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About Me

Hi SONES^^ Updating infomations about me :) Yep, as you may see, my name is JiaEn ^^ Born on the 25th of October 1998 :) Well, I'm a glad to be a Singaporean and I will tell you about ME below :)

Let me see.. How do I start.. Hmmm.. Ok, let's start from the next Bar

-> I used to be a shy and CHILDISH kid that everyone will hate :| As I used to have a VERY hot temper around my friends... Well, I think i was just not matured enough and my thinking was just simply, HORRIBLE and i always think negative.. i was so Pesimistic......

-> Now that I'm 13., my thinking is already mature enough :) I started to be calm when problems occur and try not to burst out loud in front of everyone when I'm angry.. Sometimes I can get so angry, that i cried and my friends would start to call me a cry baby... -.- .. but nah, i just dun really care about it cause i just dun wanna lose my reputation as a vice-head prefect of my primary school. Sometimes in school, i felt useless as I wasn't able to stop pupils form doing the wrong things... But no! I WON'T be that kind of leader! I must be like TaeYeon Unnie!

-> Well, Everyone meets problems in life. As life is a challenge that GOD gave us. And many people may think that life is long. But no, i dun think so. Life is short when you realised it. So just live a happy life and enjoy it! Everyone only has 1 chance living... Yes, Live Life Love, THINK GREEN^^

-> Honestly, I am NOT a perfect person at all... No one in this world is perfect.:/ So i just do watever i can do to bring happiness to everyone... I just hope everyone could live with no regrets and watever happens, just MOVE ON and NEVER turn back :)

-> Let me change a topic .. Let me tell you wat i think about all the SNSD members^^
First of all,
Our Leader
Taeyeon-> She leaves a impressive side of her and that everyone would love her as who she is^^ Her ajuhma(dk how to spell) laugh, makes me ROFL XD And she is very caring towards her memberss. :) I can see that she is a good leader that everyone will look up to :) Her voice is so powerful that everyone would love to listen to :) I want her voice so much! :) TaeYeon unnie, I doubt that you'll be reading this.. but yeah, I just wanna hope you a happy life ahead^^ I will forever be a Fan of TaeNy :D and ofcourse, SNSD too^^

Jessica-> She has an adorable and sweet voice^^ <3 She looks really cute in curls and bangs :D Especially in Gee :) She looks really slim and how i wish i could have her waist :( I always wanted to listen to her English in REAL live :) Jessica Unnie, I doubt that you'll be reading this. Well, I hope you wil stay Pretty, cute and sweet 4ever yeah? :) Good luck^^ Stop being so cool and try to be active :) I swear that it's really fun being active :D

Sunny-> She has the best aegyo and knows how to catch chickens^^ She is really cute and now that she has cut her hair, she looks AWESOME! But i still prefer her long hairstyle :D I like to sing her part in the song Say Yes <3 she has a really cute voice and I just love it so much^^ Sunny unnie, I doubt you'll be reading this, but i hope you will do well in Invincible Youth just like in Season 1 kay? :) In Season 1, you were AWESOME! Always stay pretty and adorable yeah? Wish you good luck in everything^^

Tiffany-> She has the best eyesmiles i've ever seen ;) i wish i have her eyesmiles and she winks really nice and cute^^ She has an amazing english and an amazing voice! She and TaeYeon forms tgt become TaeNy, wish i really love them! My friends kept saying that they want them on the next WGM. XD So do i :) hehe^^ She's also very active, which i love to be^^ Tiffany Unnie, I doubt that you'll be reading this, but i hope you will stay pretty, cute and attractive in future and right now yeah? :) I really wanna meet you and ur members, but i dun think i would have a chance.. :( Maybe i'll just write a fan letter? :)

HyoYeon-> She has skills in dancing! And her moves are just too good!! She makes me laugh a lot! And She looks really pretty in her blonde hair^^ I love it! <3 I have nth to say about her alr, so yeah... HyoYeon unnie, I'll doubt that you'll be reading this... But i hope you can stay pretty and always have that skill of dancing like a dancing queen with u yeah? :) I just wanna have ur skills like you :) Do well in IY yeah? :)

Yuri-> She is VERY pretty and also very hyper :) I watch their album Oh! Behind the scence and i saw her jumping around! I love to be hyper too^^ She is well known as the nation's daughter in law XD I love her body, i wish to have her body. I think that it's just that i need to workout like how she did :D She has slim bodies and i totally envy it! ^^ Yuri unnie, I doubt that you'll be reading this, but i hope you will stay pretty yeah?? I love you and yoona during Hello Baby^^ When you all were at the amusement park, when Yoona wasnt around... :( I hope to see more moments of you and yoona yeah? :D I miss you two^^

SooYoung-> She is really tall, and she shows her S-line body^^ Which i always dream to have... She makes me laugh till my stomach hurts many times^^ Her aegyo and really funny^^ But is AWESOME! I love her english :) She has improved a lot compared to how she speaks during Factory Girl. she makes me laugh everytime she comes on a variety show :D She's AWESOME! Soo Young unnie, I doubt that you'll be reading this, But i hope u will forever stay pretty and maintain ur s-line shape yeah? ;D It;s AWESOME! And your jokes are awesome too^^

Yoona-> She is really good in acting! I love her when she acts in Cinderella Man. :) I think her acting and dancing skills are better than her singing :) She is really pretty and very cute :) She can make cute faces that i can't even do :P She looks really pretty in the album The Boys too^^ Yoona Unnie, I doubt that you'll be reading this, but i hope you will forever stay pretty and continue your journey as an actor in future yeah? :)

SeoHyun-> She IS my favourite member. Of course, i love all of them, but Seo Hyun's upright personality makes me love her more^^ She is really cute and pretty, of course! She's also one of my ROLE MODEL which i will look up to. I love her voice too^^ It's also really powerful^^ She is very talented that she knows many languages :) I just love her so much^^ She's too good! I really love her with KyuHyun :) I'm a big fan! SeoHyun unnie, I doubt that you'll be reading this, but i hope you live up towards your dreams ya? :) Forever stay pretty and i hope u could maintain ur upright personality :) keep it up! <3 ya!

To conclude about SNSD, they are the first girl group that I was interested in. I didn't bother when my friends tell me about other girl groups. But for SNSD, i made an interest, and went finding infomations about them almost everyday^^ I love them^^ One day, I just wanna be like them! :) SONE forever!

Hehe^^ I got a few more to say.. I have at least one similar things with each of SNSD members.
Similarity with
TaeYeon-> Fearless and also kiddy like :D and i love jelly and gummy worms too^^
Jessica-> I can sleep until 16 hours just like her XD And i am hard to wake up :P
Sunny->I am also an avid gamer :D
Tiffany->My favourite colour is also pink! XD And i am also a so called manager around my friends and my juniors. :D
HyoYeon-> I am also a well known dancer in my former school and also in my primary school. i also love to collect cute stationaries and also jokes a lot among my friends.
Yuri-> I often talk to myself in a praising way :D and also i am very hyper ! :D
SooYoung-> I eat a lot! XD I do have a tough image, and also cries easily :X
yoona-> My acting and dancing is way better than my singing :D
SeoHyun-> Her blood type is also A. Same as mine :D And i am well known for my upright personality in school too^^ And i am also very shy at times XD

hehe^^ I'll just end her~ GOOD LUCK TO All SNSD MEMBERS AND HAVE A NICE CHRISTMAS^^ ENJOY ! SONES, you too^^

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