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#8764 [ARTICLE] Entertainment unlimited NOV issue

Posted by Anonymous on 04 February 2008 - 07:03 PM

(orignially uploaded in SNSDchina, but by blu_smiley in AMBN)

Picture 1 * Picture 2

Does anyone have better scans of the second picture?
These are like.. taken with a blurry camera or something. =_+
I'm bugging my eyes out trying to read these.

It's times like these I realize my knowledge of Chinese is TOTAL fail.
I'll be doing the second page (with the parts I can read) in a few days.


Remembering the time spent training together

"We already lived together for seven years."
"In the five years we were there, it's like we've practiced ten hours everyday."
"Participating and not getting chosen about 100 times."

This is a recent interview, the story, straight from their mouths. From the perspective of an eighteen year old... Three years. Five years, what does this time period represent?

Because of true dreams, for the most part, training for the eighteen year olds is their life, so they work hard for their dreams. (literal translation was: bearing this many people's bright eyes, daydreaming work hard so uh..) This type of representation is ___ ! ( I can't see that word properly due to scan quality.) Regarding the challenging and exciting entertertainment; although they are young, nobody should hate them. Because of the industry, every new artist needs to be better and better, and they need an even better image. Due to this curse, even their willpower reaps no benefits.

These girls have been out for 3 months only, what was their training like? Let's ask them to find out how their trainee days were like!

* * * * * * * * * *

This sounds so awkward, I can't believe how hard it was translating guys. O_O *migraine*
It took so long, and I only got so little done.
I have newfound respect for you translators out there <3

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