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#6790848 [COMP] Reviews of Total Sophistication

Posted by GGFanJan on 07 April 2015 - 08:47 AM

Another nice review, good job. ^^


This album is probably my favorite Korean(full length) album, because imo it's very consistent. Unlike their following albums, where they'd mix cute and fierce sounding songs, this is pretty much cute songs throughout. And they're all very relaxing, that's why I like this album so much. Pretty much a perfect album to wind down to.

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#6789180 [2015.03.29] Malaysian F1 Post Race Concert

Posted by GGFanJan on 04 April 2015 - 12:06 PM

That was really a good read, I enjoyed it throughout. ^^ Thank you for sharing the atmosphere of the performance & everything, you described everything so nicely. It means a lot to me, since I've never had the opportunity to see the girls live. Also, I'm glad you addressed the rumors about the quality of their performance, those talks on twitter are outblown and very misleading.


Glad you had a good time, thank you for sharing your experience. ^^

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#6437228 [ALBUM] Girls' Generation 1st Japanese Album

Posted by GGFanJan on 18 February 2014 - 06:25 AM

Thank you for your review, it was on point and I agree with almost everything you said. ^^


The Great Escape is my favorite song on the album too, it's just so good! I didn't really feel Beautiful Stranger, it's my least favorite.


I really liked Born To Be a Lady, but I do agree it was unoriginal and sounded similar to their previous ballads.


What I liked the most about this album is its strong, mature vibe. There weren't any cutesy songs, except for Gee and we can let that one slide since it's a remake. The other two Japanese albums had their share of cute, immature songs (Love & Girls and Beep Beep first come to mind) and I really don't know why. SNSD did better in Japan with their sexy and mature songs like Genie, Mr.Taxi and Papparazzi, because they set them apart from the Japanese girl groups who mostly do sweet and innocent concepts.


The second and especially the third Japanese album were quite disappointing in comparison with their first one. But I guess it was hard to follow the perfection that is this album, the girls said it themselves.


10/10 for me! ^^

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