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"Even a feather, broken off a wing, still has a purpose...

Because inside of it, there's still the memory of flight..."

-Page-kun to Yuri, World of Dreams, "Side 6 - A Broken Feather Off a Wing... (Yuri)" (Full quote coming soon on Side 6... =D)


Ever wanted to ask me something? NOW YOU CAN!!!
Ask me anything on my FormSpring. I'll try my best!


Name: Patrick (Altough, if we have a previous agreement, I'm also known as Page, Kuya, and Oppa... LOL. The Insane JeTi Writer also works!)

Age: 4 x 5 ^-^

Birthday: April 27 (Fun Fact: If you add the digits of my birthday, 4 + 2 + 7, it equals 13, my lucky number!)

Nationality: Full Filipino (Yeah... I know... I look too pale to be full Filipino...)

Fave Color: Black (Sure... It's the absence of color, but it's still an color to me!!!) and Red.

Fave Music Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap (American, Korean), Rock (American, Japanese), R&B (American, Japanese, Korean, Filipino), Acoustic (American), Pop (Korean), Jazz (American), Classic (American, European, Japanese)

Fave Singers/Groups: (American) Gabe Bondoc, Eminem, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Bobby Valentino, Far*East Movement, Boys II Men, Brian McKnight, Frankie Jay, David Choi, K-ci & JoJo... As well as a bunch of YouTube Rappers!!!
(Korean) SNSD/Girl's Generation (Of course... Kekekeke~!), SuJu, f(x), 2NE1, Big Bang, 2PM, 2AM (Oneday?), KARA, T-ARA, Secret, One Way, C.N. Blue. (I ship Yong*Hyun!) DJ Doc, Kim Jong Kook, Kim Taewoo.
(Japanese) UVERworld, Gackt, L'arc-en~ciel, Aqua Timez, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Beat Crusaders, HYDE, Miyavi, Maximum the Hormone.

Fave Authors: NISIOISIN, Hideyuki Kikuchi, Edgar Allen Poe, J.D Sallinger.

Fave Books: Death Note: Another Note - Los Angeles BB Murder Cases, Kubikiri Saikuru: Aoiro Savan to Zaregoto Tsukai, Catcher in the Rye

Fave Video Games: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy (I like the whole series... besides 11 and 12), Persona Series (Yes, I've played them all... Even the banned Japanese version... ~_^) Devil May Cry 3, Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls, Guild Wars (Hey... Let's play!!!) Portal.

Fave Anime/Manga: When They Cry (Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni), Shuffle~!, School Rumble, Ichigo 100%, and others that I can't remember

Fave SNSD member: Jessica -.-

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Cute Jessica pic with lollipop!

Fave SNSD-SNSD couple: JeTi!!! -.- ~_^(Honestly... You could tell from my work...)

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JeTi Ambigram!!!

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Laughing JeTi~!!!

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[LINK] World of Dreams (JeTi/YulSic/TaeNy/YoonHyun Comedy Drama) *ON GOING*:

Chapter Count: 42 (9.03.10)
Side Stories: 4 (5.30.10)

Jessica Jung, the famous Ice Princess of SNSD has fallen in love with the Eye-Smile Queen, Tiffany. When she's about to confess her love with a gift, an unforeseen turn of events puts her face to face with the one she feared most, Death.... When she wakes up, she finds herself in the strange world called the Void, a check point that filters all those who died to Heaven or Hell. It is here that she meets the Orcus, Nex, a Reaper who judges over all of those who die in Korea... as well as the self-proclaimed ultimate fan-boy of SNSD. In order for Jessica to get into Heaven... she must go back to the world of the living and beat Nex at his newly created Game, the World of Dreams... The most difficult game ever created...

All she has is 7 days... 7 days to learn... 7 days to love... 7 days to live...

Now... Smile...

[LINK] HALF/HALF(JeTi 3 Shot Tragedy) *COMPLETED*:

Chapter Count: 2 + 1 Epilogue = 3 (5.30.10)

Nothing is hidden, everything is shared. Emotions, pain... For 7 days they must endure it... And decide which one must die...

[LINK] 5th JeTiDAL WAVE One-Shot - Contest Entry #13:

Contest Entry: #13
Title: 13 - Leed
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Tragedy, Psychological

"Thirteen times... That's how many times I did it... Just Because..." -Jessica

NOTE: Due to the mature nature of the original entry, the story was disqualified by the judges for the contest. Hence, the story is NO LONGER PART OF THE CONTEST!!! It is, however, still part of the collection in it's PG-13 form. Click the link for more information on how it got disqualified. Kekeke~! Please enjoy~!!!

[LINK]GOOD MEMORIES and NIGHTMARES: One-Shots Collection (Multi Pairing Collection)/u]:

One-Shot Count: 1

Why must everything be so sad? Time for some laughter!!! Inspired by the many writers and readers I've met on the site.

This will include a collection of short dabbles that are inspired by many writers and readers on the site. As well as another project "JESSiKISS".


Chapter Count: N/A

The sequel to the much beloved 3-shot. It's bigger, badder, and a whole lot crazier...

Who has it harder: One who loves, despite it being one-sided? Or... One who tries to forget about a love that is one-sided?

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