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#4217532 [08.12.11] At the Plaza Hotel for the Help Children in Africa Event

Posted by Luxtoraa on 12 August 2011 - 08:40 PM

Yesterday the "Help Children in Africa" event took place at the Seoul Plaza Hotel with the UN secretary Ban Ki Moon and this is like a chronological line up what happened and what I saw with a highlight in the end...;)

So I was waiting outside the Plaza Hotel starting at 2pm and some minutes before 3pm I actually saw Ban Ki Moon get into his limousine. But as he was getting out of the hotel and not inside I wondered where he was going since the event was supposed to start soon.
So I dared into the hotel lobby and saw that on the other side of the hotel there was this ballroom. There were some teenaged girls standing there so I thought that this must be the place.
So I went there and waited but somewhen a security guard told us "We just got the news that f(x) has already gone in" which was kinda disappointing because they must have passed through a different way. But most girls were there for Shinee so they were like "AND SHINEE??!!" and after like 5 minutes the security guard got news that they have gone inside already too and that SNSD was inside too...
So now we were waiting for the end of the event where we might see them walk out again. But we didn't know if they would go out this way or take the other way again. So I was standing outside the main entrance, not knowing what to do and then I dared to go inside the ballroom.
I was standing for like an hour inside the lobby at a staircase that was rumoured to be the place where the stars would go out again. But at about 4pm the security guard told us to get out of the lobby. So I was waiting outside again and I was the only one standing on the right side of the door. And there were some UN security guards there and I overheard one of them say something like "...4.10...underground way...come out" and I was like "WHERE IS THE UNDERGROUND EXIT!" Of course I didn't know and I was all alone so I didn't dare do anything. But across from me there was a girl standing who looked just pretty nice and I walked up to her and told her what I heard and asked her if she wanted to try looking for the underground exit with me. She said ok and we asked one of the hotel workers where the underground exit was. He was playing dumb saying "even if you go to the underground exit you won't see them...." and didn't want to reveal where it was lol. That was when I was quite sure they would exit there and somewhen he pointed to the parking space, behind a bus. So my new friend and I stood there and waited. As I found out later she was a SONE too and a SSF member ^^
So we waited some more time, getting edgier by the minute until that same hotel worker came up and asked us if we wanted some advice. We said of course YES and he said 1) I don't know when the event will even finish 2) You would only see their van, not even their faces, do you still want to see them??? and we were like YES OF COURSE! then he said ok, then go to the opposite of this building, there you will see a white van. That is SNSD's van. If you go there you will see them. We thanked him and went inside the building waiting in the lobby before the door and really saw the SNSD van. As I talked with the Thai girl she said that she had seen Seohyun, Tiff and Sunny before when they came in through the main door at some minutes before 3pm. And I was outside seeing the UN secretary...DAMN! lol
Anyways we were inside the lobby, only the two of us but at some point 6 korean guys (like middle schoolers to high schoolers) came aswell and we were some more people with the secret info lol
Then 3 other guys came and one of them asked us who we were waiting for, we said SNSD and blabla got to know them and they were actually from France, had flewn here and would attend the concert tmr (which is today) and they
had seen the SNSD van when they went to the bathroom (yea the bathroom was quite near. There was an emergency exit there aswell and I thought the girls would leave through the emergency exit cause when I was near there with some krn crazy fans a security guard was a bit alarmed and told us to get away from there) anyways the three French guys were from SSF aswell lol
At some time like 4.40pm? we were told to go outside by another security guard. So we grouped ourselves in front of the van and I got the driver's number (Cause it's sticked to the window in case something happens he can be contacted. Yea I don't know what I'll do with that number though...) Inside the car there was a Sooyoung chibi hanging from the mirror lol Outside we met 3 another Sones from SSF ^^
At shortly before 5pm some of the Korean guys ran out yelling "They're coming, they're sooo pretty omg omg" stuff like that. And sure enough Tiffany came out first and I was so amazed and fascinated by her that I seriously forgot to look behind her at Sunny or Seohyun. Actually I wanted to see how tall Sunny is in real life but seriously! I forgot to look at Sunny. I was looking at Tiffany's face and thinking "woaah how can someone be that beautiful???" lol and I yelled "SOSHIFIED!" twice and the second time Tiffany looked in my direction (from less than a meter!) and made a fist with her hand and said "Yay!!" That was so awesome...A Japanese fan got to give Seohyun a letter.
Other than Tiffany's amazing face I only caught a glimps of the back of Sunny's head when she entered the van and Seohyun's back. And well I got a relative long view on their manager or whoever that woman with them was :(
When they left we were walking with the car for some time, waving but of course we couldn't see them through the tinted windows...

I don't have any pictures because I hadn't planned to stalk out for SNSD at all, I was at Yongsan in the morning, buying Gundam actually lol and it was a spontane idea to go to the Plaza Hotel.
My fellow SSF members told me they would email me their pics. With permission I could maybe post them later.
Anyways! Tiffany is gorgeous. Honestly though I am still wondering how someone can be that beautiful to make other people forget looking at anything else but her :D
I'll see her tonight at the Incheon thing but that can't be compared to yesterday. I saw Tiff less than 1m from me and tonight I'm sitting prrrrretty far from the stage lol I'll look at the huge boards most of the time I guess ^^ But yea Yuri and her MCing will be a highlight!
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