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[29/30.11.2011] Meeting the girls at MBS

29 November 2011 - 10:24 PM

Sorry for any grammar/vocab/memory mistakes!
Hahah i think this will be very similar to the other fan accs
Will write about almost everything up to when they left for airport at 12am+ on 30th nov
Saw all 9 members

Yes, i was with Bryan, Vanessa and Imperfection-x3

Part 1 - Before the press conference 29.11.2011
We all arrived there at about 8am, when we got there the crowd wasn't as big as on the 28. Ask the people there and no one said they saw SNSD. So probably the guard was lying to us yesterday night about SNSD leaving at 8am >:[ After waiting for like 2 hours, a few sones went up to the tower(one of them got a room there) and they came back with a signature of Fany!(i think Fany was going to the press con first) I was like really sleepy during that time and when i heard Tiffany signature, i waked up totally.

After that Imperfection-x3 and Vanessa decided to go up to skypark, Me and Bryan followed. We went into the lift on tower 3 and got up to skypark. There was a group of girls there spazzing, we went there and we saw Simon D. Bryan and Vanessa took a few pics of him then Vanessa and Imperfection-x3 managed to get a signature from him. We then went off to tower 2, and Simon D was going off too! We took different lifts down to 55 as fo tower 2 your will need to transfer to go to levels below 55. So we got into our lift, when the door was gonna close Simon D rushed in! He then pressed ??(Private info xD) and we just stood in there.

Suddenly, the lift stopped at level ??, the door opened and Yoona was right infront of us! At first i was just staring at the costume then i slowly look up and "WHAT? IS THIS YOONA?" i was spazzing inside! We walked out of the lift and saw Taeng behind Yoona followed by Sooyoung. The height difference between Sooyoung and Taeng is A LOT. Taeng was also very small! Sooyoung was so tall!! Taeng then said "annyeonghaseyo" to us which we replied back to her with "annyeonghaseyo" and a bow. She smiled the most at us! Yoona just went into the lift, Sooyoung gave us a smile before the lift door closes. OH MAI GAWD THEY ARE ALL SO PRETTY. Then we spazzing after the lift door closes.

THEN SUDDENLY, another lift came. It was Yuri and Seohyun! Yuri stayed in the lift and Seo went out. Yuri was wearing a black casual dress and her hair was pin up, Seohyun was wearing the outfit for the press conference already. Vanessa and Imperfection-x3 called to her and she stopped walking to turn around. Me and Bryan was looking at Yuri in the lift, we said "Bye, Yuri!" and waved to her. She then smiled and wave at us! I almost died! Then we walked over to Seohyun, bryan was about to take a pic when Seo said "Please do not take any pictures". Her english is so good! After that we asked to sign a few items and Imperfection-x3 said "unnie chinja neomu yeppo da" to Seo. Seo then giggled and said "Thank you" to us. OH MAI GAWD HER GIGGLE AND HER VOICE. CUTE. After that Imperfection-x3 cried! She saw her bias in real life and got her signature! After that we went spazzing near the stairs(so Seo wont see us again when she gotten her bag) After that she walked back to the lift with her bag and we left too. Not in same lift as her.

Extras - Seohyun spelled my name as mingtje(mingtze)! Hahah thats why the z is a bit weird.
Yuri and Seohyun might have seen us spazzing xD

Part 2 - MAMA Concert
After getting Seo's signature, we went to our room to rest for awhile. At around 3pm, Me, Bryan and Nigel(Vanessa and went to get a taxi to bring us to SIS(Singapore Indoor Stadium). When we got there it was already super crowded! We actually wanted to go to the red carpet but it was full. While queuing, we heard a lot of screaming etc and the red carpet was really close to us too! But we couldn't see anything T-T After 1 hour ++ the queue moved and we was going into the stadium. The stadium wasn't as big as i thought it would be and the pit was really small too! We waited for like another 30mins and a guy(forgot name) came out to get us hype up by playing games. Watching the concert there and from a TV was really different! First the music was really loud, the idols was near us and i think it is more fun to watch it there! I was high from the start and i kept screaming and cheered for everyone that went up on stage! :D

