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#6628557 [COMP] Let's Review

Posted by Vapour on 10 September 2014 - 08:17 AM

Let's Review - Episode 1 - Make a wish


Album title: 소원을 말해봐 (Genie) (otherwise known as Tell Me Your Wish)

No. of tracks: 6

Album length: ~22 minutes

Packaging: 7/10

Concept: 5/5

Songs: 7/10

Overall: 19/25 - 76% satisfaction rating

Comments: My personal favourite concept, backed up with some good songs but not outstanding packaging.


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Thank you for reading, comments are most appreciated!

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#6626982 [COMP] Let's Review

Posted by Vapour on 08 September 2014 - 03:50 AM

Let's Review


Welcome to Da Funk's review thread where I hope to provide you, the reader, with some insight into the various merchandise of Girls' Generation and maybe even influence a purchase of yours.


Now, I'm no trained musician so the reviews won't contain some deep and profound messages (if I can help it) but more the thoughts of a common or garden sone.


I do hope that you find my reviews helpful and, with a bit of luck and maybe some money, entertaining to read.




Each review will start with a quick summary of the merchandise in question, so that those who don't wish to read an in-depth look can still get a feel for the item.


Please remember that all opinions are, of course, my own but I encourage people to reply with their own thoughts and opinions.


Thank you for the time you take to read my reviews.


Helpful hints


Whilst "Concept" has a score in the summary, it is only briefly touched upon when discussing the packaging due to the amount of personal preference attached to it.


Overall ratings are judged as such:

0-30% = Poor

31-50% = Lacklustre

51-60% = Average

61-70% = Good

71-90% = Fantastic

91-100% = Outstanding







In Progress





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