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Stay strong all you Taesu Warriors! We're not over till either BabyTae or Junsu gets married. Keep supporting both of them~♥ Updated 22 Jun · 1 comments

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★★ Tang Paradise Photobook of Taeyeon up for grabs here.★★
★★ Merong Photobook of Twinkle Taeyeon up for grabs here.★★
★★ Take a look @ Flying Petals 1st Photobook of Taeyeon here.★★
Looking for THSUTLEO Photobook. Anyone willing to sell, pls PM me.

You know, I've been thinking of writing a Taesu fic for the longest time ever. For years i have hoarded and thought up all these conflicts and scenarios that i wanted to put in my very own Taesu story but i never got around to it and left all my ideas on the back burner. I'm a stickler for good composition and grammar. Bad English absolutely rubs me the wrong way though i admit that i am prone to some slip-ups myself :sweat:. My newest love: Taesu author, Gennaration has fired up the old neurons. After reading all those lovely oneshots that she has come up with, i cant help but rummage in my old nuggin' for my long forgotten ideas. Maybe i will finally put one out....or maybe not. Procrastination is a long time bed-buddy of mine so i'll have to wait and see if Taesu-Love can kick his ass. Anyways, do check out Gennaration's blog or her Taesu-Dedicated Tumblr. I adore her Taesu fics. As for her other stories...well....you can check it out yourself though i'll pass on that. :sweat: Happy reading folks.


If you are a Taenganger, you will want to know these fantastic people:
Tang Paradise, Precious Soul, Flying Petals, Merong (you know...those little smiley faces?), THSUTLEO previously known as Kimtang9, Cosnian - You're Awesome, Tangpic, JJOGGOMI, OH! Taeny, Expecto Patronum, ccanjuk, Crisis309,

Sosimallow, ONEDAY, Only Sosi,Kurutong, lumi9scent, Sosirang, Sosicore, Sosiz, With Sosi, Blessing of April, I Like 89, KPOP STAR FANCAM, Toto1024,


Taesu walking the blue carpet together? A warrior could only hope that this day hasten sooner~~♥♥



Not crazy bout fanfics? Well...i wasn't either. Till i found out bout TaeSu. Don't believe me? Take a pick of the list below and get ready to be hooked on Sonyuhshinki's most infamous couple.


★★★ Wedding Wrecker ★★★ --> Recommended by ALL TaeSu Warriors

★★ The Taming of Kim Taeyeon ★★ -->(a MUST read with my personal recommendation!)

Dear Diary... // 2nd link

Pivotal Bliss - Season 1

An Inconvenient Truth--> The ending is not Taesu but the storyline is...so read at your own caution. Recommended by falling.star@soshified

Vacillation--> This is the prequel to An Inconvenient Truth. Recommended by falling.star@soshified

The Beyond Words Series--> Taesu is the secondary couple in this series. Also a word of caution, the main couple is a guy-guy pairing. You've been forewarned!! XD

And just becoz i love SNSK pairings so much, here's a complete fic that got me hooked on TaeJae pairing.
★★ Reflection ★★

Reflection II: With You, Forever ★ --> (sequel to Reflection)

INCOMPLETE Series (status filed based on most recent update)

[NEW UPDATE] ★★ Off Days ★★ (24 September 2012)

★★ Back To You ★★ (29 December 2011) --> (From the author of The Taming of Kim Taeyeon; a MUST read with my personal recommendation!) and 3cia@soshified

Season 1: The Place I'll Return to Someday ★ (12 August 2011)

The Melody of a Mute ★ (08 August 2010) --> Recommended by gigi7f201@soshified

Oasis ★ (27 July 2010)

I Don't Want To Wait ★ (06 December 2009)

The Sword & the Butterfly ★ (28 November 2009)

Unconventional love ★ (07 October 2009)

★★ Poignantly ★★ (03 October 2009) -->(a MUST read with my personal recommendation!)

Decisions ★ (12 September 2009)

I'm His Manager: Trilogy ★ (26 July 2009)

The Love Coach ★ (12 May 2009)

Nothing's Gonna Change My World ★ (28 April 2009)

Pivotal Bliss - Season 2 ★ (06 April 2009)

Crossroads ★ (21 March 2009)

★ Sunset ★ (30 December 2008)

My Retarded Heart ★ (25 November 2008)

Making Life A Fanfic ★ (17 November 2008)

Catch Me If You Can ★ (29 October 2008)

Kim Taeyeon's "Guide to Life" ★ (29 October 2008)

Our Love Should Go On ★ (22 October 2008)

L O V E Trouble ★ (12 October 2008)

G L I M P S E (22 August 2008) ---> one of the best Taesu fics i've read even tho it has yet to be completed.

My Lucky Charm ★ (20 August 2008)

B E D A Z Z L E D ★ (05 August 2008 - on HIATUS)

Drunken Confession ★(02 August 2008)

The Diary of Kim Taeyeon ★ (27 July 2008)

One Funeral and A Half ★ (30 March 2008) --> same author of Rooftop Buddies and Wedding Wrecker


[NEW UPDATE]My Heart Draws a Dream


Perhaps This Time

Fixing Broken Hearts--> Inclusive of JaeSica: Jaejoong and Jessica

★★ The Various Meanings of a Smile Chapter 1 | Sequel ★★ --> (a MUST read with my personal recommendation!)

★★ Death Meets Taeyeon★★ --> (a MUST read with my personal recommendation!)

★★ One Saturday Morning (in Three Takes)★★ --> Inclusive of YunRi and JaeMin*guy/guy couple* you have been forewarned

Christmas Rendezvous

Belated Valentine's

Leap Day

Phoning Early Morning

Taeyeon and her Ducky

★★ Put A Ring On It ★★ --> (a MUST read with my personal recommendation!)

The Long Awaited Date

Drabble - How Junsu Should Wake up Every Morning ★ --> Rated! You've been forewarned

★★ Rooftop Buddies ★★ --> (a MUST read with my personal recommendation!)

Just A Little Longer--> Written by prettyinpink14@soshified

Tangled Hearts: In Love Junsu--> Recommended by prettyinpink14@soshified

One in a Lifetime: Hello --> Written by aoza@soshified

One in a Lifetime: The Day After Christmas--> Written by aoza@soshified


Something About Forever

Glances and Broken Promises

If you know of any good Taesu fanfics, please PM me I'm trying to compile a list of Taesu fics on my profile. :D Major thanks in advance.

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