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#4439666 [10.24.11] Unexpected encounter with Jessica and Krystal at Times Square afte...

Posted by gouache on 26 October 2011 - 04:04 PM

This is more like a "what just happened" or "why didn't I do this" fanaccount. Sorry if the story goes back and forth. It still seems like a dream to me.

Monday morning, very early morning, around midnight, me and 3 other friends (V,D,S to make it easier since I will be talking about them too) were waiting in front of a sushi restaurant next to W hotel. We were trying to catch a glimpse of anyone coming in the hotel. We looked like fangirls/boy with one holding a Taeyeon fan and I had a pink balloon. We saw a few SuJu members walk in. I only remember Donghae and Shindong, can't remember who the other members were. They came with a van not the SMTown Bus. Because it was so cold and windy that night, we decided to face the other side of the restaurant, facing the red stairs.
Around 1-2AM, S and I saw a korean guy and (I'm pretty sure) a hotel staff passed in front of us walking towards W. S and I were thinking he might be a staff of SM. A moments later D tried calling me and S. I thought that can wait since an SM Artist might pass by. Apparently D saw the korean staff guy and hotel staff come out from a secret passageway with none other, Jessica and Krystal. S and I were still looking towards W and didn't even pay attention when Jess was a few feet behind us. D called V to confirm if the girls she saw were Jess and Krystal since she's not a fan and does not know for sure who's who in SNSD. V also was not sure since she had light make up on and it was a bit dark. But D and V followed behind Jess and Krystal to confirm, in other words, they were stalking lol. Jess and Krystal were walking with two other girls. Maybe their cordi.
V called S over and said to her that they might have seen Jess and Krystal. I, on the other hand, still did not care about their founding. I thought maybe they wanted to mess around or something. But then a few minutes later V dragged me and said that I should come with him or else I'll regret not seeing Jessica in person lol.
At first I didn't believe what he was saying but I just followed behind him, running. And there they were. 4 girls walking just a few feet in front of me. Sica was wearing a 3/4 jacket. Krystal was also wearing a 3/4 jacket but she had her hood on. Both weren't wearing heels. Unlike their cordi/friend were very stylish and using heels. I know they know we were following them so they walked a bit faster. I had to throw my balloon away because it was slowing me down lol. Then I was thinking I needed a pen since I wanted their autograph and decided not to follow them anymore then went inside Walgreens hoping they wont go back to the hotel asap.

- A little interlude. This happened when I didn't care they saw Jess and I was waiting near W hotel. alone :(
So V, D, and S followed Jess up to the LG screen that had SMTown clips. Bear in mind all three of my friends were still not sure if it was Jessica. S even took a few steps in front of Jess to take a good look of the girls. But as soon as Jess spoke up, V noticed it and immediately confirmed its her all right. Jess and Krystal took a picture there. Both stretched their hands, like an airplane, leaning towards each other forming a V. S and D tried to take a picture of them. That's when both my friends got the glare of ice princess lol. She then pleadingly told them not to take pictures. So then Jung Sisters + 2 friends decided to shake them off by walking away. This is when I came running a block away XD
- I can't believe I missed this part. If I was there, I would've told them not to take pics. Cos I know they're not allowed by their managers especially since Jess had little make up on. Way to be on the bad side of Jessica, friends.

Ok, so we lost Jess and decided to wait around the red stairs. I saw the bus come by heading towards the hotel. All of us ran towards it and saw Yunho, Changmin, Luna, Amber, and Onew getting off the bus. Luna was so sweet. She smiled and waved at us all. Amber also smiled. After that the crowd got smaller. People started to leave thinking that's the end of it. My friends and I went back to sit around the red stairs. A half an hour later or maybe more, I saw 4 girls walking towards us. They were still a block away but I know for sure that's Jess and Krystal and cordis/friends. As they got closer, I panicked and froze. I couldn't stand up. They stopped right behind me and took pictures with the red stairs. Krystal had her hood off and I can see her face clearly. I was thinking this is the time to go to them and ask for an autograph. But then I thought there are still fans around, I don't want to invade their privacy. If I go up to them, I'm pretty sure 10 other fans will follow. Jess looked tired. I didn't want to pressure her. Jess and Krystal was looking at us, too. They were prolly thinking how to escape from us again. But then I let them go. It's not worth seeing them mobbed because of my selfishness.

Additional notes:
- Jessica and Krystal were so skinny. TV makes them a little full and healthy. In real life, they're too skinny. I wanted to tell them to eat more.
- They were both pretty even with the circumstances.
- I bet Jessica still remember my friends cos I know for sure they will always remember her glare lol
- I didn't get their signature but at least I saw them in person. It should be enough for now.
- Next goal is skinship. I want to shake hands with any of them
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