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"I don't think that Girls' Generation will ever be broken apart, even after many years have gone by." - Kim TaeYeon Updated 30 Sep · 0 comments

About Me

A little about me...
Where are you located in the world?
sunny SoCal 

How did you discover 소녀시대?
I was looking for a new genre in music since I was bored of the mainstream boring American music, so I asked a friend of mine for some Japanese music but she didn't know of any. She did, however know about the world of Kpop, so she told me to listen to her favorite group which happened to be SNSD! From then on i just wanted to learn more about the 9 nine beautiful angels. So since the summer of 2009 I've been a sone.

Who is your favorite member of 소녀시대?
I'm a hardcore GorJess Spazzer all the way!! ahaha

What is your favourite song?
My favorite song is, and always will be Into the New World, because I think it captures everything in 4 minutes and 25 seconds about the world the girls entered and how they dreamed and are still dreaming to this day.

How did you find Soshified?
I think i found soshified through.... youtube?? when I was watching some of SNSD's shows subbed by soshified so I decided to check it out but didn't decide to join until now sadly sad.png
What are your hobbies/interests?
Loving SNSD LOL, but besides that swimming, water polo, sport shooting, and reading lots and lots fanfics.
Have any good one to recommend? I'm always looking for a good read.

Do you have any other favorite Kpop band/artist outside of 소녀시대? If so, who?
OF COURSE!!! Time to list.... LOL
f(x), Wonder Girls, TVXQ, SHINee, SuJu, Kara, T-ara, EXO, A Pink, BoA, CNBlue, Kim TaeWoo, Sistar, Girls Day IU, 2PM.

All Time Favorite Fanfics:



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Favorite SoShi Quotes

Jigeumeun, So Nyuh Shi Dae! Apuroudo, So Nyuh Shi Dae! Yongwonhi, So Nyuh Shi Dae! - SNSD

"The thing that's changed is time not Girls' Generation." - Kim TaeYeon

"Between people who truly care and love each other, there are times where you don't need to say anything at all. Those emotions that are hard to express with words. Things like "I love you" and "Thank you"... you don't really need to say those words." - Kim Taeyeon

"I don't think that Girls' Generation will ever be broken apart, even after many years have gone by." - Kim TaeYeon

“I wish SNSD’s way down can be more beautiful than anyone else’s and that we will enjoy what we have right now. I wish we would all do things with a positive mind.” - Jessica Jung

"Through love and hate, we've become another family." - Jessica

"We stay fresh by being silly." - Jessica Jung

“Although she departed from me first, she left me with eight sisters. So I want to thank both my mom and God...” - Stephanie Hwang

“They say ‘Lucky Number 7’ but Lucky Number 9 has been ingrained in my head. My lucky number is 9.” - Stephanie Hwang

"It feels like a time when we realize that there has to be nine.” - Stephanie Hwang

"I still have dominating the world left on my list." - Stephanie Hwang

“Unhealthy diets and junk foods accumulate and eventually you’ll die.” - Seo Juhyun

“Taeyeon sings the best among the girl groups. That is what I hear in my ears” - Lee Soonkyu

"Nine people who are very different from each other, have now become one." - Choi SooYoung

"To me, SNSD is not a place to gain money or fame, it's a place to learn about life." - Choi Sooyoung

"That's why we're SNSD. We make up for each other's weaknesses." - Choi Sooyoung

"Nine of us being together is more important than anything else." - Kim HyoYeon

Some other Quotes to think about

"Everyone is a SONE, they just don't know it yet." -iceprincessy

With a happyish ending laid out and guessed, a squel that doesn't alter course is just an epilogue. A LONG epilogue. No suspense, no reward. I mean, 700 pages in, aren't ya'll still wondering what's going to happen??? That's a great thing. That's...storytelling I think." - Auratus to any aspiring writers out there.

"Idols, even if they have been stabbed in the back, can only look forward at their fans, they cannot look behind. Even if their backs have been badly scarred and mutilated, they definitely cannot look back, because once they look back, the fans in front of them will see the wounds. They will worry, and they will cry." - Lee Hyukjae



"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains, and is immortal." - anonymous  

"Do not be upset about the result from the work you did not put in." - anonymous 



GorJess Spazzer's Vow

As a Gorjess Spazzer,

I swear to stay loyal to Sica Princess.

Be her pillow when she needs to sleep.

Be her warrior to extinguish cucumbers.

To remember that Sica is not really an Ice Princess,

but the only princess that can melt my heart.

Be the one to watch over her when she zones out.

To admire her warm and soothing voice,

weather she speaks perfect English or does a dolphin like scream.

And most importantly keep Jung SooYeon in my heart.



cr: Akla for banner 2, &, 3 and sayhellotothestars for banner 4,5,&, 6

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