures of us 4 in our Soshified attire. When I was leaving the hall through the central passage way another cameraman asked to take a picture of me. He was like ”Sorry, excuse me. Hyoyeon? Hyoyeon! Picture?” And I obliged. I think he was a Hyohunnie too :P

Outside of the venue, after getting loads of water from the toilet and drinking it all up, we were standing in a wonderful group of pink. Someone came to ask to interview with a camera and asked if we spoke french. Micha was talking to someone else behind us but we pulled her in front and made her speak for us. She nailed it (or I think so but can’t tell since I don’t speak french xD). After that another interviewer came to ask questions with an audio recorder. They asked us all where we came from, about the concert, what it felt like to see them live, how was it different from TV/PC performances, just general questions. We told how unreal it all felt, how excited we were and how all the SMTown artists were awesome. They asked about our favourite songs and we named mainly Soshi-ballads, I personally said Mistake as one of my favourites, though we did tell them it was impossible to choose a favorite since all of them are so wonderful. We even named songs from their new Japanese album. Us Soshified people know our SNSD ^^ We were asked to sing a song and ended up singing Gee. We sounded absolutely awful with our voices gone and cracking but it was from the bottom of our heart.

We went our seperate ways and Jan and I arrived at our hotel room. We had heard there were still tickets being sold so to support our girls we had decided to try and get some pit tickets. Molly our hero found 3 pits and messaged me at 1:31 AM that she had two tickets and at 2:03 she had found a third one and would pick them up the next day. After that I fell asleep.
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