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About Me

Hello Helllooo ^^ The name is Kenny~~~

Since it would feel weird telling people things about me I'll just list some random things :P

I'm a really really reaaaally random person ^^

I really love singing, dancing, and drawing~~

I'm horribad at everything though :P


I'm a loyal Taeganger~ Fanboying for YoonTae <3

Still an OT9 Sone :D

In general, I'm a hardcore K-Pop fan ^^


Though I'm a lonely person with no furends,

I'm an easy person to talk to~ So if you need someone

who listens well, I volunteer myself to be the wall

that takes in all your problems <3


지금은 SNSD!영원히 SNSD!

Proud to be a SONE!

I, KenKayk , am forever a YurisistableSpazzer

As a Yurisistable Spazzer,

promise to always love my Smiling Black Pearl and Yoongsan,

stick my tongue out while sleeping, sleep while making kimchi,

Rant to myself when angry,

Practice Yoga and drink 'Ma' everyday,

Party on Fridays like no-ones watching, Dance like there's no tomorrow,

And learn Engrish very good so I can make witty comments about my Unnies.


As a Fanytastics member, I promise to love and cherish all that is pink,

To remain secretive with all my dancing mistakes,

To outshine others with my aegyo and smiling eyes,

And to do everything I can to spread the word about our Brighter than Gems Fany Fany Tiffany ! <3


As a Taeganger, I promise to despise all aegyo,

to remain secretive with my butt fetishes,

to laugh whenever and however I want,

to spread my 'amajjing!' engrish to everyone,

do everything I can to help Taeyeon in her quest to conquer the world,

and to wear a mustache to make my TaeYeon proud!



As a Seomate, I promise to touch the world through books,

Protect those around me from unhealthy food,

Forever love and promote the goodness of sweet potatoes,

Pout adorably when I don’t get what I want,

Learn from my 8 wonderful unnies,

And be the best person I can possibly be.



As a YoonAddict, I vow to appreciate goddess Yoong's alligator mouth,

Laugh whenever she imitates AhnYoungMi,irritate everyone by saying "unnie~" in a weird but cute way,

do a fish-like face when I'm sad, talk to everyone with the "choding's aegyo" voice

and always LOVE our one and only goddess because she’s prettier than flowers.


As a fellow SunShiner, I promise to display Cuteness and Aegyo whenever and wherever,

to stick my tongue into my cheek when angered,

to do an awesome eye smile when happy,

to wear thick black specs and look seductive in them,

to aid Sunny in her quest to stand above anyone taller than her,

to be energetic like a never setting sun, always bringing a smile to everyone's faces!



As a Sooyoungster, I promise to cherish and love the Shikshin goddess.

I will feed the shikshin whenever she is hungry.

I will be as strong as an unbeatable tiger.

I will eat as much as I want despite what others say.

I will cry if my heart wants too.

I will be the Shikshin's source of energy and happiness.



As a Gorjess Spazzer,

I'll make sure cucumbers will cease to exist,

practice how to do a dolphin squeal-like scream,

sleep whenever there's an opportunity and if there isn't then resort to day-dreaming,

hold my chopsticks in a very odd way,

wear Abercrombie and Fitch as much as possible,

and learn my English badly so I'll receive scolding from my lovely Sica. ♥

I L♥ve SNSD!

“People need to recharge. This upsets me. There’s 100 points of happiness but I can only feel 10 points because I’m so tired. I’m really thankful but since I’m so tired, I say, “But I’m tired…” so I can’t properly feel the thankfulness and that often upsets me.”

- Tiffany in The Beatles Code



Stalks me on the Twitter~~ @KenKayk

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    ㅋㅋㅋ K-Pop is the only music I listen to~~
    Soshi...are people I love and will love forever :DD
    Other K-Pop groups I like are SHINee, EXO, TVXQ, Phantom,
    U-Kiss, CNBlue, AOA, Kara, T-ara, Secret, Miss A, B.A.P, Teen Top, Girl's Day, Dal Shabet, Infinite, SPICA, Sistar, Hello Venus, FT Island, Boyfriend, A Pink, Epik High, Nu'Est, GLAM, Fiestar, Rainbow, and...lots..and lots more..
    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I would name my biases too but..that's too much space :DDD Also.....LuLu is my favorite person of all time <3
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