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About Me

Hi, guys! Call me Francis. I'm a Filipino guy who's a bit of a computer geek. If there are fellow geeks out there, feel free to PM me, alright? :-)
As you can probably guess, my username is a reference to TiffanyJessica, and Seohyun's song Bad Oppa. I'm the Good Oppa, you see?  :P
My avatar is from the Japanese show Mecha Mecha Iketeru that Shoujo Jidai guest starred in back in 2012. This was the episode where Taeyeon said the cute line "私の豆!" ("Watashi no mame!" / "My pea!") just as the guy in my avatar was handing her back her favorite dukong. Me, I'd give Taeyeon all the dukong toys in the world if she wanted me to. :)
It all started back in 2010. During that time, I really disliked K-Pop, and was in fact somewhat ambivalent towards Korean culture. I remember when Wonder Girls' Nobody became a hit single here in the Philippines. It was played on the radio non-stop, and I couldn't stand it! I swear, back then, I felt like if someone near me started singing "I want nobody, nobody but you!" he wouldn't be able to finish that line, because he'd be on the floor with a bloody nose before the second "nobody". Then when Super Junior came here to perform a concert, I'd point at the advertisements and laugh, making fun of the members' girly looks. And I remember thinking "What's the point of having so many guys in one group?!" As you can see, I wasn't very open-minded about K-Pop at that point.
Then something weird happened. One day, a friend showed me the music video for Gee. He presented it as the latest viral YouTube video from South Korea. At first I thought, "Ugh, another Wonder Girls?! Fine, it could be worth a laugh or two, might as well get it over with..." But to my surprise... I actually liked it! I mean, I tried making fun of it. "Haha, super bright colors, super girly song, awkward English, etc." But the more I watched the girls (so many pretty faces!), the more mesmerized I became. And later when my friend changed his ringtone to Gee just for the lulz, I found that I wasn't annoyed at all.
That's when it hit me: I finally found a K-Pop group that I liked: 少女時代!
Yoona was my first bias, mostly because hers was the first name I learned, and she's quite cute. Though to be honest I had trouble differentiating her from Yuri (who I now like more).
Next, I became interested in the Americans (Tiffany and Jessica, of course). I liked how I could watch some of their interviews and not need to have anything translated. Also, both of them are great singers, and the fact that they don't make Engrish-like mistakes when they do covers of American songs is a great bonus.
Eventually, I ended up liking Taeyeon more and more. I guess I stopped caring that she's not fluent in English, and just started to appreciate her as the cute, adorable singing sensation that she is.
Here's my Top 5 SNSD members (in terms of overall appeal, beauty+talent+personality):

  • Taeyeon
  • Tiffany
  • Yuri
  • Jessica
  • Yoona

Really, though, I like all of them. They all have positive aspects in my eyes. Seohyun seems like a smart, musically-gifted girl. Sooyoung is good with languages, which is awesome. Hyoyeon (my third favorite back in the Gee era) is the best dancer. Sunny is cheerful and funny, and is a great singer to boot.
SNSD is still the only K-Pop group I can be considered a real fan of, but I've outgrown my initial distaste for the genre. I even like other parts of Korean culture now (especially Korean food, which I started enjoying soon after I became a SONE). All thanks to our Soshi girls. :)
Here's a list what I think are the best SNSD songs so far (in no particular order):

  • You-aholic
  • Genie (Japanese version)
  • Sunflower
  • Vitamin
  • Romantic St.
  • All My Love is For You
  • Twinkle
  • Stay Girls
  • Into the New World
  • Trick
  • Baby Steps
  • Beginning
  • Way to Go!
  • Baby Maybe
  • Wake Up
  • Lips
  • Karma Butterfly
  • Goodbye
  • Whisper
  • Indestructible
  • Check

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