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About Me

First I would like to say, Hi! I'm Thomas, I'm a regular guy from the united states that kinda just fell in to liking SNSD. I wanted to know more about the group and what the people who like them are about. I'm learning Japanese right now but it is really basic (not communication worthy).

Second... You can pretty much ask me anything and I will tell you a straight up answer, I am an open book. I do not carry secrets. (I do look at your age, and if I can't tell how old you are and you pm'd me a risque question... Not gonna happen.)

The Story goes ... I have a friend on the west coast who knew I liked cute stuff.... I'm a little weird that way, no one really expects a 200pound 6 foot tall guy to like cute things, but I just do. I have fluffy stuffed animals; They are cute. So anyway, She sends me an email with a direct link to "OH!" on YouTube with the message "You are gonna love this!" So I watch it and I thought ok that was pretty good, its hard for 9 people to dance in sync like that and sing at the same time, but strangely I kept watching as the months went on and then I started searching for more songs... and well, here I am. I mainly listen to them when I need a pick me up. Their songs are so lively and fun. Right Now YouAholic is my favorite song right now. I do have a favorite member of the band, but I keep that private, Id only let someone know if it was SNSD themselves that asked, because its not fair to favorite one of them when they all work really hard.

Anything else you wanna know about me... don't hesitate to ask. :D

here is Some more about me :D

Name:Thomas William Blizzard (not including my last name)
Nickname: Sweet T, Smacky Jenkins, AgenT, Idiot, and alot of others :D
Birthplace: Texas, USA
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Location: Western Maryland USA
School:last schooling was 2 years of college.
Course:Computer graphics and game design
Profession:Cad designer for a kitchen countertop company

Food: Spaghetti, Pizza, Burritos... (and so many more)
Dessert: Vanilla or Chocolate Icecream
Actor:Gerard Butler
Actress:Emma Stone
Male Singer:Jared Leto (Though it sounds like he uses the auto tune sometimes, that I don't like)
Female Singer: Don't make me choose between them! ::cold sweat::
Idol Group:T-ara :D
Band:30 Seconds to Mars
Song: The Kill (it inspires me)
Hobbies: God what don't I do.
Sports: anything as long as its not canadian. j/k (don't like watching sports on tv though)
Movie:Thats a hard one, I watch ALOT of movies
TV Shows: don't do the whole tv thing... Maybe Top Gear? (I stream it on netflix)
Book:I Read Lots of Manga and Manwha :D
Author:Jeon Geuk-jin/Park Jin-hwan
Cartoon/Anime Character:Chii from Chobits... adorable
Hangouts:None really
Outfits:I like Ecko Jeans I guess
Talents:I sing... I can fight... I can love.

Happiest:Getting out of Highschool
Loneliest:After breaking off an engagement to my first girlfriend
Most Embarrassing:I don't think I can post that here lol

Place:around me

Describe yourself: Silly person, Very understanding of everything, Sweet (I am Sweet T after all) My own brand of humor
Likes about a person:Honesty.... kindness
Dislikes about a person:I guess I would have to say Vanity, its one thing to joke about it, its another to practice it.

Greatest Achievement in Life: Living right now I guess lol... well I did quite smoking, I couldn't stand not being able to sing lol.
Dreams and Aspirations:I wanna see a smile caused by me every day of my life.
Motto in Life: Don't knock it till you tried it (except Monkey brains... don't think I could eat those unless someone lied to me lol)

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