Finally it was SNSD's turn! We were all shouting and screaming! It was so exciting! It was sad that they didn't wave to my side when they were leaving. HyoSic was hugging while going back to back stage! After that, Best female artist and Artist of the Year was announced and SNSD is the winners! I forgot it was which award but me and Nigel chanted "SO NYUH SHI DAE, SO NYUH SHI DAE" And soon everyone followed! I heard that it can be heard on the broadcast!(Just went to listen to the video.. it can't be heard.. T-T But I tried my best shouting) And during one of the awards when SNSD is going up Yoona and Hyo was like playing with each other and then hold hands to walk to the front of the stage. There was a lot of TaeNy moment too!

Part 3 - After MAMA concert, before they left
MAMA ended and we were led out by the guards. We had quite a hard time getting a cab to go back to the hotel but we got one in the end. When we reach the hotel, rest of the group Nicholas, Yong Jie and lance was waiting for us. After that, me and Bryan decided to go up to our room to rest a bit. THAT WAS A BAD IDEA. CAUSE THE REST WHO STAY DOWN THERE SAW Fany. THEY WANTED A SIGNATURE BUT Fany said "No, not now"(In a accent i think) AND THEN GAVE THEM A EYESMILE. NICHOLAS ALSO SAW Sooyoung HOOK HER ARMS WITH Fany BEFORE THE LIFT DOOR CLOSES. THEY ALSO TOOK THE SAME LIFT AS BEAST BUT THEY DIDN'T REALISE IT AT THE START.

They then came back to the room and we all rushed out. We went to ?? and all of the members were there!(except Taeyeon) The lift opened and Sooyoung looked inside, after that she walked away to the glass window to take pictures. Jessica was sitting on the phone table(at the area outside the lift), Yuri was beside her on her left, Yoona was sitting down on the floor beside Sica on the right. Fany was infront of Yoona. Sunny opposite to Yoona, Seo opposite to Yuri and Hyoyeon at the lift door near them.

We came out and immediately bowed but we didn't say anything. After we looked up closely at them, they look a bit pissed..(not all of them looked pissed) There was also quite a few people who followed them before we came. After that we immediately said sorry and ran to hide beside the lift where they wont see us. We were discussing what to do and we decided not to ask for signature or anything. So we ask their manager if we could take the lift down. At first, he thought we wanted to be with SNSD or something so he said no, but we were gesturing with our hands pointing down then he understood and let us go to the lift(Went to the one further away from them but still very close).

Their faces was still the same.. So we didn't really dare to look at them. But i roughly saw who was there and at where. So we were all like, "when is the lift coming, why is it taking so long?". I then said "Can we congratulate them on winning the awards"(i really wanted to do that) Then nic said, "I am too stunned to say anything" Then the lift bell was heard(to let us know the lift came and where it was). We turned around, the lift was where SNSD was at! "We said wait for next one"(within ourself, but i think they can hear it cause we weren't whispering anything). Then SNSD turned to look at us then the lift! Hyoyeon was then saying something in Korean and they talk for a while. After it, everybody was quiet. Bryan then said "Very awkward"

Our lift then came and me and Nigel said bye to them. We heard a girl said "Byee!" and another said "Annyeong!" Nigel was the last to come into the lift so he saw Taeyeon coming from the back. The "Annyeong" sounded like it was from Hyoyeon. The manager said something and Hyoyeon said "Nae~" then our lift left. We went to the room feeling very worried that it was us who made them mad but we remembered a lot of other people was there before us. But we were still very guilty, then another group that stayed at skypark and saw them said they were smiling etc. We felt relieved after that. Maybe they were tired thats why they didn't smile.

Extras -
Hyoyeon smiled when we bowed 90 degree
Bowed, look up and saying sorry took less than 20secs
We didn't whisper in any of the conversations ><
We said sorry etc, because we didn't want to make them feel annoyed or anything
Taeng's "Byee~!" sounded so cute!

*We aren't very sure who said it though. But we think its Taeng and Hyo.
Others might have said it but we didn't hear it ><

Hahaha i think SNSD will think that we are a branch of weird Sones. Not asking for signature or anything.
Hope that because of this incident, they will remember us :)