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#5707889 Suggestions/Ideas for new products

Posted by Soshi #9 on 11 November 2012 - 07:26 PM

I don't know if this was already suggested but how about Soshi rings with their signatures on it or a specific member's signature and a unique design for that ring?
As well as a specific color for that ring depending on the memeber's favorite color?
For example,like most of us knows, Tiffany loves Pink so how about throwing in some rings that are Pink?
I think that all Soshified members should get one to show their bond for Snsd

Second how about some light sticks that are Pink?
I think it will be fun if Soshified each month gave prizes to specific Soshified members
for a competition of artwork,drawing,one-shot stories,etc...
Hmm what do you think?
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