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#6277291 [OTHERS] What It Means To Be a SONE

Posted by SNSDbias4lyf on 04 October 2013 - 02:44 AM

I may not be a SONE since SNSD started.

I may not be with them when they faced those hardships they had when they were just rookies.

I may not be those who can go to their concerts in other countries whenever they have a tour.

But I know,

That even if it took me sometime to become a SONE, I am sure that I can love them forever.

That even if I'm not their to cry with them when they felt tired before, I will be there to stay and be there for them whenever they cry in sadness or in joy.

That even if I can't see them in person, I am sure to watch them from afar cheering for them in front of the screen and be a proud SONE that I am.

Because I know that I am destined to be a SONE. They are destined to be SNSD. And SONE and SNSD are destined to be together.

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