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#7004503 [COMP] Old SNSD Perfomances

Posted by SoshiSNSD09 on 08 December 2016 - 02:58 AM

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Disclaimer: its my first review so i hope i'm doing things right lol. And i think its probably going to be a compilation. (screams OT9)


So basically, i'm going to review about this Into The New World performance at Girls & Peace Concert in Seoul (2013). 


To start off, we have the beautiful pink ocean visible once the lights are turned on and we have Seohyun starting off the song with the first line of the chorus followed by Jessica then Tiffany then Taeyeon. After that we have a beautiful TaengSic harmony (i'm such a trash for TaengSic harmony tbh) at 0:17, which continues with the rest of the girls continuing with the song without background music until the 42th second. I actually love the first 42 seconds so much, it had so much emotions in it when the girls sang them, maybe because of the absence of background music. When they stood in a circle and sang, damn the OT9 feels i had in me exploded, and when Taengsic harmonized i just died. The girls then started the song in proper from the beginning again, and we have a beautiful performance presented in front of us.


Moving on to the vocals, i think it was great overall. Taeyeon and Jessica killed it especially. I'm not sure if its because it was edited, but the dance line (with the exception of Hyoyeon) + sometimes Jessica sounded like they were lip syncing. I'm not complaining or anything i am just curious haha because its so obvious(?), especially Jessica sometimes it sounded recorded sometimes it sounds live (her adlibs that is). Seohyun,Sunny & Tiffany also did great.


I actually like the outfits, they were simple yet pretty, very fitting to SNSD. The snap-backs/pink ribbons they wore looked great on them. The dancing however, i felt, wasn't that energetic compared to some of their other ITNW performances. I think its because they were focusing more on the singing than the dancing, which i don't mind tbh. Overall a great performance for me, they performed well.


Overall Review:
Vocals: 9.5/10

Dance: 7/10

Outfits: 9/10

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