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10 September 2014 - 12:40 PM

I love how thorough your reviews are. They remind me of mine, since I like to add as many details as possible. :) I agree with pretty much everything you have to say about the songs. I, too, would give Genie and My Child the highest ratings, and Boyfriend is probably my least favorite on the album.


Looking forward to reading your other reviews!

In Topic: [COMP] Reviews of Total Sophistication

31 August 2014 - 03:37 PM

I know I said this to you yesterday, but I love your reviews! They are so funny, but they're also informative. I especially like your You Are My Destiny review - that was great.  :laugh: I haven't watched it, but now I want to!


Anyway, good job. I'll definitely keep an eye on this thread. :)

In Topic: [COMP] Katie's Album Review Corner

15 August 2014 - 05:37 PM

Hi guys! I am so sorry that I have not posted a review in nearly 6 months. I have been going through a very tough time since April, and I didn't have the energy to write. I've wanted to review Mr. Mr. since it came out, so here it is. Enjoy! :)
The 4th Mini Album: Mr. Mr.
Note: I won't talk about the look/packaging of this album because I do not have a physical copy yet. Once I get one, I will add to this review.
For their first Korean promo cycle since 2013's I Got A Boy, So Nyuh Shi Dae returned with, in my opinion, their best mini-album yet. Despite several slip-ups on SM Entertainment's part, the group managed to release a great collection of songs that shows their transformation from cute girls to classy ladies.
1. Mr. Mr. - This is one of my favorite SNSD title tracks and an all-around fantastic pop song. Some fans were disappointed with the song, and some needed time for it to grow on them, but I thought it was perfect from the very first listen. The girls' vocals are great (especially during the final chorus) and they just ooze confidence. My favorite line is "상처로 깨진 유리조각도 별이 되는 너 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. (Sangcheoro kkaejin yurijogakdo/Byeori doeneun neo Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.)." Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun each get a shot at singing this in the chorus, and each of them nails it. I also like the English translation a lot: "You make broken glass from scars turn into stars." I find that so poetic and beautiful!  10/10.
2. Goodbye - A funky song where the girls get to show off their singing skills. I love the fact that Jessica gets to lead the second chorus; it seems like she's been getting less lines lately, and I miss hearing her voice! Also, I was very impressed with Hyoyeon's part in the second verse. I like her unique voice a lot, and her singing has definitely improved over the years. Sunny did a wonderful job too. Aside from the vocals, I enjoyed the music very much. With all the electronic, synthesized sounds in K-pop today, it's refreshing to listen to actual instruments! Goodbye is a new, more mature style for SNSD, and I hope they continue down this path. 10/10.
3. Europa - This is probably the least memorable track on the album, but it's still a nice song. It sounds a bit like a leftover from the girls' earlier albums. The main highlight for me is the chorus - I enjoy the high parts in the middle (especially Sunny's at the 3-minute mark!) and Yoona's spoken lines at the end. 8/10. 
4. Wait a Minute - I LOVE this song! It has a very retro, sassy feel. The one that stands out the most here is Tiffany; with her sultry low voice and ad-libs at the end, I feel like the song was made for her. Another successful experiment for the girls! 10/10.
5. Back Hug - No SNSD album is complete without a ballad, and Back Hug is a great one. Here, the girls go back to their softer side, singing about how much they enjoy spending time with a loved one (most likely a significant other). Each chorus ends with the adorable and poignantly sweet line, "Always, you cover my heart." The girls' vocals are very mellow and soothing, especially when they all sing "Ooooohhh~ Hey yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahhhh~" at the beginning. If you're feeling stressed out, just put your headphones on and get lost in this song. 9/10.
6. Soul - This is a Korean remake of a song the girls originally recorded in Chinese. I haven't listened to that version much, so I can't say which is better, but I think the Korean one is pretty good. I like Tiffany and Hyoyeon's rap section a lot. To sum things up,  Soul is a very fast-paced song that will give you a lot of energy. I suggest you listen to it while walking, dancing, or working out to get the full effect. 7.5/10.
Overall: I was extremely impressed with this mini-album. Each of the six tracks brings something different to the table, and I can tell that the girls worked hard to improve their vocals and upgrade their sound. I am glad that Hyoyeon is getting more recognition, both onscreen and in the studio. She still doesn't have a lot of individual singing parts, but the lines she does have are wonderful. Songs like Mr. Mr., Goodbye, and Wait a Minute really show that SNSD are beginning to move away from the stereotypical "K-pop idol" image, which I love. I am obsessed with their older, cutesy songs, but as they get older, I think it's better for them to work with more mature concepts. I can't wait to see what the future holds for these nine talented young women.
My Top 3:
Mr. Mr.
Wait a Minute

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29 May 2014 - 11:47 AM

My favorite track from Love & Peace! Not only is the song beautiful, the lyrics are great too. I can relate to them...I often feel like I'm hiding my true self from people, and I get tired of it.

In Topic: [MINI] Mr. Mr.

05 March 2014 - 04:17 PM

I completely agree with your opinion on the title track! I've seen quite a few negative comments on it, but I absolutely love it. Wait a Minute is my other fave from this mini-album.