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A fan account of the second night in SG Concert! 10/12/2011

12 December 2011 - 12:22 AM

[Fan Acc] I was the first in Pen A :D I wrote "happy birthday" in korean,and when they was performing Mr.Taxi,yuri was right infront of me,she saw it,pointed at it,smiled,and winked at me!!!!! ^__^ And there was a point where they had to go to different areas during the song (i don't really remember when) Sunny was right in front of me,and i wrote "Sunny Jjang" in korean,she saw it,squatted down,waved and smiled at me!! I wrote "Jessica STRESS!!" (From running man) Jessica saw it and laughed!! haha. During Lady Marmalade,when tiffany was sitting down on the sofa,i showed tiffany what i wrote on my ipad (we were right in front,literally the first) "TaeNy Jjang" Of which the "Jjang" is in korean, Tiffany saw it,was shocked,gave me the eye smile,and waved!!!!! Then after the clip where it shows the mother and the daughter,i knew that Tiffany would be down (well,you should know why) and i quickly wrote "Tiffany SMILE!",when tiffany sat on the stairs,i brought my Ipad Up high,she saw it,and immediately smiled,and nodded her head!!!!!! While they were singing Danny Boy after the clip,me and nicholas saw tiffany was coughing badly :( I quickly wrote "Tiffany Get Well Soon!" and we shouted Tiffany,she looked at us from the stairs immediately,and was focusing on what i wrote! I guess she couldn't really see,so when their song ended,we shouted Tiffany again,she looked at us and saw what i wrote,mouthed thank you,nodded her head,and eye smile again!!! OMG. And when they were talking,right before Its Fantastic,i wrote "Tiffany See A Doctor!"(since there was limited space..),the same thing,we shouted her name,she looked,but i pressed the wrong button on my ipad,then it went to the gallery,and she looked at me,and pointed that there was nothing,and laughing! I quickly got back to the picture,and showed her the next second! She Looked at it,and pointed to herself,and mouthed "me?" We nodded,and she gave us the Okay sign while smiling!!!!@$!@#$$ Probably this is a boring fan account cause i didn't make it interesting since i am tired now!


http://www.youtube.c...feature=related Notice 0:47 and 1:00 !!! Tiffany was looking at my ipad and smiling!!!!!!!! ^__^