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#5915130 [01.19.2013] A Fantasy Into Reality

Posted by MIGARI on 19 January 2013 - 08:17 PM

Hello~ First time posting a topic here  :welcome: This is about my experience on watching Girls' Generation live for the first time [ever] in my life.


First of all, I was sure that I wouldn't be able to attend the concert because I'm just a college student living on food and commute allowance... But my very awesome and kind aunt works in a company which sponsors the event and got me VIP Platinum tickets! I was so happy when I heard the news (which I got one day before the concert)


Most concerts in the Philippines are held in the Mall of Asia (Concert Grounds), it's a huge/gigantic place which is always filled with tons of people. I arrived at the mall at around 1:30pm, had lunch and then lined up at around 3:00pm. I was staying with my two friends (both are EXO fans) and we tried to do anything that would make us kill time (such as playing "I Spy" and playing video games) :D


The performances of INFINITE, Tasty and U-Kiss had some of their songs cuts (even their faces were shocked) it was covered up with random interviews and stuff. Tahiti gave really cute performances and I remember seeing one of the members cry...


EXO fans were soooo happy it scared me a bit (in a good way!) My two EXOtics friends were really enlightened to see them  :sweat: I understand their excitement but there were many times when I got pushed over and sweaty faces would touch my skin (which triggered my OCD). But I got really excited when one of the EXO members said "SMTown in the Philippines!~" (I HOPE SO, please please please)


I was saving my energy for SNSD, I tried not the shout as much and I drank water to keep my hydrated. My back was really aching and the crowd was so tight the air felt very humid.


But then it started... "GENIE"! I screamed sooo loud, I felt that my high pitched scream broke eardrums. I remember I was complaining about this girl who sat on the gates, blocking everyones view, she stepped on my foot and I stepped on hers, but I decided to move back because there was a better view there (I was in the 2nd row). "GENIE" made me feel like I was in a haze, I was so overwhelmed, my mind was telling me "Oh my gosh, am I really seeing them in person???". I snapped back when I heard Tiffany saying "Philippines! Put it Back On~~~" and I just burst into happiness and I jumped and screamed simultaneously. So so happy... :)


They then followed with songs "The Boys", "Hoot" and "Dancing Queen", we PHSones tried to make the fan chants as loud as possible (not everyone knew it) we wanted our Girls' to hear our love and support for them  :laugh:


The girls had a short interview, they all introduced themselves and Seohyun did the cutest little voice in the world! (After we heard it we yelled "Maknae! Maknae!"). Jessica and Tiffany were the ones who talked most of the time (because they know English), but I'll never forget when Jessica sang "Someday" (which she also performed during their "Romantic Fantasy" Special). Jessica was so sweet, she said "Thanking you for writing such an amazing song!" ("Someday" is originally made by Filipino artist Nina"). Tiffany stated that she's personally been here before because her brother lives here! This brought a lot of shock to us PHSones. :ohmy:

The host couldn't handle Sunny's cuteness, she said to her "Oh! You're so cute!" and we all yelled "Aegyo! Aegyo! Aegyo!". We yelled "concert! concert!" because we wanted them to perform some more! Some fans were shouting "I Got A Boy". but Tiffany said, "can we perform 'Gee' for you first?" and I was like "OF COURSE!!!" 


Then they performed "Gee" thats when they all came closer and performed on Stage 2 (where I was near located), Sooyoung, Yoona, Tiffany waved "Hi" and I just screamed all their names! The all look so beautiful in person, Hyoyeon was glowing and Yoona was so pretty~


"I Got A Boy" was such a strong performance it was what we were waiting for  :D They cut Tiffany's and Taeyeon's part (like in the live performances now), we also did the fan chant for that song. It ended so fast, they left immediately after the song, I wanted it to last longer/forever :cry: (lol)... But I was still so happy, the memory is forever imprinted in my mind.


I got take a video, but guess what? I didn't get to put my camera on focus... My friend took roughly the same video as mine (we stood beside each other) she got to focus her iPad, and when she sends it to me, I'll ask her permission to post it. But here are some blurry pics for you to see :)



^During the interview


^Performing "Gee"


I really wanted to live the moment rather than just worrying about my camera... I wanted my eyes to see their faces and make sure I'll remember it forever  :heart:


I LOVE YOU GIRLS' GENERATION!!! Saranghae!!! Mahal ko kayo~~~



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