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About Me

The first thing you may notice about me is I write a lot. Much more than I would speak, in fact.

I am half English and half Chinese, which is the reason behind my user name; my Chinese Grandfather gave me a Chinese name: "占美", so there you go. I can't actually speak Chinese, but don't tell anyone! :P I'm very proud of my Asian roots, although I'm mostly affected by Western culture. My earliest idol was Bruce Lee, but in recent years (from 2008, to be exact) his philosophies began to affect me more deeply.

Because I like martial arts, I also like the Dead Or Alive game series. One day, in October 2011, I was browsing the page of Ayane – my favourite DOA girl – and learned of the Dead Fantasy fan-made series, which the creator, Monty Oum (sadly now deceased), had even made a couple of music videos for. Thus, I learned of "Dead Fantasy - Gee", and it took only one listen for me to think: "Wow, this is really catchy". Since I already had a thing for memorising foreign language songs (thanks, Jackie Chan), I had to learn it, but I soon became curious as to the girls behind the song. I began investigating more, and the rest is history...

See, I was going somewhere with all that. I'm particularly proud of this "back-story" because it means I actually heard the girls before seeing them; though, their Earth-shattering good looks also caught my attention, naturally.

I find it hard to choose a bias and it's shifted quite a bit over the years, but I admire all the girls for their own attributes:
Taeyeon's voice is incredible, and she's so wacky that she makes me laugh more than any of the other girls (or she used to, anyway; now she seems quite gloomy and withdrawn).
Jessica has a perfect balance of cuteness and regal beauty (the two ends of the "beauty spectrum") and I think has the most distinctive voice.
Sunny is known for her cuteness, but I think she's the sexiest out of the girls, as well as kind of crazy, but more importantly she's very hard-working and multi-talented.
Tiffany is just a lovely bundle of joy who'll cheer even the gloomiest of people up. I admire her strength; she's been through an awful lot, yet you'd never know.
Hyoyeon really proved her dancing skills in DWTS2, genuinely impressing me, even if she didn't win. She's a dancing legend and I admire her athleticism.
Yuri is sexy af has such a good work-ethic, yet she's also a loveable, crazy prankster and asides from that has a few things in common with me. I think of her as SNSD's biggest oddball; she's nuts, yet introverted, hyper, yet laid back, one minute she's the second ice princess, the next she's a total goofball. And when answering questions or interacting with fans, she comes out with the most random things, it's hilarious.
Sooyoung has got such an incredibly charming and generous personality, and amuses the spit out of me with her "Christina" imitation voice! I feel she's the best all-rounder, good at the most areas, with no real weaknesses.
Yoona, I find so adorable. Her laugh is my favourite and I could actually listen to her "aegyo voice" all day. Honestly, I can probably do an even more annoying voice, with all the practice I had on my gerbil, Basil!
And last of all: Seohyun. I just think if everyone were more like her, there would be no problems with the world today. She is an example to us all and I love her just for that.

Random connections I have with the girls.

Taeyeon and I are both short-sighted.
I have a cousin named Jessica.
My desktop monitor was an LG one before I ever knew of the girls and their endorsement of the brand!
Yuri and I are both "health nuts"; we like to exercise; I used to do Yoga, like her, but discontinued it in favour of martial arts. We also both seem to be someone introverted and prefer the country to the city.
Seohyun and I have a few things in common: she's fairly quiet and reserved, likes healthy eating and she's even made efforts to aid in conservation of marine life. My hero. (Of course, she's better looking than me, and I wish I were as hardworking and polite to people.) Our birthdays are also only 4 days apart.
Tiffany's Korean name: "Hwang Mi-young", is written in Hanja as "黄美英". So she has a "美" in her name just like me!
Yoona's surname: "Im", is written in Hanja as "林", exactly the same as my mother's maiden name! So could Yoona and I be distant relatives?!
But weirdest of all: August 5th. Could it really be just coincidence that the date of SNSD's debut is also the birthday of Ayane from DOA, whose page on the DOA wiki is what led me to SNSD! AND August 5th is also my Grandmother's birthday!

What I love most about SNSD is that whilst they are all so beautiful, talented and successful, they are also so genuine, down-to-earth, funny, hardworking and really, properly kind and caring. I respect them enormously, not as idols, but as fellow people, who I'd honestly love to just hang around and be friends with.

I do worry about them sometimes. I hope they are treated as they should be: like people, with feelings, lives and rights, rather than machines, that can be overworked and exploited purely for financial gain. I hope they get enough time to rest and to be the wonderful people that they are, and I hope that everything they do, they do by their own choice. If they're happy; I'm happy. (Cliche, I know. But, it's true)

Jigeumeun So Nyeo Shi Dae!
Apeorodo So Nyuh Shi Dae!
Yeongwonhi So Nyuh Shi Dae!

If you've read this far: thank you! I appreciate it! I'm writing this more for myself than anyone else. :P
If you share any of my concerns, or have even weirder SNSD connections and/or back-stories than me, please feel free to tell me!

I am also a "Once" (fan of TWICE) with a massive crush on Sana. So I am a Sone and a Once. I'm a So-once, lol.

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